Kevin Cheng and Raymond Wong Embarrassed in Revealing Naked Torsos at “The King Boxer” Costume Fitting

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Nancy Wu Ding Yan, and Selena Li Sze Wan appeared at the costume fitting for new TVB series, The King Boxer <拳王>. Kevin and Raymond will portray boxers in the series. The two men appeared embarrassed by the show of skin. After requests from the press, Kevin and Raymond finally agreed to remove their outer robes for photos, which delivered a gay atmosphere! 

During the photograph session, Kevin posed awkwardly to cover his nipples. Kevin said, “I am learning Muay Thai  techniques. As the filming progresses, I will become more fit!” (There was a heavy gay feel before.) “Everyone knows that will not happen. There is little chance in changing [sexual] preferences.” (Are you embarrassed?) “I was not embarrassed until the press asked me to reveal my nipples. I never appeared this way before the press before!” 

Recently becoming a new father, Raymond Wong said he felt strange holding his newborn son. “We have not decided on the Chinese name yet. I help change the diapers. My wife gives the baby a bath and breastfeeds him. Since we have sponsorship of milk powder, it should not be a problem!” 

Baring her midriff at The King Boxer costume fitting, Nancy Wu will portray a deaf female boxer. Although Muay Thai was difficult to learn, Nancy felt fortunate that she did not possess any fat, thus making it easier to develop muscle. Selena Li will portray a career woman and share a romantic relationship with Kevin Cheng.


Compiled from Orientaldaily

Jayne: Although Kevin Cheng and Raymond Wong are not overly muscular guys, they look good in their boxing shorts!

Nancy as a deaf boxer? That sounds like a challenging role! Although she is so petite, might not be too convincing to see her attack others brutally.

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  1. Boxes? Muay Thai? Gay? WHAT?

    1. why 2 half naked men standing next to each other is automatically gay? What gay feel? Does this reporter want to feel some muay thai?

    2. DID he really say nippled? Jayne, original word in Chinese, seriously said nipple?

    3. So? I thought men are always ok with bare chest unless Kevin knows he doesn’t have the body to do it.

    4. Yes not muscular, looks ok BUT Muay Thai man! Muay Thai! Muscle as in slender muscle! Arm no biceps or anything

    5. Nancy too thin to be convincing boxer

    6. they all need more spray tan

    7. TVB, no new series issit? Now on Thai boxing?

    8. Raymond looks pale

    9. I shall continue until I reach 10!

    10. Kevin… why is he in every series? Why is TVB promoting him as some action star? He doesn’t even look like he can swing a broom, more so pack a punch!

    Did he really say NIPPLE?

    Nancy no fat at all? ZERO FAT? That’s not healthy.

    1. Oh Jayne, really need edit button.

      Boxes. Nippled.


      1. And do they look embarrassed? How come no one asks Nancy that? How come a woman between 2 men doesn’t give a threesome feel? Because GAY looks so much more sensational.

        Orientaldaily? I thought Appledaily would be like this. Or whatever daily.

    2. Thank god Kevin has more meat in this series than BF3. The wind can blow him away that time! Too thin!

    3. Funn, the reporter and Kevin referred to nipples as “two points,” which would sound awkward in translation. So I just went with nipples since we are a mature audience here.

    4. @funn: I like number 6! It is very funny! I agree they all need a tanning. But you know what? Chinese people do like white collor. White = good, high class, and rich. Tanning = bad, low class and poor….

      I never understand that. Maybe I am from Europe. In Europe, if you have a nice tanning, it’s means you have money to go on vacation. To go to sun, sea and beach. So, I do think tanning (not to much, not a la Paris Hilton) looks healthy and nice……

      1. I don’t think it is just Chinese but many Asians in general like light skinned females. Maybe they think light skinned looks better and shows that someone is rich and high class because they don’t have to do any outdoor hard labour. I think light skin tone applies to the girls more than the guys though.

        I personally don’t think tanning makes you look healthier. I have seen cases of people who are really tan but they became that way because they are sick. Light skinned people can be healthy but some can look sick as well, but it depends on each individual…

      2. Chinese has a saying which is true; fair skin hides 3 flaws, or something like that.

        Fair skin is generally preferred by many cultures. However we were talking about men and a bit of tanning would help these 2, especially raymond wong.

      3. Spray tanning is ok. But when people think sun tanning = healthier its definitely a no-no. Australia has the highest rate of skin melanoma because they love tanning and are unfortunate to be in a part of the world where the sun has super strong UV rays. Plus, tanning looks good when you are young but I’ve seen many people in their 30’s with discoloured and pigmented skin all over because of tanning in their younger days.

      4. Don’t sun tanned or sun bed tan too much. Some do get cancer even before they reached 25. Spray tan is just temporary.

        Is spray tan expensive?

    1. Forgive me but I always think of Raymond Wong as someone who has illness for long time. Just perfect to his role in Salt something.

      1. He does look pale. He needs some tanning. He will look better. His eyes is like that, a bit goldfish eyes?

        Kevin’s head looks tiny but his body bigger. Maybe all that hair sorta downsize his head?

        Muay thai can have women.

      2. Oh because I rmb there is a famous Thai boxer who changed to be a woman, then he can’t play muay thai again. This story made me think that muay thai is just for men.

        I met Raymond Wong once and in my opinion, I don’t like his look.

      3. Is it the picture or does Raymond Wong seem to have really skinny legs??

      4. Seems like the picture but men in general do have skinnier legs compared to their body.

        But in that pic, the veins are popping out. Urghhh!

      5. Kevin’s legs still look ok. But, why Raymond’s legs look like an old man’s legs?

      6. Kidd, not old man but like a lot of tension, pulling a lot of muscle, anytime will muscle cramp!

  2. why does the reporter keep talking about a gay feel -.-
    what exactly is a gay feel.

    1. 2 half naked men practicing muay thai. And if TVB makes wrestling series, you will definitely see the headline gay feel. If there anything with 2 men in it not gay feel to the press?

      Will TVB dare make a full fledge series about a gay couple and I don;t mean happy couple?

      1. I predict there will be lots of complaint letter to some bureau for showing inappropriate content if TVB did that.

  3. The 2 guys don’t look that awkward to me. Maybe it is because they are smiling and seem to be enjoying it more than we think.
    I don’t think it is a big deal for a guy to be shirtless since we guys torsos in movies all the time.

    I wonder why it is ok for girls to be lightskinned and not guys? Maybe guys are expected to look stronger and a tan gives them that affect? My cousin once said that guys that have really pale skin look sick and weak…While it is preferable in most cases for girls to have lighter skin.Girls actually get complimented more if they have light skin and many of them that don’t even use skin lightening creams to get lighter skin. I personally don’t mind a guy having light skin but that’s just me…

    I wonder how this series will be?? Hopefully it is decent/good..

  4. Raymond Wong don’t looks pale. He is just tired because of his new baby 🙂

    1. Raymond has a nicely sculpted body, ever since Love Undercover. I guess he slacked a bit these 1-2 years due to filming TVB series non-stop.

  5. TVB must be playing up the sex appeal of Kevin Cheng again. Although he is not a very tall man and possess small bones, he does have good muscle tone. Looks like he visits the gym regularly. The proportions are nice, *ahem* much nicer than Chilam’s recent showcase of ribs.

    Raymond Wong seems to have hairy legs.

    1. Sex appeal? I look at him and thinks he is the most boring handsome man, don’t even say sex appeal. You know who got sex appeal? Bowie. Bowie can be sexy when he wants to. Kevin is a log of wood. How sexy is a log of wood?

      1. @Funn, Kevin is wooden in some roles in which he seems far removed from his character. When he collaborated with Niki Chow before, he seemed very comfortable and at ease. Not too wooden then.

        Shy and wooden men can still be sexy. A man with good muscle tone will still have a sense of sex appeal. Can you imagine touching a man whose muscles are softer than a woman…LOL that would be very unappealing.

      2. Jayne, that’s not muscle. That’s FAT!! Some girls like chubby guys?

        Why Kevin is better then than now is because

        1. he is often the lead in big budget series
        2. he is now the lead in almost all drama series which isn’t her strong point
        3. Nikki Chow was probably worse than him so that took away the attention a bit

        4. He is a log of wood now because I guess he has trouble with his performances. He gives me a vibe that he is not confident or uncomfortable or both. he doesn’t walk with a swagger, he just looks like he is miserable.

        Jayne, you like nerdy types don’t you? Shy, wooden, quiet…

      3. @Funn, hehe I like men of intellect and substance. Do not like guys that are all bluff and no substance underneath. I prefer men who are engaging in conversation, but as you can see I’m quite opinionated. So a quieter man would probably be more compatible…. 🙂

        I also like muscle, hehe as I am a big fan of Mr. Hong Kong. But not too much muscle, as in Arnold Schwarzenegger body build, just some definition for masculinity’s sake.

        I don’t find Kevin to be fat in the above pictures. His pecs are not as defined as before, but he’s not fat. His arms are a good size. I’m sure he’ll look better as he trains. Agree he does have a level of awkwardness in him as a person, which shows in his acting.

        Bowie had a striptease scene in “Gem of Life,” where he stripped down to his boxers. He is in pretty good shape. He oozes a level of confidence, which some women would fine sexy.

      4. @Jayne,

        I was just contemplating about whether or not to watch Gem of Life (people complained it was too draggy…)Now perhaps I can watch it for Bowie 🙂

      5. @Moonriver, Bowie’s striptease scene was in the early episodes…probably not past episode 10, as I never made it into the later episodes. The scene was done to illustrate his confidence as a person, where he doesn’t mind stripping down at a big party.

        Years from now, I wonder if “Gem of Life” will become another “At the Threshold of an Era;” where the gathering of such a star studded cast will turn it into a classic and gem in audience’s eyes, regardless of the over-the-top convoluted plot?

      6. Bowie is sexy when he is fully clothed. I don;t want to remember his speedo scene!

      7. Don’t worry, I don’t think I can last till Bowie’s scene. It’s only been Episode 2 and I think I’ve had enough of this talent-wasting script.

      8. I take back my words. Now that Moses looks hot here…I am watching this.

      9. You mean Gem of Life? How the heck I finished it. Oh yes, skipped a few and fell asleep for most.

    2. @ Jayne.

      He also into men of intellect. Quiet men can be attractive too. 😀

      And sometime ‘awkwardness + good looks’ also work. 😀

      Kevin’s acting might be wooden and sometimes boring, but, I’ve always like his off screen quiet persona. Maybe that’s why I like his character in ‘Canopy’ so much and I actually has no problem with him taking home the Best Actor Award (although the best choice should be Steven Ma) at that time because I felt that he portrayed Alan well.

      He has open up quite a lot now from my recent observation. He used to be very polite in the past. But, I now find that he’s more sarcastic when answering media’s question related to his rumours. He also tried to be funny when answering media. But, it just doesn’t work for him. I find it unnatural and so not him.

      But, it seems like this change help in his acting. I find his acting has improved in ‘Only You’. Summer is a departure from his past roles and he portrayed him well.

  6. Why don’t they ever stick to the original TVB sales presentation clip, those are always the best!! I mean liked the Raymond and Selena and Kate and Kevin pairing better. BUt Kate’s not in it due to the Laughing Gor series, but still I really wanted to see Selena and Raymond together, they’d make a cute TV couple. Oh and why is Raymond filming another series so soon? Are they done filming that series with Nikki Chow? Anyway shouldn’t he take a break and take care of his wife and child…

    1. Maybe because having a child means more $$$ is needed.

    2. Working and earning money is his way of taking care of his wife and child.

  7. Oh c’mon! Two half naked men posing together gives the gay feel? The media is really going overboard. Flying Tigers will be super gay then!
    Did Nancy replace Kate’s role in the series? If I remember correctly, Kate was in the sales presentation with Raymond, Kevin, and Selena. They almost used the original cast as in the presentation. Or is Kate also in it? If not, I’m happy to see Nancy and Selena as the female leads. They are two underrated actresses that finally get to play the lead roles. Not sure who is technically the “main lead,” but good to see that hopefully they are main female leads. This will be a test to see their leading potential.

    1. I wonder who is the ‘main lead’ in this series. I know Kevin is the biological son, but, TVB has been promoting Raymond Wong quite heavily now, while Kevin has slowed down. I find Kevin to be going to Ron’s route lately. Not as high profile and overpromoted as before and working in smaller production.

  8. I was surprised that Kevin suddenly look so fit and muscular in ‘Only You’. Was wondering why her suddenly go body building. Now, I understand why. He was preparing for this role. Lots of hard work has been put into achieving this body.

    It seems like nowadays, lots of actors build up their body to look good/convincing onscreen. Sammul built up his body for his swimming scene in U.E. (which ended up being cut from the series, but, was posted on Figaro Tsang build up his body for his role in ‘They Kissed Again’ (I guess to make himself look more mature and less tiny beside Joe?). Now, Kevin. I guess Him Law also build his body because of his boxer role in ‘Suspect in Love’ and ended up being a fanatic bodybuilder?

    I guess it’s good thing since the actors benefited from it in the long run. Kevin might not have this fit body if was not casted in ‘The King of Boxer’. 😀


    “3. So? I thought men are always ok with bare chest unless Kevin knows he doesn’t have the body to do it.”

    Kevin has bared his chest before in series. He did in on ‘Only You’ too. I think what he meant is he has never appear barechest in front of the press, so, he was embarrassed. Bare chested while filming in front of the crew and cameramen that he’s familiar with feels different from baring one’s chest in front of the press and flashing cameras I guess.

    @ Fox

    “Oh because I rmb there is a famous Thai boxer who changed to be a woman, then he can’t play muay thai again. This story made me think that muay thai is just for men.”

    I watch the movie and read about him too. I think women cannot participate in some prestigious competition but not all. Maybe the Ivy league ones she cannot participate, but others she can. I remember her fighting with another woman fighter onstage in the movie.
    She has open a boxing school now, beside working in the entertainment industry.

    1. Thanks for the info. I rmb he/she looks very pretty after the surgery.

      1. It’s kinda sad. She loves boxing. But, has to give it up to be herself.

        The interview has asked her this question in an interview. In the next life, does she want to be born as a man or woman?

        You would think she would answer ‘woman’. But, she answered that she wants to be a man in the next life. A true man, not a woman trapped in a man’s body.

      2. I rmb this interview. I watched it on Discovery channel. Her family is like wanna kill her because of the decision. It’s sad to act like someone you are not.

    2. @Kidd, “Only You” was not the first time Kevin Cheng filmed a topless scene. If anyone remembers “Hard Fate” (with Niki Chow), Kevin had an extended shower scene in that series! He was topless for at least 5 minutes because he answered a phone call while in the shower.

      I still remember Kevin’s shower scene after all these years because I was surprised by his good muscle tone. He’s not a very big man, but he has been weight lifting for years.

      I don’t remember if he had topless scenes in “Burning Flame 3” and “A Fistful of Stances” since I didn’t watch the complete series.

      1. Got Jayne. In Burning Flame 3 where the actress who played his sister very lovingly massaged him. He actually looks good there and I remember thinking that actress must be playing his girlfriend and then I realised she was supposed to be the sister. But the way she acted around him is not very sisterly.

        Which series where one actress just love to hug him? Can’t remember.. the way she goes about it, I think she was quite attracted to him. Which one…

        AFOS so far no nudity. So skinny, I hope not. At least in BF 3 he looked bulky but next to Wong Hei, both of them tiny but somehow Wong Hei looked more robust.

  9. I’m more worried about whether they would look convincing while fighting with Muay Thai.

    I remember watching Muay Thai in ‘Beautiful Boxer’ and it looks powerful, sharp and fast.

  10. There won’t be any homoeroticism in the series. Raymond and Kevin will play brothers.

    But, this won hinder the YY fans, since they still pair Xiu Yu (Danson) and Xia Tian (Jiro) in their MV and fanfic. 😀

    According to wikipedia, Raymond and Kevin will play brothers, while Natalie, Nancy and Selena will play sisters. Raymond will pair with Natalie while Kevin pair with Nancy and Selena.

    I guess Kevin is more lead since he has 2 girls going for him?

    1. Depends on how their fans view on them. Not all the artists have BL fans.

      YY fans? You mean YY = crush? Because in some Chinese forums, when they write I’m YY something means I’m on the crush with something.

      1. I don’t know. I thought YY is same as BL. I got this impression from reading posts in baidu. Maybe I interpret wrongly.

      2. Yeah maybe. YY = crush. But Y_Y = T_T = cry :P. These BL girl fans are called 腐女, hehe. Still have a lot of slangs that I dun understand in these Chinese forum.

  11. I think Nancy is quite convincing. She has the feisty look although she’s very skinny.

    I mean, this female boxer role can’t be Natalie or Selena for sure. But Nancy sure fits the bill.

    1. I agree.. if you guys watched her in “GUn metal grey” there were scenes wheer nancy was doing a boxing scene… and I thought it was pretty convincing. Her looks not really, but her acting prob might add to that.

      1. Maybe Nancy boxes as part of her exercise routine

  12. Wait doesn’t Selena Li’s character have a romantic relationship with Raymond Wong’s character and Kate Tsui’s character has a romantic relationship with Kevin Cheng’s character in this series? That how it was presented during the 2011 TVB presentations.

  13. Just imagine if they hug in the promo event… or in the series…

    But they’re supposed to be brothers?

  14. I just noticed Raymond’s legs. Very very scary looking!! Kevin does look proportional. Men usually have skinny legs I presume?

  15. Kevin looks okay what. In fact, I think he looks quite convincing as a Muay Thai boxer. His eyes are deep, pretty Thai.

    I find that TVB dramas have a strange take on Southeast Asian culture. Somehow, Philippines, M’sia, Thailand, Cambodia all look the same. People there wear floral shirts with a hat and drink coconut juice. I bet there will be scenes like that in this new series. Wait. Maybe this has nothing to do with Thailand. It’s about Muay Thai in Hong Kong? Now that’s just as weird.

    1. ” find that TVB dramas have a strange take on Southeast Asian culture. Somehow, Philippines, M’sia, Thailand, Cambodia all look the same. People there wear floral shirts with a hat and drink coconut juice. “

      Haha, this comment is funny, but, so true. 😀

      1. Western also have the same perception of us. They can’t tell apart between Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Vietmese or Thai.

      2. I can understand when Westerners have to misconception, I’ve had that being a SEA in Australia but Hong Kong?? I mean they are also in Asia and I know many TVB artists have been to SEA but to still think like that after that? That feels a bit racist to me.

      3. I wouldn’t say racist, just a tad misunderstood. Can be corrected. I mean Malaysians do drink coconut juice, not sure about hats and floral shirts, more like Hawaii to me.

      4. Haha, it’s true that we do drink coconut juice but we don’t wear hats and wear floral shirts. Maybe racist is a tad strong but to have seen the country and people and still promote this type of misconception/stereotype, it’s just not right to me. It’s like saying that China is still a backwater.

      5. We wear batik shirt, not, Hawaiian floral shirt. 😀

        It’s also funny that every Malaysian who appear in TVB series is either a child of a datuk or a rubber estate tycoon. 😀

      6. Actually they did move beyond coconut juice in recent series. If you watched Born Rich, Gallen Lo was eating Potong ice cream.

      7. Really weird I say because in Thailand it’s not even like that lol. They dress normal from what I’ve seen and even in the beachey areas it’s not like that.

      8. I think that there is no set “look” for any nationality/race. Every nationality has a variety of people that have a different look. But I guess there is a standard look for some nationalities I guess. I am not shocked that TVB has such a stereotypical outlook about Southeast Asian people and culture.

  16. I don’t think Raymond Wong is really that “pale”. Johnson Lee, on the other hand, would have to be the palest male TVB actor I’ve ever seen! While I was watching Twilight Investigation I couldn’t help but notice many scenes where Raymond Wong and Johnson Lee would have together and they would be wearing sleveless shirts and ICK Johnson Lee needs to get a tan! And as for Nancy she seemds like a good boxer to me from watching her box in Gun Metal Gray.

  17. Since small I have never enjoyed watching boxing as I feel so distressed when I see people get bashed about, not to mention their sweaty bodies and bloody faces, so, I don’t know how I’m going to watch The Boxing King. Hate to see one of my favourite actors suffering!

    1. Can I assure you, if following TVB’s pattern, you will see more love stories and dramas off the rings than any action in the ring. And since Kevin and Raymond is in this series, I doubt you will see swollen faces, and blood but probably some sweaty bodies but then TVB never lingers.

    2. I don’t like to watch the normal boxing too. But, Muay Thai is different. A good Muay Thai boxing very entertaining to watch. At least, that’s what I found when watching ‘Beautiful Boxer’.

      But, don’t know whether TVB can do a good Muay Thai boxing scene or not.

      But, Funn is probably right. It series will most probably has more drama than fight.

      1. Imagine the high kicks and all. I don’t know; my feeling is it will be more kung fu than muay thai.

  18. In my opinion, just maybe: No wonder Kev and Wing are embarrassed, just that tvb production/promoters has forgotten to buy
    them tanning cream. Have you ever seen two thai boxers with out of the world Pale skin, there was pale raiders, now here is pale thai boxers, and nipple or not is private until viewers take a look in the series of the exposed Naps 🙂

    1. Also, I think most would also envision Thai people as being tan rather than pale.

  19. May I know what Muay Thai is? Is it Thai Boxing? From what I’ve seen in the past, Thai boxers are rather on the skinny side and their boxing allows kicking as well, but they seem to survive!

  20. I think it’s kinda cute they feel embarrassed!

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