Lai Lok Yi Brings Baby Home from Hospital

On April 10, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) and his wife Nicole Lee (李潔瑩) welcomed the arrival of their baby boy. Although they have not chosen a name yet, the couple nicknamed their son, “Little Spring Chicken”. After a four-day stay in the hospital, mother and baby were both discharged on April 14. The family of three greeted reporters outside the hospital.

Despite his smaller frame, Little Spring Chicken has very handsome features and a head full of hair. Lok Yi joked, “The nurse said that my son had so much hair, they had to style it. They can tell with one look that he is my son. Actually, I think that no matter what angle you look at him, he resembles my wife more. Hopefully when he grows up, he’ll look more like his mother. A male with feminine features is more handsome.”

The 36-year-old first-time father humorously recalled his first experience with changing diapers, which resulted in Little Spring Chicken urinating on him. Lok Yi said, “I didn’t think it would happen so fast. Not even two seconds later, the ‘water hose’ sprayed towards me. I didn’t think a baby would have the energy to spray so high. I may not even be able to! It doesn’t matter that he wet me, but he wet himself on the face and started crying. My wife taught me that the next time I change his diapers, I should use a cloth to cover it. When we took the elevator just now, I even told my son “Give me some face. When you see reporters later, don’t cry. Don’t make your Dad look like such an amateur.”


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  1. Since they haven’t name their baby When they fill out the baby information form don’t they asked for the baby name? So they put little spring chicken on the form as a name? That would be a funny name if that’s the case. By the way he’s adorable.

  2. Baby is soooo adorable!!! Does look like he has a lot of hair poking out from his hat. My son looks like me so I guess he will be a handsome boy too. ehahhahahahha JK. ^_^

    1. @happybi can I asked you since you’re a mom? So if you can’t think of a name for your baby yet if the form asked for the baby name you can leave it as a blank space? You don’t have to answer it if you don’t feel like it I’m just being curious that’s all. Since they haven’t named their son yet.

      1. @cutie777 I have my baby names picked out way before I even got pregnant! ehheheh but my SIL in HK didn’t have her names picked out after birth. I think she said she had up to 2 weeks to decide what to name the baby. No idea what they put on the paper. Maybe undecided? Or the last name of the parent and then baby as I now when you first give birth the baby is just call “last name of parent + baby” at the end.

  3. Lai Lok Yi’s family is beautiful! Hope he continues to share photos of his handsome baby boy as he grows!

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