Koni Lui is Two Months Pregnant?

TVB artist, 30-year-old Koni Lui (呂慧儀), may be two months pregnant, according to reports by Hong Kong tabloid magazine, Sudden Weekly.

Koni was the second runner-up at the 2006 Miss Hong Kong pageant. With long legs and an attractive figure, Koni was one of the first generation of “goddesses” produced by TVB. In December 2011, Koni married her boyfriend, former Mr. Hong Kong participant, 34-year-old Dickson Wong (黃文迪). A few months later, the couple traveled to Bangkok, Thailand for their honeymoon.

Tabloids indicated that Koni and Dickson “worked hard” during their four-day, three-night stay in Bangkok, and revealed that Koni is now two months pregnant. Koni recently appeared at a public function looking noticeably fuller, and her bust size also increased.

In a recent phone interview, Koni denied the reports and said, “We were just vacationing in Bangkok. We just got married! We want to having time for the two of us first.”

However, Koni and Dickson have already dated for ten years before marriage. Is ten years not long enough for Koni to enjoy her time together with Dickson?

Sudden Weekly reported that Koni sounded very discreet throughout the interview, and it is highly possible that Koni is denying her pregnancy due to the taboo of announcing her pregnancy prior to the “three month rule.” In Chinese culture, it is taboo to announce one’s pregnancy in the first three months of conception, in fear of a miscarriage.

Only time will tell!

Source: Sudden Weekly via ihktv.com

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      1. @Jayne,

        R u trying to imply that Dickson is hotter than koni and koni should be afraid of losing him if she didnt get preggy fast? haha

      2. Veejay,
        Dickson is indeed hot and if Koni went on vacation with him, I understand how the couple may have acted like newlyweds. Just saying maybe she couldn’t keep her hands off him.

      3. Why dun think that Dickson planned the pregnancy to keep Koni?

      4. Why dun think that Dic-kson planned the pregnancy to keep Koni?

    1. So the guy in the picture above with Konnie is Dickson? OK, he just looks average, nothing so HOT about him, LOL!
      I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder then.

    1. I also don’t think Dickson is that great looking but there is way more to a person than looks.

  1. I think he’s quite hot for your average guy on the street!

  2. He’s not my cup of tea.. I like Koni though so I wish her happiness! If she is pregnant, I hope she will have safe delivery!

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