Kevin Cheng Agrees That He Looks Like Yuen Wah

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Kevin Cheng Agrees That He Looks Like Yuen Wah

The cast of TVB’s vampire drama Blue Veins <殭> held a promotional event in Kwai Fong last weekend. The fantasy drama stars Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) as a 500-year-old undead warrior who falls in love with an ancient vampire, portrayed by pop singer Kay Tse (謝安琪) in her television drama debut.

Blue Veins premiered to an average rating of 23 points on its first week of broadcast. The ratings dropped to 22 points on the second week. Saturday’s episode hit a new low for a weekend run—it reached only 19 points, bringing less than 1.3 million viewers.

Meanwhile, TVB’s sitcom Come Home Love: Dinner at 8 <愛.回家之八時入席> averaged 24 points and peaked at 26 last week, while the historical medical drama The Last Healer in Forbidden City <末代御醫> averaged 26 on its final episode.

Luk Wing’s Daughter Prefers Watching Kevin Cheng

FAMA’s Luk Wing (陸永), who stars as C Kwan on the show, admitted that he’s quite disappointed in the ratings. “I want more people to see it!” Kevin, on the other hand, said he strongly believes that the show will be able to draw in more viewers during the second half. As the subject matter of Blue Veins is different from typical TVB dramas, it’s not a surprise that ratings have been low thus far.

Kevin then said his mother dislikes watching Blue Veins. “She thinks the show is more suitable for younger viewers.”

Luk Wing said his daughter only watches the show when he’s not on it. “She’ll watch the scenes with the vampires and the undead, but not when I’m on it. She’s good. She only watches the show when good-looking people (Kevin) are on screen.”

“All daughters would think their father is the most good-looking,” Kevin said. Luk Wing then responded jokingly, “Yes, until you showed up.”

Kevin Cheng Agrees That He Looks Like Yuen Wah in “Blue Veins”

kevin-cheng-yuen-wah-2Netizens have remarked that Kevin resembles martial arts veteran actor Yuen Wah (元華) in the show. Kevin agrees, “They have such good eyes. I originally thought about looking like Brother Sharp (handsome beggar) or Stephen Chow (周星馳) in Kung Fu Hustle <功夫>, but Wah Gor is perfect. He is a landlord, and a powerful pugilist. I didn’t want to be clean-cut like in my past dramas. It’s too boring.”

Netizens also joked that Kevin looked like he hasn’t washed his hair in 500 years. Kevin laughed and said, “We didn’t have gel 500 years ago! Rather than 500, I’ll say a couple of decades. That would make more sense!”

Source: Oriental Daily, Yahoo! HK

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16 comments to Kevin Cheng Agrees That He Looks Like Yuen Wah

  1. says:

    I just watched ep 13 of Blue Veins, and it’s the most exciting episode so far. Makes me want to watch the next episode to find out what happens!

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      I don’t think many have made it to episode 13.

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    • piper replied:

      @peachyogurt I think so too! The first 10 episodes were pretty meh and a waste of time imo, but the story is finally picking up! And I’m liking it. Definitely looking forward to what happens next! But this is a problem with most tvb series. Nothing really happens until they reach episode 10 or so.

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      • replied:

        @piper I just watched ep 16. I’m liking Kay Tse’s acting so far. I hope Kevin Cheng and Kay Tse end up as lovers than I want Kevin and Grace together.

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  2. jimmyszeto says:

    Well done Blue Veins! Thrashed by a regular sitcom and an average ancient series. Up against a Kent Cheng series next. Not looking good!

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  3. ladykriselle says:

    The reception for this series doesn’t seem to be that good so far. It started off fast and with an interesting premise and enough suspense, but after episode 6 or so it slows down a bit. Now it seems like Kay just hangs around Kevin aimlessly, just waiting to be loved back. Don’t know where they are taking her character and what is up with this thing of hers where she wakes up and not remember what happened the night before? Hope it’s not unnecessary drama.

    At first it was hard to find out how many eps total there was, but it hits at least 30 I saw somewhere. Hope it doesn’t get draggy.

    Still hopeful and wants the series to do well. At this point I feel like the supporting characters are more mysterious. Hope Eddie Kwan has more interaction with the main cast. Joel Chan just seemed to disappeared off of the earth.

    Login or Register before you can reply to ladykriselle
  4. elizabeth says:

    Those who are watching, how is Hubert doing?

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    • linvin8 replied:

      @elizabeth His character behaves like a 15 year old so relatively speaking, Hubert’s not doing too bad. But he may also just be playing himself haha

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    • piper replied:

      @elizabeth he’s doing alright. Kinda cute but like a child for the most part since he’s been trapped in his room for so long.

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  5. happybi says:

    Wow 19 pts is very low.

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  6. sherla1019 says:

    Yep….this series is in fact slow……….its on eps 14 already not much action going on ………although im still anticipating for Kevin and Kay character to hook up already but…….Grace pops in and destroys it hoping the second half of this drama will speed up i’ll keep watching

    Hubert looks cute and fresh acting so far is ok

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  7. dramadrama says:

    Blue Veins is boring. If only bad CG, I will tolerate and keep on watching. But bad plots and actors cut the slack. My whole family gave up on 3rd episode. I felt like Kevin was not acting here. He was just there to act handsome, but he actually doesn’t look handsome in the drama……

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  8. piper says:

    I probably would have given up on the show if I had anything better to watch. The first 10-11 episodes were pretty cringeworthy for the most part. But I do like the characters, especially C-Kwan. It’s very different from his usual roles. And the story is actually moving along this week. The love story is getting my interest and now that the vampires are roaming the city, the upcoming episodes should be a little more exciting. If only it didn’t take so long to get here though! I really think the vampire hunting in the earlier episodes were pretty unnecessary and the wait for shifu to pass was a bore, since we all knew it was going to happen. They could have cut down on five episodes at least!

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  9. hannah says:

    I just watch it when I ran out of show to watch lol not bad

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  10. kaykay408 says:

    Kevin looks a lot like Adam Cheng in this picture!
    I think this drama is not the house wives cup of tea that’s why the rating dropped that low. The younger people are watching on the internet, contributed to the low rating. In my opinion I think it really picked up started from 8. Maybe because I like the style of this drama so I haven’t lost interest ever since started. Hence I was following all the way and yes, it’s getting good if you’re patient enough. And agree, without a clean cut look, Kevin is less boring. I’m never a fan of him but I’m liking his old fart funny messy look in here haha.
    Down side, Grace started talking in ep. 14! She looks really bad in ancient custom, still overacts, and her voice is worse than in COD 🙁
    Other than that I’m liking most part of this drama so far.

    Login or Register before you can reply to kaykay408
    • jessehsuan replied:

      @kaykay408 I actually like Kevin’s look in this drama, especially his scenes in Hong Kong since his hair is shorter than the one in Holland. I like Kay’s character so far…she is actually the one that makes me excited and want to watch the next episode. I don’t think her acting is that bad…maybe because im watching it dubbed. So far, I don’t like Grace’s character…selfish and annoying.

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