Kevin Cheng Signs With EEG; Raymond Lam Welcomes Kevin to Conquer the World Together!

Triple-award winning TV King, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), will be rejoining the music industry once again. It was announced that Kevin has signed with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), whereby he will join EEG artists such as Leo Ku (古巨基) and Raymond Lam (林峯) to conquer the world!

In 1993, Kevin entered the industry as a singer by signing with Polygram. Unforunately, his music career development was flat. Due to conflicting views with his manager at the time, Dai Si Chung (戴思聰), Kevin was forced to leave Hong Kong, moving to Taiwan to pursue his career there. In 2002, Kevin signed a TVB management contract. His true career peak in Hong Kong occurred last year after the release of Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>, which helped win Kevin win Best Actor Awards in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and mainland China.  In addition, the broadcast of mainland drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> sparked Kevin’s immense popularity in China, increasing his filming fee to $250,ooo Yuan per episode in China!

Absent from Music Industry for 6 Years

Since releasing music album, Reluctantly <無可奈何> in 2006 , Kevin has been absent from the music scene for 6 years. Last year, numerous record companies fought to sign the triple-award winning Best Actor. Accompanied by Virginia Lok (樂易玲), Kevin was photographed meeting with EEG executive, NgYu (吳雨) in December 2011. It was also rumored that Neway Star, which has a music contract with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), was also interested in signing Kevin. After 3 months of consideration, Kevin decided to sign with entertainment empire, EEG. It was understood that EEG will help Kevin release a music album this year, while plans for Kevin’s concert and film projects will also occur.

EEG Artists Support Kevin Cheng

A press conference was held yesterday to officially announce Kevin joining EEG. The conference also featured the attendance of EEG artists Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Joey Yung (容祖兒), Twins, William Chan (陳偉霆), Leo Ku, and Raymond Lam to welcome Kevin joining EEG.

Nicholas often did not paid attention to EEG’s management [of other artists’ issues] and thus was unaware of Kevin’s joining the company earlier. Without any music album releases in recent years, Nicholas announced that he will be releasing Mandarin and Cantonese albums, as well a concert series. Nicholas also revealed that he will pay for the airplane tickets to treat his company colleagues on a vacation to Malaysia, but he will not take his two sons on the same trip.

Twins noted that Kevin was once a Polygram singer, thus he was in fact their senior in the music industry. Regarding Raymond Lam and Kevin Cheng’s importance for EEG, Twins noted that both were equally important and that the music awards will be left for them to compete.

Raymond Lam Welcomes Kevin Cheng to the EEG Empire

EEG already possessed two first-line male singers in Leo Ku and Raymond Lam. With the addition of Kevin Cheng to the EEG line-up, the rumors that Kevin will fight for the “Number 1 Brother” position will likely occur. To prevent this, Raymond Lam outwardly expressed his support in Kevin joining EEG. At the time, Raymond stated, “If Kevin were interested in joining EEG, I would strongly recommend it! Both of us have taken music lessons from Dai Si Chung and we can be considered to be si hing dai (師兄弟)!” In fact, Raymond has given Kevin a lot of views on the contract matter.

Kevin had collaborated with Leo Ku on the film, Super Fans <甜心粉絲王> and the pair possessed a good relationship. Moreover, Kevin, Leo, and Raymond possessed different images, which can accommodate different levels of fans. The trio can conquer the world together under EEG!

Asked whether Raymond was concerned that “one mountain cannot contain two tigers” (一山不能藏二虎), whereby Kevin will pose as a competitor in fighting for music awards at year-end, Raymond noted that he has not considered the matter and will deal with it one year later.


Excerpt from Apple Daily  and

Jayne: I have mixed feelings about Kevin joining EEG. No doubt with their marketing strength and strong presence in the film industry, this may increase Kevin’s film and music success commercially. Kevin will likely be able to buy that luxury house he has been planning to buy! He will have sold out tickets and commercial film blockbusters! But EEG’s quality in music production is still questionable.

Are you happy with Kevin’s decision to sign with EEG?

The above was based on preliminary news abstracts regarding EEG’s press conference. Should additional details of interest emerge later this evening, I will update with the new information.

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  1. More artists more competition. People welcome “outside” but “inside” who know.

    Whether Kevin is good enough to film movies is questionable. Artists might be okay when doing series but they might not when doing movie (like Raymond Law, Micheal Tse).

    Music is probably easier to get acceptance.

    1. Kevin appeared in a movie called Super Fan, ft. Charlene Choi and Leo Koo in 2007. If you ask me, I don’t think he was successful in this movie.

  2. I would actually love to see Kevin in a movie (again). But I rather see him act than sing, as I do not like his genre of music. So signing with EEG shouldn’t be a problem 😛

    1. This is slightly off topic, but speaking about the marketing strength of EEG, I’m still quite amazed at how popular Twins still are. They have so many loyal fans, and to those who are still fans – why? I have nothing against Twins, but I really question their talent. They can’t sing very well nor act very well, even after being so active in the industry for so many years. Also, they have incredibly lazy accents, but at least Charlene’s pretty good at enunciation while singing. Gillian still has this problem… it has been like, what, 10 years?

      1. Twins’ popularity is actually not as strong as it used to be. But since EEG can still make some money from Twins then they continued to milk it as much as possible. But judging by album sales, Charlene’s solo album sold better than Twins’ album. She has a more promising career than both Twins and Gillian now and her songs are charting in all 4 stations. Gillian is struggling as a solo artist though, her album sold less than Mag + majority of her peers at EEG and she couldn’t even win an award at TVB [given the relationship EEG & TVB has, it is rather shocking]! EEG is milking Twins using Charlene’s success to help Gillian regain hers. Without Twins, Gillian will not be appearing on stage to perform much as not many are interested in her music. The question of Twins’ talent has always been in questioned and I think talent is not the only aspect that makes an artists popular. It also has a lot to do with appeal, personality, looks, marketing, and debut (Twins debut during SARs (HK lowest point) and EEG was smart enough to market Twins as happy and fun girls and their cuteness were able to brighten up the low spirit of HK which marked their success in the industry). Twins were the perfect package and soon other music company tries to follow the same packaging but failed ex. 2R, Cookies, etc.

      2. They can’t sing well, especially Gillian, but they are quite good performer (Ah Sa is better than Gillian) and their songs are quite nice. Guess tat the audiences buy/bought their images and their songs, tat’s enough for market.

      3. And I like the fact that Twins seems to be the only group tat can exist tat long in HK recently. HK dun have much band/group and most are solo singers. 2R, Cookies, etc. can’t stand as long as Twins.

      4. the 2R only got the looks not singing talent, that’s y they can’t survive that long. Some of those songs sang by Twins r really good but better singer is only Charlene, Gillian was never a good a singer.

        As for cookies, I only know Theresa and the other girl who’s dating Alex Fong..the rest, I can’t remember any at all.. the group were too big until too hard to remember plus their performances were no way close to “good”.

      5. I’ve heard a radio interview of Mani Fok some years ago and she explained why Twins were popular. The HK music industry didn’t have groups like Twins back then and also the atmosphere around that time was pretty down. Twins brought a freshness and positive vibe to the scene with their girl next door image.

        For me, Twins are popular because of their songs. Many of their songs have good tunes and I love some of them myself.

        @ Veejay

        Another Cookie member who does quite well is Kary Ng. Between Theresa, Stephy and Kary, Kary is the most acknowledged as a singer with ability. Of the 3, I think she’s the most focus on making music.

      6. Cookies had Kary Ng(main voice, not pretty but only her can sing), Stephy (not bad on studio but offkey frequently, prittiest) and Theressa (no comment on her singing). Kary is the only one who take singing seriously

      7. I also like their songs, too. Lol, their songs have a special feel, Twins’s.

      8. Cookies: Stephy mostly acting, Kary singing, Theresa? Dating with Him him and got beating? LOL

      9. Just listen to Stephy Tang sang one of my favourite songs 明日恩典. Wow, off tune so much. Even Fala singing the same song was better.

      10. Stephy’s acting is capable enough for her genre of films, and she has the looks. It’s strange, but I’m fine with Stephy, Angelababy, Janice Man and Chrissie..

        I prefer to avoid mentioning Stephy’s singing….

      11. @ Masaharu

        It’s not just you. I’m fine with them as actress too especially Angelababy who I find is a good actress.

      12. If Stephy dun sing offtune, it will be a very big surprised!

      13. Angelababy in my POV has good potentials as an actress..Her next film project will a romantic 3 in 1 romance movie..where she be costarring the young male lead of Apple in My Eyes in one of the storylines..hehe

    2. Isn’t / wasn’t Kary in some rock band called Ping Pung or something? Agree with Fox, she’s the only Cookie who takes singing seriously, even though looks-wise she was at the biggest disadvantage.

      1. I think it is an advantage to her. Without good look, she can focus on singing :).

    3. Besides being an instant hit with Startling Step by Step, he also has a part in The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake.

      I hope he gets a good script to launch a fantastic blast off. Partnering Nic could be a start.

  3. The seating chart was forward on Weibo during the annual dinner and the 4 most valuable artists in EEG are Nicholas, Joey, Leo, and Charlene who are all sitting in the main table so I don’t think the media will need to pin Raymond and Kevin against each other for the #1 brother position because Nicholas looks secure in that position, and Leo is right behind. EEG has the resource and strength to help Kevin to finally achieve his dream of making music and holding concert so I think he made a good choice to sign with them. 😀

    1. EEG is indeed the perfect company for Kevin because they are used to pushing through and getting mediocre singers popular.

      I’ve come to respect Kevin as an actor, but this singing stuff… *eyeroll*

    2. Nic Tse dun sing anymore. He only does movie, so he won’t affect the singing career of KC, Leo and LF in EEG.

      1. Nic will be releasing a cantonese and a mandarin album later this year. He’s been composing songs again.

      2. He is so changeful. Last time he said he quitted singing after the album with the song Tonight. Now album again?

      3. Is it me or Nic’s acting in movies a bit OTT after he won Best Actor? in Viral Factor. Or is it because Jay Chou don’t even try to act LOL

  4. EEG will be able to push Kevin to one of HK most popular current singers and have multiple countries concert. EEG has the power and resources to do that.

    1. A matter to solve: How many discs can Kevin sell in the first album with EEG. If he can’t reach to Gold, maybe his singing career will fade again like with Gold Label. So the first album is very important to him.

  5. I wonder if KC will do a movie with Ah Sa for the first movie under EEG or not. Lol, it’s like a tendency that all new men signed with EEG will film a movie with Ah Sa :P.

  6. Personally, I enjoy Kevin’s singing and I do think he does so pretty well. I realize that to compete with the other more experienced singers would be an ever difficult uphill climb for him but what, no pain, no gain. Surely EEG would not have signed him up if they had found no singing talent in him? Anyway, I admire his guts and perseverence to want to achieve his long time dream and may it come true for him.

    1. I’m with you on that point. Not only because I’m a Kevin fan and think all the theme songs he sang for his TVB series are really good. Why do I say that? Because I’m a ‘music person’ (i.e. I play the piano and been singing since the age of 6). One song in particular stands out for me (although I like all of them) and that’s in Life Art. His voice has matured alot through the years and I look forward to his first album with EEG (perhaps he could include some of his tvb theme songs).

      BTW he also has a supporting role in

  7. I think Kevin made the right choice to pick EEG. They are really good at promoting their artists. Since many people think that Kevin is stronger in acting than singing, maybe EEG can give Kevin a boost in his singing career. Kevin will also have many opportunity in films.

  8. I doubt anyone will be buying Kevin’s album because of how well he sings. How many fans actually think he can sing well? I mean he can sing ok, relaxed, but not something I will rave about. His fans will buy them all up because he’s popular, so doesn’t matter if his music production quality is good.

  9. I prefer Neways, but, I admit that EEG is better at artist promotion and more successful in selling albums and making an singer popular. Besides making music, EEG can also cast Kevin in their movies which will increase his popularity.

  10. Agreed.EEG promotion will do wonders to Kevin’s singing career and movie career. EEG can make their star popular like Twins and William Chan

  11. Kevin made the right choice as EEG is a good promoter and has good relations with TVB.

    Whether Kevin is going to sing any decent songs is still questionable, but the marketing power of EEG will push it to the good on him

    1. Agreed. It’s good choice. EEG promotional power and movie connection is strong. Kevin got a good career direction now.

      1. After this we might see LF and Kevin conquer movie blockbusters and album sales together

      2. The movie invites the cast not based on their music company except it is also their management company.

      3. Yes, that should be the way. Since LF , KC, Nic Tse are under the disciples of Dai see chung, they should have co-operate with each other to ditch Leo Ku out of EEG .!HiiiiHi

      4. Few famous tai see chung student include andy lau, faye wong, leon lai , nic tse, aaron kwok,daniel chan and raymond lam

  12. I am not happy with him going back to singing. Period. He should concentrate in one rather than being mediocre in both. And he is no entertainer. Imagine his concert.

    1. I heard his singing is not that good..but why?? why must he goes back to his old way?? singing? Money is the factor?

      1. Veejay,

        B/c he really loves to sing. Can’t blame him for giving it another try.

      2. @josie,

        Classic answer but he can’t sing!! I mean his voice isn’t that good lol..

      3. He always has the plan of becoming a singer. He started with it and come back to music industry several time. Sadly, his albums have never sold well. i wonder this time he will sucesses or not

      4. I think Kevin can sing. He just need to make himself more interesting as an entertainer. I think his role in Superfan perfectly show his situation.

      5. Well, these days with auto tune most can sing. Without autotune, I don’t think he is a competent singer. He is a competent karaoke singer but singer, no.

      6. Funn,

        Give our honey a chance. Kevin admits he is a “block of wood” performer but he will try hard. Maybe he will surprise u.

      7. His singing isn’t really a matter but his performing skill is boring, same to the songs. So if KC wanna work out as a singer, he will have to show off more.

      1. don’t know….maybe i’m just old school….I feel like steven sings well. Kevin not so much. but I guess if given the opportunity..why not give it another try.

      2. I also think that Steven sings well and is a better singer than Kevin.

      3. Steven is at disadvantage than Kevin now and not a music label favourite because

        -less popular
        -less fans
        -less good looking
        -less youthful looking
        -style isn’t quite contemporary.

        Singing nowadays isn’t just about who sings better.

      4. agree about why Kevin is getting another chance, but really… a days I don’t even know why some singers are popular. Looks…okay, I some are really ugly and still get to contracts. They are ugly and they can’t sing.

    1. I think EEG will market him to mainland and give him mainland movies because he’s very popular there. Lots of love for the 8th prince.

      1. all three can reap success together because Leo, KC, LF different style. Noone harrmed in the process

    2. To be honest he is more LC is more senior than KC…. But I have a feeling he will not do well in album sales but he will have a chance to perform in HK colliseum

  13. I read that Adason Lo (I believe he won the singing contest of ATV) also joined EEG. I wonder whether he will go on TVB music shows.

    Do you think he will sign a contract with TVB? If he don’t sign a contract, I doubt he will go on TVB music shows, despite the relationship between EEG and TVB.

  14. I’ve heard Kevin’s singing – it’s the same as his acting. Textbook technique, but otherwise bland, not unique, with no emotional connection. I couldn’t believe it when I first found out he started his career as a singer.

  15. He may fail, however, at least he should have the chance to fail. Just wait until his album/movie released to see.

    Personal opinion, Keven’s acting is not good enough to film movies. I do not think he will be successful in big screen.

    Being a singer is quite easy nowadays, there are lot of singers who do not know how to sing but still do well. As long as, they have good look and act cute, they will be able to have a large number of fans. In Kevin’s case, whether he sings well or not, he has many fans.

    1. For yr info, he already had a small part in the movie The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake**

      He reason he didn’t do well before in his singing contract was due to conflict/lack of support and misunderstanding. When one is a newcomer, it’s always easy to get ‘screwed’.

      You’re right about too many wannabe singers out there (even some of those performing at HKG Coliseum are not that wonderful), they still sing flat notes and go off-key). I know a few but will not name them.

  16. It is said in the news tat his fee for a 5 year contract with EEG is 3 million.

  17. EEG is my fave music company, but now that Kevin is signed into it… He’s totally ruining the company (twins is too). Lucky he signed into EEG cause it is the best entertainment company out of the rest. I can’t beleive EEG will get Kevin to do a concert this year. =(( I doubt it will be good except for the part where Raymond will sing as a guest and other seniors.

  18. in today’s news was reported that Eeg CEO Ng Yue promised Kevin a tailor made song that will be famous worldwide.

    1. Ng Yue also will ask Albert Yeung to quickly make a movie for Kevin to star in.

    2. 620 ‘s speech at the event was about asking Eeg and Ng yue to care for Kevin nicely.

      1. Wah, it’s good that ray already left by then. He would’ve felt so “heart sour” hearing that.

        Kevin must feel very loved right now, like when the new concubine is favored by the emperor.

    3. Ahhh how nice is it when you’re promoted.. everything is tailor made for you 🙂

      1. @Veejay

        He’s an award holder so makes sense for TVB to promote him and milk him while he’s still handsome and popular

      2. Veejay at least he got a gift of sports jersey from the CEO himself to prepare for his concert. Read link I put below.

        how many of us will get personalized gift right from the CEO LOL

    1. If i’m 620’s husband, I’ll def get suspicious with kevin.. since 620 helped him so much..

      1. KC is like a first love f/ high school. LF is the second love f/ college that u eventually marry. But of course, u never forget your first love.
        Is it wrong to love them both?

      2. 620 is greedy, she wants ALL just because they’re younger than her 😉

      3. “You think 620 love LF more or KC more?”

        Good question.

        I shall say she loves KC more. Because she is willing to let him go and venture beyond. She is willing to take the risk with him. And a woman who is willing to take such risks clearly is in love with that person. As for LF, he is money making machine, so that she can earn enough to take risks with her one true love.

        Pass me the tissue please. I think I am gonna cry.

      4. Funn,

        Make sense, I also feel that the way 620 likes Kevin is different as compare her liking to LF. Kevin is more like admiration like while LF is just some son-mom-or money machine like…

      5. But u must admit ms. Lok forgot about her KC love for a while when she found newer love LF. She even let KC play w/ CS (whom she is also fond of) and didn’t mind. But now she rekindled her love for KC and neglected LF. He must feel so used.

      6. @Funn

        ROFL you make the triangle between 620, LF and KC like real thing! Go apply for TVB scriptwriter now LOL

      7. I think 620 loves both Kevin and Raymond equally too. Just right now a little bit more Kevin.

      8. Funn, you can really become a scripwriter.

        Anyway, I wonder do they(the celebrities) read what we write here? Because sometimes what we write actually sounds harsh and insulting but at the same time sounds logic and reasonable.

    2. Mag Lam is a young girl. So, it is reasonable for Virginia Lok to ask Ng Yue to take care of her. Kevin is already in his 40s. She still need to ask Ng Yue to take good care of him?

      Makes my hair stand up.

    3. The way 620 said about KC is freaking scary. It sounds very odd and more than a win-win relationship. So I agree tat KC is like 620’s little lover.

  19. I want to watch the 1996 movie ‘Boys?’ (假男假女) that Kevin acted in with Edmond Leung, Michael Tong, Raymond Cho, Power Chan and Fenny Yuen. I found a mandarin version online many years ago, but, I want to watch the Cantonese version.

    1. @Kidd

      my link has been deleted, however it’s easy to find online if you haven’t found it yet.

      1. @ exoidus

        It’s ok. I manage to bookmark the link before it was deleted. Thanks.

        @ Conan

        You mean in the movie? Haha. I already know this. I’ve read the synopsis.

  20. Shouldn’t Adason Lo be KC’s direct “rival” because Adason signs at the same day with KC and he is a good singer?

  21. EEG is bleh. But then again I am no longer a real listener to Chinese music. But EEG is a good company as in probably commercially but quality music I don’t think so. But then again if he doesn’t give them enough money they’ll probably drop him anyway.

  22. You know, Funn, you are funny and I do agree with your rationale re the relationship between Miss Lok or 620 ( as most of you like to call her)and Kevin and Raymond. I have always had this sneaky feeling that she ‘loves’ Kevin and will always do, like Nicky Chow loving Kevin. Somebody once teased her about it but she brushed it aside by saying she was too old for him. Whatever, I think she favours Kevin morethan any of the others.

    Regarding Kevin’s getting into EEG, I feel he is no foolhardy person just to plunge blindly into something where there is risk incurred. He may fail but then he will know for certain that that is really not for him, that is, a singing career. I’m repeating myself but I do admire his guts and confidence.

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