Lai Lok Yi Buys Million-Dollar Love Nest to Marry Nicole Lee

Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) has been busily saving up for his wedding with Nicole Lee (李潔瑩) at the end of the year. The couple will hold a destination wedding overseas, followed by a banquet in Hong Kong. Lok Yi recently purchased a $9 million HKD independent house, which is still undergoing construction, to be used as the couple’s love nest after marriage.

Nicole Does Not Mind Living Simply

Lok Yi and Nicole met two years ago, when she had briefly entertained a career at TVB. She joined the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant and although she was not placed, she impressed the audience with her shapely figure. She later decided to return to managing her family beauty business, which includes 18 beauty and skincare clinics. The Lee family’s fortune is estimated to be valued at $500 million HKD. 

Despite growing up in a wealthy family, Nicole does not mind living simply. She and Lok Yi currently live together in Sai Kung and often eat at local cafes. After marriage, Lok Yi hopes to give Nicole a more spacious home that they can call their own without using the Lees’ money.

In early May, Lok Yi was photographed visiting the site of his new house, which is situated on a hilltop in Yuen Long facing the sea. The house is three stories high and has an 800-square feet garden in the back. Due to the serene surroundings, the house is considered to be a luxurious property in the Yuen Long area and may have long-term appreciation value. The location is 15 minutes away from the border of Shenzhen, but an one-hour drive from the metropolitan area of Hong Kong.

Nicole told a friend that the couple plans to use the residence as a second home. During long weekends or time off from work, Lok Yi and Nicole can enjoy their spacious home and its ideal quiet surroundings.

Lok Yi Works Hard to Pull Together Savings

Since dating Nicole, Lok Yi has been under pressure due their financial disparity. Fortunately, his career turned around after starring in TVB’s long-running sitcom, Come Home Love <愛.回家>. The starring role led to advertising offers and stage show opportunities in Mainland China. Last year, Lok Yi pooled together his savings and opened a car repair shop with his two brothers. Along with his estimated $80,000 HKD  monthly salary from TVB and shows, Lok Yi earns a six-figure sum from his car repair shop.

After he gets off work from filming for TVB, Lok Yi would often drive to his car repair shop to take on his second job. Lok Yi was spotted working alongside the mechanics to help fix clients’ cars. The rest of his spare time is spent driving Nicole on shopping errands. With little time to spare in a day, Lok Yi works hard to earn extra money to pay for his upcoming wedding.


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  1. It’s refreshing and positive to hear Lai Lok Yi’s story and how he works hard. It seems he truly love the girl, he should give Edwin Siu some tips and lessons.

  2. ^indeed. sounds like Lai Lok Yi put more effort in to keep his relationship.

  3. The article makes it sound as if he moonlights as a mechanic when he co owns the car repair shop. So you can say he manages the shop in his free time.

  4. Wow, the resemblance to Queenie Chu/Alex can be seen here. Hope the best for Chris Lai. He is seriously the best contender for Most Improved actor this year, or at the very least, Best Supporting…

    I’m just speculating, but perhaps one of the reasons why he wants the AJ pair to break up is because of his gf? Pure speculation here. Let’s see how TVB messes up CHL this year!

  5. Lai Lok Yi’s girlfriend, Nicole Lee, is very pretty and reminds me of Bernice Liu with her smile.

    Looking forward to their beautiful wedding!

    1. I also think she’s very beautiful in the pic above!

    2. I think she’s pretty too, I just don’t get why she wasn’t part of the top 5 during when she competed in Miss Hong Kong 2007 when Kayi Cheung won. The results of that year was just off and surprising in my opinion.

    3. Yah, Nicole’s smile does looks like Bernice Liu…

  6. hi there

    1. good on lok.
    2. keep it up, bro.

  7. I always find him looks like the late Danny Chan.

  8. This sounds like life imitating art. In the drama Every Move you make, he had a rich g/f too.

  9. If only Tavia isn’t that ambitious!!!
    Although I find Tavia and HimHim cute, I somehow wish Tavia with LokYi instead!
    He seems to be a more “FAMILY MAN” material than HimHim.
    But maybe Tavia as many successful ladies outhere doesn’t really look into “marriage”

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