“Law Ba” Meets “Laughing Gor” In Crossover Movie; Kevin Cheng And Michael Tse Reprise Signature Roles

At yesterday’s Filmart 2012 expo, Shaw Brothers announced plans to film seven movies this year. One of the film projects that captured the greatest media interest was Fiery Double Heroes <怒火雙雄>, which will be a crossover movie featuring Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) “Law Ba” and Michael Tse’s (謝天華) “Laughing Gor” characters from popular TVB dramas. Few details of the movie were available at this point, except that Shaw Brothers planned to start filming in August 2012.

Last June, the plan to feature Kevin Cheng as “Law Ba” in a film spinoff of TV drama, Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>, was first announced. However, Shaw Brothers postponed the project as the company focused filming resources on two year-end films, Michael Tse’s Turning Point 2 <潛罪犯> and Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) I Love Hong Kong 2012 <我愛HK喜上加囍>. Noting that there was a movie market demand for its popular TVB characters, Shaw Brothers decided to add the ever popular “Laughing Gor” to Fiery Double Heroes, which will likely center around “Law Ba’s” character.

The female lead for Fiery Double Heroes has not been decided yet. Details for the movie project remained scarce, where Shaw Brothers noted that further information will be disclosed at a later date. It was unclear whether Michael Tse’s “Laughing Gor” will appear as an undercover police officer in the crossover film. The timing of the filming of the movie may coincide with Kevin’s return to Hong Kong to record his new EEG music album this summer.

Fiery Double Heroes marked the second time that Kevin and Michael will be working together, after the pair recently completed mainland drama, Hero <英雄>. Despite their recent drama together, Michael professed that he did not see Kevin often on set, due to many of their scenes being filmed separately.

Yesterday, Shaw Brothers also announced that Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, and King Kong (金剛) will appear in a new film entitled Animal Interpol  <神獸刑警>. Other Shaw Brothers films for this year also include Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) I Love Hong Kong 2013, Lawrence Cheng (鄭丹瑞) and Barbara Wong’s (黃真真) Society for the Study of Ambiguous Relationships <曖昧不明關係研究學會>.

Due to the favorable box office of its recent titles, Shaw Brothers stated that it will continue to produce movies catered to the Hong Kong film market. The company will not focus on the greater mainland China market due to cultural differences among audience’s preferences and other barriers to entry. Turning Point 2 was released in mainland China with a re-edited movie ending three months after its Hong Kong release. The release in China was delayed since the movie was not submitted to the governmental review panel in time.

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Jayne: If TVB can make it work, crossover projects featuring their signature characters would be very fun. Crossovers are a dream come true for fans. I wonder if Myolie or Fala will be in this new movie?

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  1. Michael Tse is very lucky. He will film the 3rd movie produced by TVB. I think he is the only artiste who is so lucky to film 3 movies. Raymond Lam only filmed two movies so far, as I remember, as he is considered as the “valuable” for TVB.

    1. He filmed movies outside Txb and I guess it can be considered as better for his career. Up to now, he filmed 2 Shaw Brothers aka Txb movies and 3 out of Txb, soon will have 2 more. It’s good.

  2. Indeed, the idea of crossover is very interesting. I hope TVB can make it work! I would like to see a crossover in TVB series, too.

    1. Uhm, I don’t recall of any crossover in Txb before :D.

      1. In “white flame” (nursing movie w/ charmaine and sammul), Maggie siu reprised her Dr. Man role f/ HH.

  3. Im actually looking forward tout! Who cares if there still milking in the Laughing Gor name. It’s fun to watch a crossover unless they mess it up.

  4. Im actually looking forward to it! Who cares if there still milking in the Laughing Gor name. It’s fun to watch a crossover unless they mess it up.

  5. Lawrence Cheng (鄭丹瑞) and Barbara Wong’s (黃真真) Society for the Study of Ambiguous Relationships .

    Ah Egg and Barbara again in a Shaw production. Last time Perfect Wedding’s box office is quite ok, guess that’s why Shaw invited them again.

  6. A truly exciting time for Kevin, now a film to boot.Pardon my ignorance but this is the first time I’ve heard mentioned a “crossover” film. What does it really men and imply? Anyway, the media seems terribly keen and it does seem a brilliant idea. Good for TVB and the actors. I’d vote for Myolie as the female lead.

    1. A ‘crossover’ over movie is when characters from 2 or more different movie/series appear in said movie.

      That’s my understanding of the term. I might be wrong.

      In one episode of The Practice, some Ally McBeal characters appear in the episode. That’s called a crossover.

  7. soo looking forward to it even tho i’m not a fan of laughing gor

  8. the last Laughing Gor movie didn’t do too well at the box office, why is tvb even wasting money on this character? lol

    1. its like michael tse has nothing but laughing gor to fill his rice bowl. he doesn’t know how to do anything else or good at anything or act in any other character besides laughing gor laughing gor…..

      he seems to come back alive everytime. and law ba… welll i think that’s more suited as a small television series not for a movie at the cinemas…. that’s just sad. law ba is just a lawyer…..not like his gonna go out there and hold a gun. they will just film most of the movie in the small courtroom that we see in every tvb law series… oh dearie meeeee… so what Ghetto Justice II will air at the end of the year and they will air this crossover right after? just like what they did with Lives of Omission VS Turning Point 2 last year? Geez…. don’t waste ur time. even downloading it will waste my hdd space.

      1. I don’t think so :D. Micheal Tse can act other character but Laughing Gor is his legend and if the company decided to milk it to last drop, why he dun agree? Last time LOO is still successful.

  9. Is this mean Laughing Gor return from death again after the 2nd movie ,do this mean Law Ba defend Laughing in the movies ?
    What about a crossover with kenneth ma doctor Yat Kin and Ruco Chan lawyer from other truth ,maybe the movie Yat Kin treat Laughing in the hospital while Ruco as a prosecutor lawyer against laughing gor .

  10. I’m really really tired of Laughing Gor.
    Anyway hope Bosco & Myolie will be casted.

    1. “Michael So/Bai Co” already died on the film/drama…

  11. “It was unclear whether Michael Tse’s “Laughing Gor” will appear as an undercover police officer in the crossover film.”

    Hope Laughing won’t be undercover again. It will be ridiculous that he goes undercover so many times. Which gangster/criminal will still be stupid enough to believe him?

    “The company will not focus on the greater mainland China market due to cultural differences among audience’s preferences and other barriers to entry’

    Thank God. HK flavoured movies have become scarcer and scarcer these days due to many HK movie producers/investors want to cater to the bigger China market. If Shaw Brothers continue producing HK flavoured movies, I’ll continue to support it.

    1. They should’ve filmed the crossover movie last yr when both characters could’ve met in prison.

      I didn’t watch the 2nd Laughing movie so what happened to him at the end?

      Anyway, maybe the gangsters in sum sui po won’t recognize Laughing b/c he’s f/ out of the area. 😀
      If Laughing is not undercover, then maybe Law Ba can be his mole. They could be childhood friends or school mates that meet again.

    2. Yeah. I can see it from the “I Love HK” franchises. All three films are very “HK”.

      Turning Point 2: Potential Criminals not only released 3 months late in mainland, but the online version got spread out before the mainland release too…huh..

  12. I think this would be interesting but it goes two ways. It can be really disappointing or really amazing. I am tired of laughing gor and law ba but if this does come to play, I may watch it unless it is something stupid again. Seriously, I want new female leads with new faces. How many falas can there be in this world???

    1. Annie Liu could be a fresh face. She does kinda look like fala and obviously, she matches law ba’s taste too.

      I guess they might air GJ2 early so that the movie picks up where the series left off. I wonder if law ba will be a paralegal to myolie or some other hot lawyer girl.

  13. i think someone said that it will not be laughing

  14. Errr Jayne, didn’t Fala die? Or this is like rewind to earlier events? I think even Laughing Gor will be so confused over the time travel.

  15. Look at the titles of seven movies, I can say that they will get very bad reviews.

  16. Why not Laughing Gor meets Chan Ho Nam from young and dangerous?
    Why not make Laughing fight with Chan Ho nam in fight of the gangster history?and both are undercover as well
    This can united Michael with Ekin ,why not?

  17. I honestly like Laughing a lot more than Law Ba, but this franchise needs to end. Now.

    1. Yup. Because of too many Laughing and too many time of die-survive-die-survive, it is getting annoying.

  18. BTW, I wonder who will be in this movie? Last time Micheal’s name is kinda overshadowed by some bigger names and wonder if it’ll happen this time again or Txb will just let KC and Micheal together and share the leads?

  19. I heard that Mag Lam will film this movie. I hope the newsis ture.

    1. Mag? As much as I like her, she isn’t a potential actress.

  20. This is like weird fanfic coming to the big screen!

    So really, the movie is:

    Ghetto Justice II A, Turning Point 3 aka Laughing Gor 5 aka Lives of Omision III aka On the First Beat 7 ???

    How does Laughing get more sequels than the God of Gamblers series? The triads are truly idiots if he can go undercover AGAIN.

    1. I rmb tat God of Gambles have 9 movies, isn’t it?

      But the number you pointed out is so true.

  21. Thanks , Kidd, for enlightening me on the word “crossover”. Now I wonder who the main lead is, Kevin or Michael?

    1. Michael more popular in movies industry compare to kevin,kevin are more popular as TV actor ,i think Michael is the main lead since movies more focus on action, gangster and cop compare to lawyer .

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