Kevin Cheng Earns $45 Million; Tops TVB Artists’ Incomes

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) has become TVB’s highest earning artist, on track to earn $45 million HKD this year! Since the immensely popular Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, Kevin struck gold in mainland China. With his new found wealth, Kevin will open his own production studio next year.

Filming five mainland dramas consecutively, Kevin is currently shooting the Ip Man <葉問> TV drama in mainland China. Portraying the coveted titular role, Kevin has been training extensively in Wing Chun martial arts. He admitted that Ip Man has been the most physically strenuous role he has taken on, in which approximately 25 percent of his scenes are fighting scenes.

Kevin filmed an explosion scene in Kunshan, China earlier this week. The scene spoke of Kevin attempting to thwart a suicidal student demonstration. A student wrapped himself with explosives and rushed towards a car, resulting in the car explosion. As this is Kevin’s first time filming a car explosion scene, he was nervous with sweat. Fortunately, the scene was planned and executed well, without any injury to Kevin and the cast.

After completing Ip Man, Kevin will be filming Bu Bu Jing 2, reuniting with the popular cast from the first installment. Reportedly earning $400,000 RMB per episode for Bu Bu Jing Xin, his filming fee will be nearly $47.2 million HKD this year. Deducting TVB’s commission fees, Kevin will pocket $37.8 million. Adding in an additional income from commercial endorsements and promotional appearance fees, Kevin will earn a whopping $45 million HKD this year, topping the payroll among TVB artists.

Watch First Trailer of “Ip Man” TV Drama!

[vsw id=”x4Bf6kMJI4U” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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  1. OMG!!! 45M HKD (5,804,425USD), O_O

    He should team up with Nicholas Tse, and combine the production with Post-Production ^^

    IP Man–please be good…

  2. Ohh Kevin~ you rich handsome boy!

    I thought Raymond Lam was TVB’s highest earning artist. I guess he’s 2nd place then?

    How come there’s no news for BBJX 2?

    1. It isn’t a surprise that the reporters always like to cutoff few from LF’s price down. For example, he is also paid 400k RMB per eps for his upcoming China series but the reporters said of 200k only.

      1. I thought he is taking the 200k as a friendship price for Michelle?

      2. That’s what wrote on Mingpao but actually his friendship price is 400k RMB/eps. And it’s still the friendship price.

      3. But he has to pressure Txb to release him, lol and what can do greatest pressure on Txb? A lot of money :P.

        His price is always high like this, if taking too little, Txb won’t let him go. Like last time there were a director who came to Txb to ask for him, but because he only planned to pay 250 RMB/eps for him, he can’t have LF.

  3. The fighting in the trailer looks damn fake. At 1:48 it doesn’t look anything like wing chun but rather flower fist without power, haha.

    Kevin has outdone Donnie here. Donnie was only fighting 10 simultaneously while Kevin in his last scene fights 100++

    I can only see a horrible death facing Kevin unless he obtained and mastered the long lost martial arts tecnique “the 18 dragon slaying palms” 🙂

    Next up: Anthony Wong LOL

    1. Not to mention Kevin look 1000 times better than Donnie, with no Botox that make he can’t move his facial muscles. I never like Donnie much, his face and expression is either weird, or doesn’t have range

      1. Kevin is nowhere near up to par with Donnie Yen. His fight scenes look dumb and unrealistic plus he isn’t good looking either.

      2. Oh come on LFfan. I love me some LF too but how can u deny Kevin is good looking? Look w/ your eyes, not your heart and don’t lie. 😛

      3. The kung fu moves made by Kevin is so damn fake but he is good looking but he sucks in fight scenes.

      4. KC has the handsome face, but in the trailer he look damn super fake and don’t give me an Ip Man.

    2. as much as i love kevin and am admittedly biased towards him, the fighting at 1:48 really looks very airy… hahaha

  4. As I suspected, no real fighting but lots of head shots of Kevin.

  5. Good on you Kevin. Your patience and perseverance has paid off.
    Now throw caution to the wind….portray the characters to its true form and just do your best.
    Best wishes ALWAYS!

  6. FH2 popped to my mind too. Maybe GE meant car explosion for a mainland production?

  7. Looking forward to this series, I’m sure he is working hard to completed this series and have to admits that Donnie Yen was really good with the Ip Man role but he indeed has the martial art back ground so we can’t compare him with Kevin which has not martial art back ground at all.
    I support Kevin and admire with his hard work.
    with his earning now and his handsome face make him a real golden bachelor 🙂

  8. 45 mil?! As if girls weren’t throwing themselves at him before, now he”ll have to fight them off w/ a stick. Kevin is definitely the real deal, the hottest “seun poon” in town!

  9. Trailer actually looks good the rain, the sound, the cinematography, looks like top production. But it is the fighting and Kevin fighting is the problem. I just feel at the beginning I thought he was trying to be intense but lacked the master feel, but to be fair this is young ip man? Not the cool ip man but the ip man who makes mistakes and learns to be a master? As in the making of the legendary Ip Man?

    Bu the fighting lacked force, I thpought maybe he should be the tai chi master instead, I think Cheong Sam Fung?

    Imagine 1 minute, 1 whole minute at the very start with hi doing kung fu in the rain and if he isn’t convincing as a kung fu dude, he isn’t convincing. And that 1 minute is not convincing. I feel the trailer looks gorgeous but wrong direction.

    They can put all the swoosh sound and powder but it still looks like tai chi to me. As in no force, no energy.

    1. Yeah, should’ve played a tai chi master instead don’t need any power just play around capturing butterflies in the sky and use CGI, LOL

      Also noticed that his basic wing chun stance is totally off i.e fingers crooked, haha. The MA advisor did a lousy job!

      Can’t wait for the grandmaster Ip Man Anthony Wong why supposed to have reached the stage of fist without a fist 🙂

  10. wow, lucky him he used to be having very minor roles back then when that dude WONG HEI is still doing series.

  11. As long as the storyline is interesting and the characters truly come to life, giving feeling to the whole series I really do not care very much if the Wing Chun moves are expertly executed by Kevin. As long as the moves are well executed and look realistic I think that should do well enough.

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