Leila Tong is a Happy and Healthy Mom

A former child actress, Leila Tong (唐寧) was known for her childlike looks, and often looked younger than her age. Appearing evermore fresh and youthful, it is surprising to see that Leila is actually the mother of a two-year-old boy, Chun Chun! The housewife aura is nowhere to be felt around Leila, and the 31-year-old is continuing to look fresh and young!

Days ago, Leila arrived at an outdoor studio to shoot an episode of i-Cable’s food program, Fabulous Cooking Ladies <食德好‧最佳女煮角>. Although a mother, Leila did poorly while preparing a dish for the hosts to eat; nonetheless, the judges commended Leila’s efforts. She humbly admitted, “[My dishes] do not taste as good as my mother’s. I’ll be satisfied if I can do half as well as her.”

Leila revealed that her husband, theater actor and director Desmond Tang (鄧偉傑), often cooked for the family. She laughed, “He has high demands. I don’t think my cooking will ever meet his standards, so he prefers to cook himself. He is exceptional in cooking western cuisine.”

An advocate for animal welfare and environment conservation, Leila recently became a vegetarian, “I love animals, yet I ate meat. I found the whole thing very hypocritical, so I decided to abstain from eating meat from now on.”

Leila revealed that she will not avoid the kitchen forever and plans to cook a banana desert meal for her son’s second birthday soon. Despite her busy schedule, Leila explained that she will always reserve time for her son. “It is never a good idea to stay separated with your children for too long.”

The former TVB artist is currently working for rival station HKTV, and she has already completed two dramas –Marvel Century <驚異世紀> and Police Boundaries <警界線> – for the upcoming network. She is currently re-shooting the pilot episode for Flow of the Years <歲月樓情>, co-starring Felix Wong (黃日華), Ha Yu (夏雨),Paw Hee Ching (鮑起靜), and Emily Kwan (關寶慧).

Leila Tong son 6  Leila Tong son 4  Leila Tong son 2

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I hope that they get their license soon!
    I am going to miss Ha Yu with tvb.

  2. She looks more like the kid’s sister than his mum! It’s quite hard to believe she’s in her early 30’s because she still looks like a teenager.

  3. She’s 31 already?? I love her and miss seeing her on tv. Now that I know she is so like me, all the more I like her.

  4. Gosh I miss Leila Tong so much! She was my favourite back when she was still in TVB. If only TVB had promoted her, she would have stayed. She’s so talented!

  5. What a cute baby boy. He looks exactly like his mom! They’re both so gorgeous:)

  6. She looks really really REALLY young for her age. I wonder what’s her secret?? I know she loves to eat fruits, and I know fruits have antioxidant that mops up free radical lol. But nah, it’s probably genetic….Btw, she could be mistaken for a teenage mom on the street…haha

    1. A big part of it is genetics and she has a baby face so will of course look younger than her age.

  7. Awww…. They both look cute! I watched a lot of her movie while she still with TVB! Wow she still look the same. Wonder what her secret! Maybe go vegan and happy life????

  8. I like leila tong she is pretty and a good actress

    1. Yup, very sweet 🙂 happy to see her happy.

  9. I miss seeing her on TV!

    Good she’s doing well. She’s glowing.

  10. Her son looks like a guy version of her. So cute!

  11. Holy crap ! She looks like she’s in the early 20s at most.

  12. Give me some of ur young genetics. So jelly!!!

    Where can you watch I-cable online??

  13. Leila is still cute despite her age has reached 30. Remembered her acting as one of Damian Lau children back to 1992, TVB hits “The Greed of Man” 🙂

  14. I have no idea what u guys are smoking….she’s a freaking 31! she’s not like 51! she might look like 26 but it’s not like other are not like that…i’m 30 but i still look like i’m 22 ^^.

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