Kitty Zhang Marries Boyfriend of 70 Days

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Kitty Zhang Marries Boyfriend of 70 Days

Chinese actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi (张雨绮) has confirmed her marriage with her boyfriend, whom she dated for 70 days.

On October 26, Kitty’s agency posted up a statement on Weibo, confirming the 30-year-old’s new marriage. The statement read, “[We] never planned on telling the world about [Kitty’s] life plans, but since everything’s already been ‘leaked’, we will confirm it now: Princess Belle Zhang Yuqi has found her Beast Prince. Two single people fell in love within ten days of meeting and got married on their 70th day. This was a perfect encounter. [We] believe that those who love will receive destiny’s protection and care. Thank you everyone for the blessings. Only wish to hold hands together, and walk down a peaceful road.”

Kitty has not released any information about her husband, but it’s been rumored that he is a banking tycoon from Shanghai, known by the surname Yuan.

This is Kitty’s second marriage. The “Sing girl”, who shot to fame after starring in Stephen Chow’s (周星馳) 2008 film CJ7 <長江七號>, married director Wang Quan’an (王全安) in 2011. Wang, who is 20 years older, was detained on charges of paying for sex by Beijing police in 2014. Kitty filed for divorce later that year.

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    1. bubbletea says:

      Maybe the next headline will be “Kitty Zhang divorcing husband after being married for seventy days”. I hope she knows what she is doing. Congrats I guess……..

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    2. cuckoo says:

      She made surprise a few times already 😀 . I think getting married 2 times is much better than having boyfriends 2 times and going to bed with that two times, which showed the men are serious with the woman, not only playing with her. Congrats!

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