Li Bingbing Reveals Shocking Breakup With Boyfriend of 4 Years

The relentless rumor mill took an irreparable toll on their relationship.

One of the few Chinese actresses who has made a name for herself in Hollywood, Li Bingbing (李冰冰) last appeared in 2018’s The Meg <極悍巨鯊>, which had garnered US$530 million worldwide. Since then, she has rarely attended any public activities nor appeared onscreen, deliberately keeping a low profile but speculations over her love life continued. Turning 48 recently, Bingbing is newly single after ending her four-year romance with finance professional Xu Wennan (許文楠), who is 16 years her junior.

Relentless Rumor Mill

Their May-December romance and the couple’s unequal financial status led to a barrage of verbal attacks from netizens on Wennan, ever since Bingbing readily admitted the romance on social media in 2017 after the press spotted the two behaving intimately on a private beach in Sanya, China.

Despite Bingbing keeping a low-profile and fiercely defending Wennan, the relationship could not take the pressure of continued rumors and baseless allegations. Even Wennan’s positive traits became fodder for gossip.

In January last year, the actress was spotted with a ring on her index finger, evoking marriage rumors. Her lack of response only caused the rumor mill to go into overdrive, later evoking unfounded talk of Wennan coercing Bingbing to pay his debts from failed investments, about him owing tens of millions of dollars, and even about how the couple was being blackmailed with their intimate bedroom photos. The actress responded to the baseless talk with legal action.

Praises Her Ex

Bingbing realized how “rumors could break even the toughest person” and that “love should not be about one party giving.” The couple chose to end the relationship after long deliberation, so both parties could be “more at ease,” and described their current relationship as closer than family with blood ties.

After breaking up, Bingbing was nevertheless full of praise for Wennan, describing him as “especially positive and kind” and that he had “reshaped her ideas about love.”

Before this, Bingbing only had fleeting rumors with Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Taiwanese star Ken Chu (朱孝天). With her new single status, many netizens encourage her to try dating long-time friend, 46 year-old Quan Ren (任泉).


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Li Bingbing Confirms Dating Younger Man

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  1. A 16 years difference when the woman is the elder is not a relationship………It is a cougar jumping into bed with a boytoy……They only portray it as a relationship, so that the general public won’t call her a cougar, feasting on ‘young meat’………So, it was bound to end once the feasting appetite wears off.

    1. I think in a relationship where there is a significant age gap 15+ years, such as in Li Bingbing’s case, she may be trying to chase back some lost youth and just have some fun. In the last decade, she was busy building her career in Hollywood.

    2. @yuaida you should say the same about old men feasting on young meat, and there are more of these types everywhere in the world

    3. @yuaida well everyone is different there’s these 2 couples in Hollywood with a big age gap and the woman are being older too and they’re still together for a long time. Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra Lee Furness she’s 65 and he’s 52. Another couple is Samantha Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Johnson she’s 54 and he’s 30. There is also Nick Jonas and his wife who’s about 10 or 11 years older than him. I’m shocked about the Johnson one but hey anything can happened as long they’re happy that’s all matter.

      1. @cutie777 Yes, I think that Johnson one I remember reading it back then comments say he is like a male gold-digger. haha cuz let’s face it was pretty gross to think that he is barely legal when she casted him on her film and had children close to his age. At least all the ones we are seeing are really adults.

      2. @wm2017 I know the Johnson one reminds me of the movie Grown up the guy Rob Scnieder? I think that’s his name he married an older woman they met when he’s just a kid something like that. I forgot to mention kris Jenner she also dated an younger guy who’s her kids age crazy I know but like I said as long they get along and be happy.

  2. Unless the younger guy is also financially strong, otherwise it would be a challenge to sustain such age gap relationship.

  3. Idk what’s the big deal, this so-called pressure. If men have been doing this for centuries and the women behind them accepted the reputation as gold-diggers, then I don’t know why LBB and her ex can’t do it. As long as they both know the kind of person each other is, then time will bear witness to their dedication to each other. If a little pressure by media is gonna cause them to break up, they’re not strong enough.

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