Kevin Cheng Denies Getting Abortion With Ex-Girlfriend, Linda Wong

Recent tabloid reports claimed that Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) had accompanied his ex-girlfriend, Linda Wong (王馨平), to get an abortion 18 years ago. Allegedly, Linda’s natural pregnancy chances were destroyed afterward, forcing her to undergo fertility treatments recently. Outraged by the latest rumors slandering Linda, Kevin criticized tabloids for unethically fabricating the news!

In a radio interview with Eileen Cha (查小欣), Kevin took the opportunity to clarify Linda’s abortion rumors. Despite breaking up, Kevin and Linda maintained contact and were still friends. Kevin urged Linda to communicate clearly with her husband, Stephen Lee, to prevent any potential misunderstanding over the abortion rumors. Kevin was mostly concerned that Linda’s marriage will be negatively impacted.

Kevin said angrily, “Actually Linda is happily married right now. Please do not fabricate these type of rumors! These rumors can harm other people’s lives and marriages! You cannot fabricate to this extent! There is no proof; they are all lies!”

Due to Kevin’s current popularity, the media recently became interested in reporting his old romance with Linda Wong, including the earlier news that her father, Wang Yu (王羽) had disapproved of their dating relationship. To Kevin, his memories of his past relationship with Linda were precious and while he did not mind the facts being reported, he protested tabloids’ outright lies.

Kevin sounded almost apologetic that Linda’s reputation was slandered in the abortion rumors. He said, “There are some things which are beyond my control. The most important thing right now is how to deal with the situation properly.”

Furthermore, Kevin responded to TVB actor, Sin Ho Ying’s (冼灝英) criticism that Kevin possessed a poor character while filming Gloves Come Off <拳王> together. Kevin took into consideration that tabloids may have exaggerated upon Sin Sifu’s initial response. Kevin said, “Perhaps during the interview, his words were twisted. I’m used to this!”

Despite the media’s sometimes harsh rumors and criticisms towards Kevin–including his “stiff” acting and branding him with nicknames such as “Rubber Wing”–he was used to it. “I have to thank the media for reminding me. Otherwise, I will not bite back my teeth to prove myself.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: It’s not fair for the media to continue to write about Linda, as she is semi-retired from the industry and already married. It is one thing to write about a single woman, but another matter to keep linking a married woman to her ex-lover.

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  1. The title makes it sound like Kevin had the abortion o.O

    1. Too quick to respond to something he didn’t do or did?????????

  2. Pity Kevin Cheng bad rumors keep circulating on him. Is it because he is so famous they have to dig his past out and writing something to pull him down. Linda is already married with happy family. Why must they wrote her so badly. Pity both Kevin and Linda.

    1. I hate the tabloids, they always make the bad stories about Kevin. Poor Kevin

      1. yes. all bad stories they will link to KC. he shows his hard work. his effort! hope they dont make the report worst. it isnt fair to Linda also.. she is married.

    2. *Pity Kevin Cheng bad rumors keep circulating on him. Is it because he is so famous they have to dig his past out and writing something to pull him down*

      I disagree with that comment as other idols, for example, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau were very famous in their younger years and the media never wrote any negative stuff abouut them. (except, of course, recently with Andy Lau but that was his own doing). Kevin Cheng must have a personality that rubs the media the wrong way.

  3. some stories are worth printing, but some like this are unnecessary and insensitive. where have their ethics gone?

    1. “where have their ethics gone?”

      go to the hell. LOL

  4. Because we dont know the truth behind this rumor circulation, it will fair to leave KC alone until he’s proven innocent!

  5. Gals, Please give KC a space to do whatever he likes! Respect his freewill please!

    Does he need to ask your permission to pregnant any gals he likes? Who are you to him!?

  6. Everything Kevin said was very true. It is absolutely not right to spread false rumors like that about a married woman. Seeing how responded to all of these rumors, he is definitely not a bad or rude person.

  7. Kevin has displayed very high EQ in his reply nowadays.

    He is right that the tabloid shouldn’t involved Linda in their news making. Linda is already happily married. Tabloid should leave her alone.

    I wonder why, suddenly, there are so many bad news on Kevin.

    1. @Kidd
      “I wonder why, suddenly, there are so many bad news on Kevin.”

      I want to know too. Maybe they don’t like Kevin. There are a lot of famous artists, but they only choose Kevin to write (bad news not good news). I see Kevin’s anwers are good. Support Kevin forever

      1. totally agreed with your inputs. out of the blue, so many bad news. KC worked very hard to get to this level,lots of determination, persistent, endurances etc.As a person i admired him a lot. MAY GOD BLESS HIM>

    2. Yea, he has and I am glad that he has learned how to deal with rumours better. I wish that the tabloids would stop messing up people’s lives. Linda is happily married and has been for many years so I hope that these rumours will not affect her.

    3. It’s the perpetual ‘tall poppy syndrome’. When he was doing ok a couple of years back no one bother much about him. Now that his hardwork paid off and he’s popular, people like to dig up old news and cook up ‘storm in a tea cup’ or fabrigate/exaggerate facts. I wonder what father Wang Yu has to say to those reporters with this latest fabrigated news.

      1. Yes, it’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say. If it’s true, then he is partially responsible for dredging up his daughter’s secret.

        Also, I wonder if this rumor actually got started at Jaynestars…

  8. because Kevin’s series GCO is airing. His recent rumours all start when GCO airing LOL

    1. but I’m curious why Raymond Wong as his costar is not rumoured. Even Nancy and Selena got their tabloid covers recently LOL

      1. I am guessing it is because he is happily married with a child…

      2. maybe the tabloids like RW more than Kevin and Nancy.

      3. but the con side is because artists need news whether good or bad to sell their series. Some artists even said that every news is good news.

    2. I saw an interview where RW said that he’s very careful at work to avoid rumors and misunderstanding. He never gives out his number, there are only selective few that has his contact. And Tavia said it took her forever to get his number, that was only when she got to know his wife :). Smart guy!!!

      1. That’s good that he is such a devoted husband and is really careful at work. You need to be extra careful when you work in the circle to avoid rumours and all…

      2. Even though I dont fancy too much of this guy *RW*, I do 100% support your statement that this guy is really a nice & good husband……

        Even though he may not be as rich and handsome as other stars like Raymond Lam & Nicholas Tse, he does have a very special kind of genes which is a not found in most other celebrities ie. 100% loyalty + genuine devotion to his family and his loved one…..!.

      3. Partly maybe because Raymond has a good husband image and readers won’t buy rumours about him but partly also maybe because Raymond isn’t as popular as Kevin so that’s why the paparazzis don’t write about Raymond to sell their magazine.

  9. The hong kong tabloids are as bad or worst than the Enquirer! I wonder if they ever have any remorse?!?

  10. The past is the past… Why do they continue to dwell on it??It is great to cherish and treasure happy memories, but why dig up old and bad rumours to ruin other people’s lives??? I think the press has nothing better to do and I hope that these rumours will not affect Linda’s marriage and Kevin’s friendship with her. It is great that they still keep in touch and can be friends even though they broke up. Not everyone can remain friends after breaking up.

    1. Are you saying you cannot take it after being dumped by boyfriend? An because of that you chose not to be friend with former boyfriend?

      1. No, for your information, I have never dated before. However, I can say that even with my former crushes, they act very awkward around me and even ignore me when I greet them… If a guy ever dumped me, screw him… I would just move on quickly but it would be really really awkward to be friends with them and keep in touch… That is how it is with most of the people that I know,but of course it varies from person to person…

      2. Hetieshou,

        I guess you maybe a very young wonderful gal who hasn’t even have a chance to enough expose yourself to the world of romantic dating.

        It’s a bit strange. Maybe you can consider me? I’m a very romantic & humorous guy who treasures females like a dream-like wonderful gems. I’ll help you to make a very lovely discovery that this world is a very special place to make a romantic date.

        If you feel lonely, I’ll be always with you and you may reach me at 006-012-381-6448 anytime.

    2. lol @ Tan Leong Pin , you’re cute.HTS i think you should go for it.

      1. Uh Hannah, I guess u haven’t read his other posts. I wouldn’t be surprised if that fool just got outta jail.

      2. oh really?? i didn’t know oops. thanks josie

      3. HTS must be too dumbfounded by his pursue to reply.

      4. Josie, you’re pretty funny? How do know that I just got outta jail?

        For the last couple of days I just went in and out of the jail with a lawyer bailing my friend out after he was prosecuted for corruption allegation in Malaysia. He was being fined USD1mil but because he was unwilling to pay on time, the court sent an non-negotiable order to jail him until he finally surrendered that sum of money.

        Anyway, he’s a very good and lovely family man. He promised his beautiful wife to buy her a bungalow house as a gift for her birthday. Thinking to earn big bonuses fast through easy way but unfortunately struck with this unwanted ending.

        Josie, I guess you must be very upset and lost total confidence with guys? Do you need some help?

  11. There are two sides to this story:

    (A) If it’s true, that explains why Linda’s father Wang Yu so vehemently disapproved of KC, and also why Sin Sifu criticize KC’s poor character. They could both refer to the same incident with Linda which was not reported but known in the industry circle. Heck, it could even explain why KC is so uptight and went to such lengths to “protect” Linda and their secret… hoping it would lie unburied forever.

    Actually even if it were true, it may not be KC’s fault because usually unplanned pregnancies are caused by ‘ccident’. Both Linda and him were young, just starting out in their careers, so what did you expect him/ Linda to do?

    (B) Scenario B is that it is not true, and what KC says is right. Usually he is laid back and resigned to newspapers’ rumors of him but because this time it involved a married woman outside of the industry, he felt obliged to speak up and stop the reporters from harassing her.

    Of course KC fans are convinced that (B) is true, and yes, it could likely well be…

    1. Whether it is true or not, no one would know except for Kevin and Linda. Even IF it was, it is the long past now… What is the point of bringing it up again? Also, if there was a chance that it was true, then I wonder why no one knew about it back then?? Something like that would be really hard to hide since IF she got an abortion, she would have to go to a clinic, hospital and that would be really hard to hide from the public if you are a public figure…Not saying it is not possible but it would be hard to hide because I think someone would see something…

  12. Kevin look like Pierre Ngo it that picture ,is he a white guy before he joining TVB just like Louis koo look white before he popular? ,he seem more darker now ?
    anyways who cares ,kevin still young during 18 years ago and look white mah.

    1. Pierre wished he looked that good, pale or not.

    2. hahah i was just thinking the same thing about Louis Koo. i think back then natural/light skin was in, now everyone thinks tan is the only way. i prefer the guys with slightly yellow tone, not pale but not tan either.

  13. I agree with Kevin. THe lady is happily married; why destroy her marriage? Whether that rumour is true or not, whether the child was his or not, it was so long ago.

    And Jayne, I saw Kevin’s full reply in that other forum and I must say I agree with Kevin’s way of handling the rumours. He was forthright and he made some good points, making his reply one of the best I’ve seen to have come from a TVB artiste who are usually more evasive than answer headon. He basically answered everything adequately, he apologised only towards the extent of Sin being hurt by his actions of consulting the other THAI expert. But he was not apologetic that he adopted the advice of that expert as he said he made that call himself. I find that a very honest answer.

    1. “so long ago” doesnt mean he is not guilty he still deserve what he did wrong to other people. if i kill your father doesnt mean that after 50 years im not guilty anymore!!
      you think he gives a honest answer? it can be! but remember that he is an actor! he have to heal his image!!

      1. I think he gave as honest an answer as he could without hurting Linda. Even if it was true, she may have consented to it. They were both young, on the rise. She may not have wanted the child. They remained friends for that long, apparently. And if it is true, the friendship that is, you don’t remain friends with a man who forced you to abort the child you wanted.

        It takes both ways. I think Kevin gave a classy answer. He should sue.

      2. I think Kevin should sue the magazines for keep making fake news about him. He has the right.

  14. I bet Michael Tse’s Lam Yat Yat from Sargeant Tabloid wrote this story.

    1. Kevin Cheng’s Law Bar from Ghetto Justice shall sue Lam Yat Yat in court .

    2. But Lam Yat Yat always write real story but he just chooses to expose from the bad angle!

  15. i had always knew that he is bad guy,i had never like him because he is so fake. he is a playboy and a egocentric person as well. while he is so famous now you see he change his attitude and behave like a superstar. i hope that peopple can see his true face now!!

    1. “he is so fake. ”

      I think you are anti with Kevin. “Fake”, you give evidence that you think that it is fake.
      “he is a playboy and a egocentric person as well.”.
      If he is a kind of person as you said, maybe he has no fans now. How is he a playboy? you only read the tabloid and think it is true?

      1. if he is not a playboy then he is at least a bad guy, because he dumb linda wong and nicky chow. cause trouble with wong he, and the veterans master sin,and lee ka ding. if this is not enough evidence then you are very stupid. why does the tabloids dont make bad news about chow yun fat or andy lau? you know a chinese phrase? if you see the moon clearly in the sky with the blowing wind there is always a reason for that!!

      2. You should remember that the things you read that only the reporters write. We can’t base on the things the reporters write that misjudging person’s character. The reporters always make a bad stories about Kevin because they don’t like Kevin (if you follow Kevin’s news in 2008, you will know)
        “if this is not enough evidence then you are very stupid.”

        Maybe you are very “smart” to see all evidences that basing on the tabloid, and all of Kevin’s fans are stupid because they always see that Kevin is not a bad guy and they ready protect Kevin. I really admire your “smart”. LOL

  16. The HK tabloids must really hate Kevin. They keep writing about him.

    1. but Kevin don’t have to worry since this turned to be free publicity with his good response to all the rumours. It only backfired to the tabloids who make fake news and Sin Sifu and Ding Yeh who make fake accusations.

      1. i think its hard to believe for those fan here like you that your idol is such a person,psychologicaly you can’t accept it and will defence him at all cost. but on one day you will see his true face.

      2. @shu
        I am proud that I am one of Kevin’s fan, too. I also see that Kevin is right. He is only quiet person. Do you think the passage?
        “Furthermore, Kevin responded to TVB actor, Sin Ho Ying’s (冼灝英) criticism that Kevin possessed a poor character while filming Gloves Come Off together. Kevin took into consideration that tabloids may have exaggerated upon Sin Sifu’s initial response. Kevin said, “Perhaps during the interview, his words were twisted. I’m used to this!”

        “psychologicaly you can’t accept it and will defence him at all cost. but on one day you will see his true face”
        lol, you are saying with a person or all Kevin’s fans? I am looking forward to seeing his true face. haha

      3. @shu
        sorry, “do you think passage?”

        correct: “how do you think passage?”

  17. The whole story of the abortion sounds very improbable as Mr. Wang Yi, being so protective of his daughter, Linda, would surely have known of the affair then. And he would surely have raised hell for Kevin. These reporters are truly irresponsible and insensitive to the feelings of those concerned, especially Linda and her husband. As some of you have already pointed out, Kevin’s reply to all the allegations sounds logical and matured.

  18. Oops, typo, ‘life’. Everyone has his/her own style, what is pleasant to u might not be to the others. Please accept the fact and let it go. For example, I think Chow Yun Fatt is over rated and stereotype but that’s my opinion and can’t force it down everybody’s throats. Verdict : Shu, you’re very bias and thank god you are not a judge. I hope.

    1. if im biased then you too, in view of your comment! and chow yun fat isn’t overrated im proud he is chinese! same as bruce lee, jacky chan, leslie cheung,all legends!! get self a life frienD!!

  19. “It is one thing to write about a single woman, but another matter to keep linking a married woman to her ex-lover.”

    Do you think the reporter is implying that Kevin is the father or the aborted child? When reading the article, I thought he just accompanied her because they are good friends. I guess either way, I agree with you that it’s rude to link a married woman to her ex-boyfriend regardless of the context.

  20. tht poor gal… gosh shes hppily married… whythese rumors..

  21. can anyone tell me whether kevin cheng and adam cheng are brothers they look so alike and with the same surname

    1. Ekin Cheng also have the same surname Cheng ,perhaps they are cousin .

    2. Haha, Adam Cheng feels like he’s old enough to be his dad! But no, I don’t believe they are related.

  22. KC definitely got on the reporters’ bad side.

    1. Definitely. I think part of the problem is his attitude. He doesn’t give a F about anyone else around him (even he has problems with his co-stars) so as a result, this is what happens. Media makes things up and blows it out of proportion. (or maybe it is true who knows – is that why Linda’s dad despises Kevin after so many years? maybe)

      Just sue them if its false.

      Poor Linda. Dragged into this because of Kevin. Maybe she should stay away from him.

      Kevin: not everything is out of your control. If you pay a bit of money to those reporters mouths and improve your relationship with them and stop this ‘i don’t care wtf you write about me, i’m not stand by my principles and my attitude’ attitude, then maybe they will write less bad news about you LOL. COZ NOTHING CAN’T BE FIXED WITH MONEY! His got heaps. As if not buy them out!

      I think Kevin should start to self-reflect on what he said and his attitude, because its starting to affect those around him.

      1. First of all, you don’t know Kevin personally so I don’t think you should say all of those things about him. There are many others that don’t do anything bad to get on the reporters bad side, but they just get picked on…. It seems like the more popular you are, the more bad rumours there are…

  23. I see it like this. Kevin has been so often by adverse reports that in time he’s gotten immune by it and feels free not to respond to the allegations made at him. With perhaps one exception, that the report or reports do not hurt anyone’s reputation or happiness and in this case, Linda’s. The accusation that one has had an abortion is most serious and hurting especially if it’s untrue. And so, in this case, Kevin felt it was his duty to speak up for her. THe poor man must have been beside himself when this happened out of the blue.

  24. Never knew Kevin Cheng and Linda Wong was dating back in the day. I did remember both of them came out the same years as newbies for TVB as singers. In fact both of them won the silver award for best new artist in 1993 on JSG year end award ceremony.

    1. I remember those days too. Those were the good old days…

  25. 18 years ago??? Man, this dude is old and people still think he is some hot young stuff chasing after girls who is young enough to be his daughters.

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