Leehom Wang Shows Off Cantonese Slang at Hong Kong Coliseum

From September 14 to 16, Leehom Wang (王力宏) performed at the Hong Kong Coliseum for the Hong Kong leg of his Music-Man II world concert tour. In the final night, Leehom invited Hong Kong singer, Candy Lo (盧巧音), whom he has not collaborated with in 10 years, and sang their popular duet, the Cantonese and Mandarin-mixed Kindly Break Up <好心分手>.

Leehom’s concert started off with the singer coming to stage in a life-size tank, performing his latest single, Open Fire <火力全開>. He also showed off his music talent by doing music medleys on the piano, guitar, violin, and the erhu. Although Leehom admitted in the past that he was embarrassed with his dancing, he spent extra hours to perfect his dancing sequences for the concert. His intimate dancing with the female dancers excited the audiences, even causing some fangirls to almost faint!

Leehom Scared of Cantonese

Leehom first performed in the Hong Kong Coliseum ten years ago for his Unbelievable world tour. He remembered the details of the tour very well, “That night was one of the most nerve-wracking days of my life! I remember I got a bloody nose after the concert was over – I was too nervous!”

Having filmed several Hong Kong films in the past, Leehom was proficient in the Cantonese language. However, Leehom admitted that his Cantonese has gotten worse over the years since moving his career back to Taiwan. After conversing with the audience briefly in Cantonese, Leehom sighed and exclaimed, “Can I please talk with you guys in Mandarin instead? I’m afraid that I will accidentally leak out profanity! Having heavily-accented Cantonese is very dangerous!”

When Candy Lo was invited to the stage, Leehom showed off more of his Cantonese, and said he wanted to “hit her wheel” (Cantonese slang for “french kiss”), throwing Candy into fits of laughter.

Relive Leehom and Candy’s Classic, “Kindly Break Up”

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Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Candy Lo’s “Kindly Break Up” is a beautifully heart wrenching song. One of my favorites at karaoke!

    1. Candy’s solo version sounds better than the duet.
      I really like her song “garbage” too.

  2. “Can I please talk with you guys in Mandarin instead? I’m afraid that I will accidentally leak out profanity! Having heavily-accented Cantonese is very dangerous!”

    Aww. I personally find it amusing when I hear middle aged women or 師奶’s swearing/shouting in Cantonese at the supermarket. It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it when I listen to other languages.

    I don’t follow Leehom’s career, but didn’t he only speak English at first and not much Mandarin?

    1. Yeah. He didn’t really learn Mandarin until after going to Taiwan. He’s pretty much a linguistic genius. Very jealous.

      1. He also speaks French and Japanese aside from English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. I don’t speak Japanese or French so I don’t know how fluent he is in those languages, but I’ve seen videos of him holding conversations in those languages, so he must be pretty impressive with them.

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