Lai Lok Yi’s Son is Impossibly Cute!

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Lai Lok Yi’s Son is Impossibly Cute!

TVB actor Lai Lok Yi’s (黎諾懿) has gotten more attention for his personal life than he ever had for his career as an actor. Since his marriage with businesswoman Nicole Lee (李潔瑩) in 2014, the couple welcomed the birth of their son this April. Lok Yi’s image as a hands-on father has definitely gotten nods of approval from fans. He often gushes about his cute son, whom the couple affectionately nicknamed “Little Spring Chicken”.

Little Spring Chicken is almost four months old and looks more and more like his father every day. With well-defined features and a head full of hair that stands up like Einstein, Little Spring Chicken is the apple of his parents’ eye.

Recently, Nicole posted a video where she would ask her son whether he knows where daddy went. At the sound of the word “daddy”, Little Spring Chicken immediately opened his eyes and smiled. No wonder Lok Yi is so smitten with his son! Lok Yi left a message in response, “Little Spring Chicken, do you miss daddy?”


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Lai Lok Yi’s Son is Impossibly Cute!

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    1. coralie says:

      OMG the baby is an exact replica of his daddy! Total mini me and super duper cute. Gosh I can eat his chubby cheeks all day

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    2. bearbear says:

      Like the hair 🙂

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