Leehom Wang Reveals 27-Year-Old Girlfriend

Thirty-seven-year-old Leehom Wang (王力宏) recently announced that he is in a relationship with a 27-year-old graduate student, finally quelling rumors that he was involved with classical pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪).

In the morning of November 27, Leehom posted a photo of him and his girlfriend, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), on his Sina Weibo and Facebook accounts. “The past few years your comments here have often been about ‘hope you find your Forever Love,’” he wrote. “I’m lucky to have met a girl to hold hands with and share my future.”

Since Jinglei, who is currently a graduate student at Columbia University, is not in the entertainment industry, Leehom decided to introduce her in this way so as to avoid unnecessary rumors. He added that his parents “love her” and hopes that his fans will too.

A few days prior to his announcement, Leehom uploaded a photo of his parents at the Bird Nest in Beijing, with the comment that they embodied the idea of “holding your hand, growing old together.” Many fans speculated that he was in a relationship or had secretly gotten married, which may have led to Leehom’s decision to go public.

Other fans also noticed that Jinglei had accompanied Leehom on a trip to Oxford in April, though at the time, netizens had assumed she was one of his staff members. Leehom also made a trip to New York in October, which is likely when they snapped the photo featured in his announcement.

During this time last year, the media was abuzz with rumors that Leehom and Li Yundi were in a homosexual relationship, since they were spending more time with each other and even celebrated Thanksgiving together. Although Leehom denied the rumors, netizens still entertained the possibility.

However, Yundi seems to have found love as well. On the same day as Leehom’s announcement, Yundi uploaded two photos of his alleged girlfriend, a 25-year-old Columbia graduate named Tian Fei (田霏), whom he met last year. Whether this is the truth or simply his twisted method of congratulating Leehom remains to be seen.

Sources: Hunantv.com; Hunantv.com; Weibo.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Even Leehom and Li Yundi’s tastes in women are the same! They prefer women from Columbia University!

    I’m surprised by Leehom’s announcement since he’s been quiet about his dating life for years. Does going high profile mean that he has found “the one” and ready to get married?

    1. Thank goodness the guy is straight and likes women…….what a waste of decent guy if he really was gay.

      1. Leslie Cheung was gay but he was a decent guy.
        There’s no guarantee that straight guys are all decent.

      2. @msxie I don’t think Yuaida meant if a guy is gay, he’s not decent. More like, if I decent guy is gay, it’s a loss for women.

      3. The original comment wasn’t quite succinct. Thanks for clarifying.

  2. very strange.coincidence they showed both of their girlfriends on same day.Coincidence or coverup.

    1. Yeah, what a coincidence that so other many stars have been announcing their engagements or betrothals since last week. They all must be so gay.

  3. Some netizen commented that same sex marriage is legal in New York (where Columbia University is located), so these 2 fellas are trying to cover up their real relationship status … hahahaha!

    1. hahhaha nice! 😛 well jackie chan said he observe and confirm that “leehom is straight”

  4. Well, I hope this news is true! I am inclined to believe that both men like well-educated women, but a woman can be well-educated and an intellectual without having an advanced degree. Gosh, I need to broaden my age range – there is a 10 year difference between Leehom and his gf – lol. They look compatible with one another.

  5. Seems like a package plan. Shy do I have this feeling this us just a front to a much simpler explanation? He either experimented or he is gay. I feel a lack of affection sexually in the above picture. Like he is hugging his sister.

    1. Maybe Leehom should publish a picture of them tongue-kissing and having sex to placate persistant doubters.

      1. Way too obvious. A simpler picture of her feeding him in an intimate setting would be better.

      2. @msxie – lolllll
        Jaynestars really have wonderful posters who can provide daily dose of humour 😛

  6. Ai yo, Li yundi and that girl was spoted by paparazzi many times but he has never admit the relationship . The gay rumor with Leehom was blowed up in the same period last year , the time for Li Yundi sale this tour’ tickets . Just right after Leehom announce his girl friend and receive very possitive response Li Yundi just try to copy Leehom to create a hype . Such a low person !

    1. Hey Chen, ever occurred to you that this was all planned by Hom and Yundi. This falling out of theirs was a publicity stunt to keep away the gay rumour?. Now this girlfriend and marriage thing is all a ploy. These women will b very well looked after.

  7. If 2012 is the year of breakups, 2013 is the year of love announcements.

  8. i think they look very compatible, wish the best for them. their baby would be gorgeous

  9. Oh, so he has found a gullible woman to be his beard. Just like what Andy Lau did.

  10. She looks older than Leehom anyway if is true only words to wish them happiness. Leehom such a talented man if he is straight person. ..oh…gosh. ..he is my perfect superstar.

  11. Such a coincidence that they both decided to announce on the same day how they are both dating Columbia graduates..?

  12. Could still be bisexual :P. Or she’s his beard lol.

    Both announcing gf’s at the same time, from the same school does seem kind of strange….

  13. When I saw his announcement on his FB yesterday, the first thot tat came to mind was sceptical. I mean, it is jus too good to be true..too easy, like a cover-up or something.. But then again, I can be wrong..and I hope I am coz I hv been a big fan of lee hom for a long time.. To me, it doesn’t matter if he is straight or gay, as long as he makes good music..after all, it is his personal preference ( but living in a closet can be suffocating as u can’t b up your true self:-))

  14. @Funn Lim

    I thought I was the only one who thought the picture looked very awkward and stiff. Although it is a still photo, it lacks any physical or sexual chemistry. I agree at @Funn Lim it is like hugging a sister or a friend. Even the smiles seem forced. definitely no romantic sparks.

    Even if LH marries this woman, it will be a cover up marriage.

    Does anyone find it very, very strange that LH and Yundi announce their girlfriends on the same day, from the same university, with such similar taste, it is almost like it is the same woman. It reeks of a fishy cover up. Lee Hom, unless this woman is gullible enough to date you, knowing where your preference truly lies, do not waste her time or manipulate the fans’ trust. The rational, living-in-the-real-world people know you are gay.

  15. Sounds like the two guys are having a lovers’ spat and using these poor girls to spite each other.

    1. They’re hardly poor girls = paid handsomely probably.

      Whatever it takes for them (Lee Hom, Yundi) to cope.

      Though IF they’re both using their ‘agreement/contract’ gfs as fronts = it’s so darn stoooopid (and childish) the way they’re both outing gfs fr Columbia University at the same time … can’t they be more creative about it?!?

      Gay men and lesbians DO get married sometimes … conveniently works out for each other and their families.
      Singapore had a famous couple back then.

      1. well, as long as the girls are willing parties to be part of the charade and are in it with eyes open, it’s their choice.

  16. Nothing wrong with being gay but WLH seems to be very uncomfortable with the rumors… I think the whole idea of forcing him to out himself is really gross. Why can’t people leave him alone?

  17. It’s reported in the news that Leehom Wang registered to get married on Nov. 27, 2013 (Eastern Time) with Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), the same day of his parents’ anniversary.

  18. i’m wondering why some people are so confirm that he is a gay, does anybody ever being sucked by him or seeing him do that with their own eyes???
    its all just speculating and the fact that he is so handsome plus famous

    1. if i remember correctly Ricky Martin got married once? or at least involved with a woman for many years. and look what happen.
      anyway, poor Leehom, must be torturing living a double life (must be a pain to hold a woman’s hand and pretend like a happy couple in front of families and friends and fans). nothing wrong being gay these days, just come out of the closet already. though i wonder if his fans are really going to stop listening to his music and supporting him if the truth come out though. that would be very silly in my opinion.

      1. if he really is, then its really a torture for him. being gay is not wrong, but unfortunately he is an artist and public figure.

        i just listened to the radio, its said that they both have been known each other for 12 years. and the most romantic thing beside choosing his parents anniverssary as their wedding day is WLH actually gathered “i love you” in 30+ different languages for proposing. he gathered them each time he goes for concerts around the world

  19. At first sight, I thought she was A-mei until i read article…

  20. It is a pity that he has to live in the closet and fake a marriage.

    1. Whether it’s a fake or real marriage, it’s Leehom’s life. Who are we to judge?

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