Lee Jae Wook Wants to Work in Hong Kong

Becoming an overnight sensation after Netflix’s Alchemy of Souls, Korean actor Lee Jae Wook successfully broke into the international market. Recently appearing at a fan meeting in Hong Kong, Lee Jae Wook praised the city for being a fashion and food capital and voiced his interest in filming Hong Kong movies.

Despite his popularity, Lee Jae Wook humbly thanked his fans for their support, “I mention this in every fan meeting– liking [an artiste] is something that’s very difficult, and I’m super thankful for that. I also want to let fans know that I’m extremely happy.”

In preparation for his Hong Kong fan meet, Lee Jae Wook spent quite a bit of time choosing his outfits and packing. When asked to share a little secret with fans, the actor laughed, “The night before coming to Hong Kong, I had instant noodles on the plane and became super bloated in the face. I had to sweat it out using the sauna.”

What’s Next for Lee Jae Wook?

Only 24 years old, Lee Jae Wook plans to finish his mandatory military service before settling down. When asked what he looks for in a partner, he admitted to preferring women who are optimistic, cheerful, and radiating positive energy.

Although Korean films are highly regarded by international audiences, Lee Jae Wook hopes to learn more by appearing in multicultural works and wants to partake in a Hong Kong production. Asked if he has any limits regarding filming daring scenes, Lee Jae Wook replied, “I don’t have a limit. As an actor, I’m capable of self-managing. If I have to take off my clothes for a movie, I have no problem with that.”

Wanting to ensure that he keeps his fit physique for upcoming events, Lee Jae Wook had to control his eating on a recent trip to Thailand. Becoming good friends with the cast of Alchemy of Souls, Lee Jae Wook gave his extra food to costar Shin Seung Ho, who  subsequently gained five pounds in weight. When asked about his relationship with his costars, Lee Jae Wook explained that he has gotten closer with them. Even if there were dissatisfaction with them initially, the frustration was quickly overlooked due to the lengthy filming time.

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