Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah’s Sweet Outtakes in “A Business Proposal”

Although tvN’s A Business Proposal completed its run last week, its afterglow still remains. Playing a supporting couple, Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah, had sizzling chemistry on and off screen.

Kim Min Kyu’s agency recently released outtakes from the drama, which feature many sweet moments between him and Seol In Ah.

The first outtake was during the scene where Seol In Ah’s father asks for her to break up with Kim Min Kyu. She said, “It must be because I’ve saved the country 12 times in my past life, that there is such a good person by my side now.” Kim Min Kyu burst out laughing due to the line and replied, “Is it because I am a sinner?  I always encounter someone that I want to get close to.” Seol In Ah seemed to laugh softly, but disguised it with a cough. Kim Min Kyu appeared embarrassed and told her not to cough.

In the scene where Kim Min Kyu revealed his bank book showing his savings of 1.7 billion Korean won, Seol In Ah jumped onto the sofa to kiss him. However, the outtakes show Seol In Ah did not stop with one kiss and the pair interacted just like a pair of young lovers!

In another scene where Seol In Ah’s father called to tell her to break up with Kim Min Kyu, she handed the phone over to him looking sad and frustrated. However, the somber mood only lasted until the director yelled cut. The pair looked at each other and shared a knowing laugh. Seol In Ah leaned into Kim Min Gyu’s side and he caressed her cheek with a slight smile. Afterward, they started playing the “chopsticks game” which seemed to be a private game between the two.

In the interview, they also disclosed future plans for their characters. Kim Min Kyu joked that he planned on becoming unemployed and living off Seol In Ah, who said she had no extra energy for children so they will enjoy life as a couple.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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