Lai Lok Yi Praised for Being a Good Husband

Though he has a busy schedule as an artiste, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) is known as a model husband and would prioritize his family over work.  As Lai Lok Yi’s son is growing up fast, the family would travel together to see the world and gain new experiences.

Lai Lok Yi’s five-year marriage with his wife, ex-TVB artiste Nicole Lee (李潔瑩), is envied by many. Nicole is the daughter of businessman Lee Chi Keung (李志強). The Lees own skincare clinics throughout Hong Kong, with the family fortune valued at $500 million HKD.

The couple has a two-year old-son, whom Lai Lok Yi confesses is hard to keep up. He said, “Travelling with my son is very tiring. He wakes up early and has so much energy. I have to watch over him all the time. I have to take a break in the middle of the day, but with every trip, I see my son growing. Right now when we are on the airplane, my son learned to sit quietly.”

Last year, the family traveled to Japan, Taiwan and Thailand, and Lai Lok Yi took advantage of the opportunity to teach his son experiences that goe beyond reading books. Speaking of their experiences, Lai Lok Yi shares that they were able to learn about the rural lifestyle in Japan and was able to interact with various animals. Regardless of how tired he was from travelling, Lai Lok Yi believes it was worth it.

Looking ahead, Lai Lok Yi reveals that he wants to grow his family in the Year of the Rat and wants to have a daughter as soon as possible. Always thinking about his family, Lai Lok Yi expresses his desire for his son to have a sibling for a companion.

Source: East Week

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