Kevin Cheng Wants Baby to Look Like Grace Chan

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Kevin Cheng Wants Baby to Look Like Grace Chan

After getting married in an intimate wedding last month, newlyweds Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) attended their first event together as a married couple. Kevin was extremely attentive to his young wife, ensuring to keep her away from the rainy weather. When Grace was asked whether her husband is worth 100 points, she said, “For sure. I want to give him more than full marks!”

Previously, Kevin had proclaimed he would give all his money to his wife. When teased about whether he stayed true to his words, Kevin said, “She doesn’t know what ‘manage the household’ means. It means that I give her all my money! My wife is very frugal. I am at ease about letting her handle the finances. She is very careful with her calculations. No complaints here!”

Grace revealed that she cooked for Kevin for the first time a few days ago. “I made Chinese steamed eggs, but it started bubbling. I was so disappointed. He ate all of it anyway.” Kevin pointed out that Grace hardly ever cooks. He joked, “If I didn’t encourage her, then I wouldn’t get to eat in the future! It’s good to learn from one’s mistakes. She’s smart, so she’ll definitely make it better next time!”

Kevin’s good friend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), previously shared that Kevin hopes to have a baby girl. Kevin clarified, “I like both boys and girls. If I have a baby boy in the future and he heard that I said I prefer a girl, he would be unhappy. I have to be fair. But I do want the bab(ies) to look like their mother.” Grace teased, “It’s good to look like him too!”

However, the couple is leaving things up to fate, saying, “We’ll have a baby when we have a baby.”


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Kevin Cheng Wants Baby to Look Like Grace Chan

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    1. tiffany says:

      She hardly cooks? Girl is always sharing her dishes via Instagram lol

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      They are cute together. It’s nice to see a couple so happy in love.

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      You mean skinny, short and bollywood looks?

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        @funnlim why look like her? I hope kids look like kevin, especially if the baby is a boy.

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