Li Chen Accuses Ex-Girlfriend Viann Zhang of Infidelity

After actor Li Chen (李晨) and actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) officially announced their relationship last week, rumors have arisen regarding their hidden history together. Some rumors hinted that Fan Bingbing stole Li Chen away when he was still dating actress Viann Zhang (張馨予). In response, Li Chen posted a long statement on his Sina Weibo to clarify the rumors and protect his new girlfriend.

Initially, Viann responded to the news of Li Chen and Fan Bingbing’s relationship by wishing them well and sending her blessings through a Weibo post. However, a close friend of Viann later posted a message on Weibo, insinuating that Bingbing had come between the happy couple and caused their separation.

Today, one of Li Chen’s good friends retaliated on Weibo, revealing that the reason Li Chen broke up with Viann was because she cheated on him with a “Mr. Huo,” whose identity is widely suspected of being actor Wallace Huo (霍建華).

Li Chen Speaks Up to Protect Fan Bingbing

Later that evening, Li Chen finally lost patience and uploaded a long statement online, in which he clearly stated that Viann had been unfaithful to him when they were together. “Little Fan and I are certain that when we began dating, we were both single,” he wrote, referring to Bingbing with an affectionate nickname. “We didn’t want to go public because we wanted to protect our relationship’s development. Now, we are willing to go public because we want to live a normal life.

“What I must make clear,” he went on, “is that the moment I knew that Miss Zhang had cheated on me, our relationship was over.”

Li Chen also stated that although he knows his words can now be used against him, he felt he had to speak up in order to protect Fan Bingbing. “If I don’t say anything, I can only watch Little Fan be slandered and harmed for no reason…. Although she has great inner strength, I am still not willing to allow my past to harm her.”

Regarding Viann, Li Chen said that he wanted to break off all relations with his ex-girlfriend: “You have your methods, and I have my life. After today, no matter what Miss Zhang does, we will not respond anymore. I hope that you have a good life and that we will not come across one another in this lifetime again.”

Viann Zhang Calls Li Chen “Heartless”

Not long after Li Chen’s post on Weibo, Viann wrote a message on her own Weibo in the early hours of the morning. “Fate began, and fate was extinguished,” she expressed. “Always so heartless, and now it’s all over!”

Viann’s good friend also posted a defense on her behalf, sharing that Li Chen had taken a photo with Bingbing during a family gathering in October, even though in the same month, he had also stayed over at Viann’s house after getting drunk one evening. Moreover, in November, he had asked Viann to help him order 30,000 RMB worth of Chinese mitten crab to send to an industry friend.

“Does this mean you are treating Viann as a fallback girl?” demanded the friend. “You found a new lover, and now you want to send your old lover to her death!” However, the friend did not deny that Viann had two-timed Li Chen during their relationship.


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  1. Kinda knew wallace would be dragged into this. I cant remember if he responded to this rumour in the past. Usually he doesnt except those stories abt prostitute where fir the first time reading a chinese star suing and winning a defamation suit, anyway if there was any relationship it was purely sexual. Because if it involves love and hearts viann would have written long post abt secret love etc. it could mean three things; he managed to achieve the cleanest breakup with the chinese equivalent of taylor swift. That is impossible. Or it was purely sexual but viann looks like someone who invests feelings and emotions and to have clean break up with someone only wants to be physical is also impossible. Or they are still underground but she is someone who loves to talk and talk to love so staying underground is not her style. Finally there is another mr huo. I believe wallace is seeing someone and he seems very happy but being someone so low profile dating viann is not an option. But she does fit into the type of girls he likes. In conclusion, did lichen really said a mr huo? Or we assume he said? Poor wallace though. Seems to be dragged into every rumour in china, some particularly vicious and attack to his character. He’s no saint but i expect he has better taste.

  2. LOL, didn’t Viann also cheated on Ron when they were dating?

    & the post she posted on weibo about him being heartless, wow just shut up.

    1. @spearmintx3 nope, Viann stated that Ron was the one who cheated her with Miss X.. It leaded to the unilateral breakup from her side. She got out with Li Chen after breaking up with Ron about 17 days.

      Ron has admitted that he knew Miss. X. The paps found out that he really cheated Viann.

  3. It’s no longer relevant whether or not his ex cheated. Wonder why is this news even published in the first place.

    1. @patrick Because Viann accused PBB to be the third party to her relationship with Li Chen first. Li Chen revealed that she cheated him in retaliation to stop her bashes to PBB. Li Chen’s friend revealed that Viann cheated Li Chen with Mr. Huo(supposed to be Wallace Huo who has rumour to book a hotel for one night stand with Viann).

  4. in my opinion i don’t think Lichen is such a great guy to begin with. he came between ron and viann’s relationship knowing what kind of person viann is. He probably just wanted to get in viann’s pants thats why he was willing to be her rebound. He always tries to present himself to the media as this great guy meanwhile in reality he is also a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s a good thing to defend fbb but its another to completely throw viann under the bus. Remember how infatuated he was when he first dated viann?viann and ron are no angels but lichen is really something. I’m not really a fan of fbb but i kinda feel bad for her because she’s innocent and if her and lichen ever breakup who knows what kind of mean things he will say about her. He seems like a kiss and tell kind of guy.

  5. I believe it’s not Wallace Huo, because if it’s Wallace Huo, they already said it’s him. WH is a sole actor, not backed by big management company as Li Chen, so his name is usually used/ dragged into for any purpose, because he’s lack of power of defence.
    Li Chen is 37 years old, so his good friend is not teenaged. 2013, the rumor of Viann and Mr. Huo one night stand appeared and all over the news, net, etc. WH was suspected the one. So all of Li Chen’s friends and himself were aware of this problem they caused to WH, they haven’t cleared it up. And this year, his good friend issues again Mr, Huo, so this time he does this with his purpose. I do believe his good friend is a male friend and not too young, so I wish to see him acting as matured man, not a mean person, that doesn’t dare to face the truth, doesn’t dare to tell the correct name, always have to imply Mr. Huo, just tell the full name of Mr. Huo. And usually the good friends have some common characteristics, this gives me the feeling that Li Chen is not good, which is contrast with the beginning feeling that he is a good guy, a so much in love person. So just tell the full name of Mr. Huo, I will join you to criticize Viann and Mr. Huo, don’t care if it’s WH I still criticize him

    1. @cuckoo LOL, it is really none of our business which Mr. Huo he is talking about. He has a reason to just call him by Mr. Huo so just let it be.

      1. @spearmintx3 LOL, I thought Viann and Mr. Huo one night is none of his business, he still can criticize them publicly, so what he said is none of my business, I still can speak about it, especially I see he is a mean person

      2. @cuckoo LMAOOO, he never said they had one night stand. he just said that Viann cheated on him with Mr. Huo. He never used “one night stand” in his statement

        How is he a mean person when he is just saying that she cheated on him? If he is a mean person he could have stated who is Mr. Huo and what they have done that is consider “cheating”

      3. @spearmintx3 LOL, whatever he said, just know that it’s not his business, he still said. One night is the past news, don’t know if you read already or not? I already say why he is mean person so no need to repeat. He bad mouth Viann and Mr Huo, but don’t dare to name who is Mr. Huo, because there’s no such person or he’s scared he will be sued. Why don’t he just say everything in clear way, why hiding while making noise, if he can say badly about people, why I cannot make remarks about him?

      4. @cuckoo He might be wrong for not saying out the full name of Mr. Huo but I dont think he is badmouthing Viann and Mr. Huo as they really had relationship behind the back of Li Chen.

        The past news didnt say Viann has one night stand with Mr. Huo (supposed to be Wallace Huo). It said that Viann attracted and went to hotel with Wallace Huo for one night when she was still with Li Chen.

        There is chance that Mr. Huo is not existed (I think it is low because even the friend of Viann who said Li Chen is a cheater kept silent when reporters asked her if Viann cheated with Mr. Huo). There is chance that he doesnt dare to name because he might be sued. I think Mr. Huo is existed but Li Chen has no evidence to prove that Mr. Huo and Viann cheated so he just said the surname out to scare that Mr. Huo (like saying that he knew it and he can say it out anytime if that Mr. Huo is dare to say anything bad about him).

        Btw, in my opinion, both sides have secrets that they dont want audience to know. Therefore they only make a battle on weibo and give out the hints.

      5. @alluka can you explain the difference of “one night stand” and “that Viann attracted and went to hotel with Wallace Huo for one night when she was still with Li Chen” then “LC friend said that Viann cheated on him with Mr. Huo”.
        I thought it’s same meaning, just a short term to describe such a long description, or you mean WH in one night hotel story is not Mr. Huo that LC friend talked about. I think LC friend repeats the news, not a new Mr. Huo

      6. @cuckoo I don’t think it will make a difference to you if it was one night stand or not because your logic is putting the effect. The way you speak is so certain as to you are them. Seriously there are times when the article didn’t give much news but you seem to know exactly what happened in their lives. The way you argue with people is “because I say so” he is mean so he is mean. Why ask for explanation when you are firm with yourself!

      7. @cuckoo Ok, let’s see:

        – One night stand: have one night together and next day, they become stranger

        – Viann attracted and went to hotel with Wallace Huo for one night when she was still with Li Chen: Viann seduced WH and they are caught to go to hotel in one night. How many nights they spent with each other is unknown.

        – LC friend said that Viann cheated on him with Mr. Huo: Viann cheated to go with Mr. Huo during her time being gf of Li Chen.

        I think Mr. Huo is existed but not 100% confirmed that Mr. Huo is Wallace Huo.

      8. @alluka ok, I understand, the news means it’s more serious than just one night stand.

        I read several news from various sources, so I will try to summarize according to time order, if you have sources of news, you can share so that we can analyse more:
        – 9/09/2013: Viann posted on her weibo to confirm about seperation with LC
        – 10/09/2013: news broken that Viann and LC seperated since August/2013. WH and Viann were in same hotel in Hangzhou in one night, not mentioned in the same room, no picture although is called “caughted”. When reporters asked Viann if she leave LC for WH, she shook her head
        Another news: Viann answered “Don’t drag non-related people into”
        -11/09/2013: the source of rumor was found: one person claimed that he is a contracted singer made a post on weibo. The post stated that Viann is seeing Wallace while Li Chen (Viann’s boyfriend) is the USA. They have been dating for 2 months and have been very closed. They met up several times in Hangzhou. Subsequently he deleted this post.

        The weibo account of this person is strange. He has over 10,000 fans but the majority of them (for the first 30 pages) are inactive accounts. He made only 6 posts so far.

        I don’t know the beginning date this contracted singer posted from his 6 posts. It seems the news was written according to his words, not from the reporters’ investigation because the news cannot show any picture. Besides that, he knew very well for 2 months but didn’t have any photo

        – After the rumor with WH, the news said the reason Viann ditched Li Chen because she can’t forget Ron Ng

        -23/11/2013 Yu Zheng revealed that Viann Zhang and Brother Stone (LC) have reconciled
        -xx/10/2014: LC still come to Viann house, Viann friends says on first days of xx/06/2015
        -xx/01/2015: Viann send congratulations to FBB and him, LC says on first days of xx/06/2015
        – 02/06/2015 LC good friends revealing that the reason Li Chen broke up with Viann was because she cheated on him with a “Mr. Huo,”
        On the other news, LC good friend says when Viann cheated on LC with Mr. Huo, LC was in USA to buy house for Viann

        Do you see the contracted singer and the good friend said the same thing: WH & Mr. Huo, cheat, in USA

        Why don’t reporters clarify who is Mr. Huo from the good friend of LC, he’s the source of his words? Go to clarify from Viann’s friend is just not fair, undermine people.

      9. @alluka I mean the reporters go to ask Viann’s friend if Viann cheated LC with Mr. Huo is just not fair, what the answer the reporters expected. The people who accuse others must be the one to prove his accusation is right, not the culprit to prove they’re guilty

      10. @cuckoo very detailed timeline :). I really like the way you gather the information.

        My theory: Li Chen knew that Viann cheated him to go to hotel with Mr. Huo but he held no evident to prove. Therefore he only used friend/Weiboer to add oil to fire with the hope that Viann would feel scared. Viann didnt know that Li Chen has evidence or not, so she stopped and said nothing in three years. During that period, Li Chen and Viann had on off relationship until Li Chen got out with PBB. Mr. Huo didnt want the relationship with Viann go out on the light so he cut all the lines with Viann and left her. This is why there was nothing else between them during 3 years. Losing Mr. Huo, Viann ofcourse wanted to get back to Li Chen. It explained her drama queen behavior when Li Chen goes with PBB. As for Li Chen, Viann is called a copy of PBB so it is certainly better to go with the genuine version. Viann got mad and she used her drama queen behavior just like when she broke up with Ron Ng. Li Chen once again used the old card of Mr. Huo to scare her, but as it is 3 years ago, Viann and Mr. Huo knew Li Chen cant do anything so Viann didnt keep silent anymore.

      11. @cuckoo Oh, my Sherlock, the link is quite clear. It enhanced my theory. I believe that Li Chen didnt hold any evidence so all he can do is that message.

        Do you think that Mr. Huo is WH? You stated earlier that you dont think so because Li Chen didnt state the name out. But now when he stated the name directly, do it change your opinion?

        Btw, if that Mr. Huo is WH, I think his taste is so wide. From Joe Chen to Ruby Lin (rumour) to Viann, such a huge difference.

      12. @alluka this also supports my feeling, my feeling since beginning still does not change so far, just from beginning I didn’t intend to go deeply into this, maybe personal attack does help me to spend time on this, and you make a theory makes me laughing, I will imitate you to make my theory :))) , not complete yet, hope I can find more info since I forget where I read.
        JC took advantage him; although he still had feelings for her when co-operated in Swordsman and after that, but she took advantage so much that his nerves couldn’t stand more, she made lots of noise while their feelings still not deep enough, their relationship not up to level of boyfriend- girlfriend, she just thinks of her career, they never get back together. JC seems changed, when she was young she was romantic, but now only career and practical, that’s my feelings. Ruby Lin is too strong for Wallace, he cannot handle her, or she needs a higher level. Viann on the way of my theory :)))

      13. @cuckoo If I remember right, WH and JC dated 10 years ago in the start of their career. In Swordsman they reunited but JC didnt share the feeling with WH anymore. She seems to admire someone older than her in mind. Moreover, her career has just been on top again with Swordsman (before it she was stuck in the middle) so she thought she should put more time to get a better career.

        Personally, I dont think there is any love feeling between WH and Ruby. Ruby seems to have that feeling with someone like Alec Su instead. WH isnt seem Mr. Right to her, nothing more than friendship.

        The other one I forgot to mention is Michelle Ye. I believe 100% that WH and Michelle have no love relationship. Michelle said that WH is too similar to her so she cant develop a love relationship. Michelle loves the different type of man, someone like Benny Chan.

        For Viann, I doubt that she was in love with anyone except herself and attention. Her drama queen behavior gives me that feeling. Anytime after a breakup, she will act like a victim and whine. She seems to be able to go with any man, any character, just need to be famous and help her to climb up.

        P/S: It is pleasant to talk with someone with logic like you, especially after having a pointless discussion. Nice to meet you, cuckoo.

      14. @alluka JC can put more her time to get better career, it’s up to her. But she did hurt WH many times, posted watch: starts rumor dating WH, this still acceptable. But then, every time WH had bad rumor, she posted almost immediately her hint. First time, I thought she was really cheated. But from 2nd time, I started to regconize, but I still thought she was his girlfriend so he bore some pain for her/her career was still correct. Finally I fed up with her hints. That what I mean she’s too practical

      15. @alluka some news are on jaynestars, you can search, I don’t remember all, I one time argued too :)))). One time Viann broke up LC, one time 5-spices prostitute, etc, she hinted rotten fruit, bat hitting her head, etc making ppl discussed that Louis Koo or WH cheated her. Finally she denied romance with Wallace after Swordsman, that meant W never cheated her

      16. @cuckoo I think he said himself he no longer had any feelings for JC. JC was the one who remained very quiet, perhaps to deflect attention from the fact someone else was involved with her so she let WH take the heat.

        As for Ruby, her friends or was it her who did say WH is her type of guy since she liked handsome men. Unfortunately he is not interested in her.

        As for Viann I think it is BS.

        As for Michelle, acknowledged besties even if she likes her more than he would want to pursue beyond liking.

        Since he is so happy and relaxed and well fed these days, I do think he is seeing someone but maybe not an actress.

      17. Yes now I remember in an interview he was asked how he felt seeing JC again and he said they have both grown up, feelings are different, isn’t the same as before. In other words, pure gossip because isn’t JC rumoured with Louis Koo then?

      18. @funnlim I dont remember Louis Koo is rumoured with Joe. The only recent love rumour related to Louis is with Nong Poy.

        For Ruby, I dont think she is interested in handsomeness as the only requirement because I think she has that feeling with Alec Su. Alec Su and WH are not similar.

        For Viann, she is soft girl type? Serious? Viann and Joe dont seem to be similar in my POV. Viann is ambitious, cunning and drama queen. Joe is kinda tomboyish. It is like you are saying of oil and water.

      19. @alluka No huge difference. Viann fits into the JC sort of girl physically. The rest are fluke.

        But no I do not think it is true because by now Viann would have posted something lovey or something hateful depending on the status of the so called non existent relationship. And Wallace who is not in the habit of denying anything denied this. Moreover the link is an article about a purported post. It is not the actual post. If it was I am sure internet will have a meltdown. Unless it is a screencapture of the actual post, it is what A said B said C posted.

      20. @funnlim Looking back to Viann and Ron relationship, Viann didnt announce something on weibo until she was caught to be picked up by Ron. After he admitted the relationship, she started to provide the hints. Same to Li Chen. In three years after the breakup, she doesnt seem to have any link with him. She posted nothing until he announced his love to PBB and she reacted like she was hurt during that 3 years. When she was with Li Chen, she didnt post clear things about the love.

        So it is up to the stage of the relationship and the situation. She only posts hints when it brings benefits to her.

      21. @alluka
        – Viann and previous boyfriend separated. He posted their intimate photos on net to revenge –> she dumped him, not vice versa
        – 24/06/2012 Viann and Ron Ng broke up after 2 years relationship, due to his sex SMS with a daughter of a tycoon. He tried to mend the breakup by acknowleging her as his girlfriend publicly on 12/07/2012 and contacted her many times, she still No –> she dumped him and she was firm
        – 16/07/2012 Li Chen was spotted at Viann’s apartment earlier, having photos of midnight date; LC vomitted, Viann wiped out the mess
        – 23/08/2012 Viann & Li Chen announced their relationship on Chinese Valentine’s day, Viann admitted they dated for 2 months
        Viann praises LC honest, LC also praises Viann honest as a kid
        – xx/01/2014: has the news that Viann moved to stay in LC
        -11/02/2014 filming The Empress of China, Fan Bingbing as producer/main actress, Viann and Li Chen as crew
        – xx/03/2014: Viann was spotted going into a home that she once shared with Li Chen. Reporters asked Viann if they are reconciling, but Viann brushed them off and said, “Forget it. Let’s not talk about this. It’s too sensitive.”
        – 17/03/2014: report back the news of Sept 2013 that LC’s friends said something ambiguous did happen between Viann and Wallace while the two were shooting a drama together. Besides Wallace, reason of breakup are “Li Chen believed that the reasons behind Viann’s recent success in the television and film industry were because of his wide connections with many producers.” and Viann felt that Li Chen was being unfair to her. In addition, Viann often complained that Li Chen was not as invested in the relationship, and she found it increasingly harder to communicate with Li Chen.
        – A few weeks ago, at producer Yu Zheng’s (于正) birthday party, Li Chen reportedly drowned himself with drinks and cried about Viann.
        – xx/06/2014: Viann posted photo of herself and Bingbing, both looked happy
        – xx/10/2014: LC had pho to with FBB’s family. In the same month, LC still came to Viann’s house, both drank and got drunk the whole afternoon. Does he consider Viann as his backup lover?, asked by Viann’s friend on 01/06/2015.

        29/05/2015: FBB announce relationship with LC.
        Viann stopped follows FBB, removed the photo of herself & FBB. Start the noise that FBB is third person
        – LC’s friend revealed that the reason Li Chen broke up with Viann was because she cheated on him with a “Mr. Huo”.
        – LC same day accused Viann unfaithful to him when they were together, he & FBB still single when starting dating. The moment he knew that Miss Zhang had cheated on him, their relationship was over.
        – 02/06/2015:
        – Viann expressed: “Always so heartless”
        – Viann’s friend shared that Li Chen had taken a photo with Bingbing during a family gathering in October, even though in the same month, he had also stayed over at Viann’s house after getting drunk one evening. Moreover, in November, he had asked Viann to help him order 30,000 RMB worth of Chinese mitten crab to send to an industry friend.
        “Does this mean you are treating Viann as a fallback girl?”“You found a new lover, and now you want to send your old lover to her death!” However, the friend did not deny that Viann had two-timed Li Chen during their relationship.

      22. @alluka WH filming schedule:
        Battle of Changsa (18 Oct 2012 to 18 Jan 2013)
        Perfect Couple ( 24 April to 20 July 2013) Hengdian
        Incisive-Great-Teacher(23 Jul to 27 Jul) Hengdian

        First, we already have proof that Mr. Huo is Wallace Huo, basing on Li Chen post which named directly WH name, so we cannot blamed net citizen that they self speculate Mr. Huo is WH, we should blame Li Chen and his friends are the ones started the noise

      23. @cuckoo Thanks for information.

        I think if Mr. Huo is really WH, Li Chen has the right to get mad with him and state his name out. But he shouldnt just use Mr. Huo like that. Someone guessed that a big authority backing up WH or Viann are threatening Li Chen so he didnt dare to say the name WH out. It can be a theory.

        Whatever, I think Viann is such a drama queen. Btw, her purpose isnt satisfied as Li Chen and WH have became the main characters now. People dont care much about Viann.

      24. @alluka Second, comparing the date of the posts from Li Chen & his friends and the date of Viann’s breakup announcement 08/09/2013 (news on 09/09/2013):
        – 1st theory: LC before Viann to threaten Viann, so that Viann doesn’t dare to continue the affair?why she’s scared to dump LC :))), she dumped at least 2 guys before, not logical.
        – 2nd theory: Viann before LC, she’s the one to dump him, is there anything wrong? She dumps him so that she doesn’t cheat him. If she already dump him so anything he wrote is useless for their relationship

        Therefore, LC purpose of post is not anything done for their relationship.

      25. @alluka Third, from the news, LC & Viann breakup was on August 2013, Viann & WH relationship started 2 months before, that means on June 2013, WH was still filming in Hengdian for Perfect Couple, he was always the first person at filming site, and having days he finished filming at 9-10 o’clock evening, you can find the news and videos that the reporters made, he is main actor and producer for this drama, so even not acting he has lots of BTS works, how far from Hengdian to Hangzhou, did he have enough time to remove make-up, bath, eat, sleep and time to run to Hangzhou and return to Hengdian, to meet Viann?

        Besides that, the news said (according to LC friends) “something ambiguous did happen between Viann and Wallace while the two were shooting a drama together”. They never have any drama shooting together, you can check all of his dramas and movies. Can I say LC friends lied?

      26. @cuckoo @funnlim: There is a thing that I wonder from the beginning of such scandal: Why WH? There are many actors with some connections with Viann and even her old bf Ron, why Li Chen and his friend bothered to blame WH if WH wasnt the secret man of Viann? WH also doesnt have any connection with Li Chen. Why not someone else if it is a random choice?

        If Li Chen wanted to promote himself as a victim of two timer, he can choose someone less famous or even Ron who is Viann’s ex. It will be more convincing to audience.

        If Li Chen wanted to use the fame of that artist to climb high, why didnt he choose someone in Huayi Brothers then he can also attack a rival.

        I find it is very strange when Li Chen dragged WH in if WH is 100% innocent. Li Chen even stated his name out (as cuckoo has found out). Right now, like funnlim said, he is scared of being sued so he only said of Mr. Huo. So I come to conclusion that WH has a connection with Viann.

        Maybe Im not a fan so I dont know as much as a fan like funnlim. funnlim has confirmed that Viann falls into WH’s taste of woman so they perhaps had something. If WH cant go to HZ to visit Viann, Viann can go to HD to visit WH. She often went to HK to visit Ron and stayed in his house. We cant track Viann like WH because she is less famous :).

      27. @alluka Ahhh finally the insinuation.

        Why? I don’t know. I have never seen Li Chen’s own post and his post was reposted not in its original format so for all I know he didn’t say Wallace but a Mr Huo. Why Wallace? Simple. He’s single, often rumoured, available, maybe met them in passing and some misunderstand cropped up, of Li Chen did mention Wallace. No I don’t think so. I believe Wallace. he denied it, and so be it. He had denied many times. Viann’s behaviour indicate as much. You can track Wallace. He walks around town doing shopping, having dinners, going karaoke. The more famous the easier to track in his case because he makes no secret on going out and fans are eagle eye and they spot him a mile away.

        As for drag, you’re right. Maybe he was dragged. Li Chen is singing like a canary for anyone who is willing to listen, for me his credibility is an issue.

        On the worst case, I find it interesting Viann would go for one night stand with Wallace, if true, without any feelings invested. Was she paid? Did he pay? Was it mutual? If it wasn’t,. then Wallace has achieved the impossible; the perfect breakup with a woman who doesn’t take rejection likely and what better name to associate herself with than one of the hottest and persumably single guy in Chinese entertainment world and yet not one word.

        By the way Wallace was accused of far worser thing, sex with either underaged prostitutes or forced actresses and he sued and he won. That was the last straw.

      28. @alluka I think the reasons to choose WH are:
        – He’s just surged high popularity with broadcasting Swordsman on 01/2013.
        – He’s always keep silent to love rumors before, only once admitted dating Joe Chen on 2003 (I cannot remember the year)
        – JC can create big noise with relating to love with WH (by posting the watch same as his watch), so they want to imitate :)))
        – He, his company is small, in fact only him is the artist in his company :))), so sueing is not a easy process for him, while LC is backed by big company
        – If LC chose fellow actor to play the lie, he will be the first to be punished, not the fellow. Besides that, not exclude the possibility that his company is the one backing him to do this

      29. @alluka I analyse basing on the news, which said they met several times in Hangzhou and while the two were shooting a drama together, the news did not mention Viann go to Hengdian to visit WH. You cannot expect a liar is always perfect in his lie, if so I could not find anything :)))

      30. @cuckoo If I rmb right, Viann was said to join Changsa Battle but she refused due to schedule conflict. Maybe it is the reason why the reporters said they had a series together.

        As for the one night stand, Viann may lie about it although I think the chance is quite low.

      31. @alluka If you rmb right or wrong, it doesn’t matter, they don’t have any series together, that’s truth. If you rmb right, if it is the reason why reporters and LC friends said they had a series together, that shows their intention to associate Viann & WH together.

        I don’t understand “As for the one night stand, Viann may lie about it although I think the chance is quite low”, what do you mean Viann lie? The reporters/LC friends broadcast this news, not Viann, can you explain more what you mean.

      32. @alluka
        3 years of Viann & LC relationship: 06/2012 + 3 years ~ 06/2015
        My theory:
        Viann signed contract with Yu Zheng for The Romance of the Condor Heroes and wanted to promote herself (or YZ wanted to promote her, that’s one of reasons that WH was the first name to be chosen, see how image of Li Mochou, very beautiful makeup, while the main actress Michelle Chen make-up was like a foolish girl with 2 horns :))), same style as in Swordsman, supporting role DFBB with strong makeup and ex-gf of WH, more noise causing while main actress had less screen appearing than DFBB)

      33. @alluka
        17 Aug 2013: the only date Wallace and Viann was rumored to be in hotel Grand Hyatt one night. This date was the date that Junjie (Wallace’s best friend/manager) made a post on weibo indicating that he was at the Hangzhou Grand Hyatt. Why would Wallace bring Junjie with him when he was there to see Viann secretly? Besides the Grand Haytt is next to the Westlake (the most world famous tourist spot in Hangzhou) and is crowed with tourists. There are better privacy hotels there to date someone secretly.
        They went there to work with Perfect Couple co-production company

        The Romance of the Condor Heroes (30 Aug 2013 to 02 Jan 2014), broacast 03 Dec 2014. Viann as Li Mochou. Yu Zheng is Director/Production company of both Swordsman and The Romance of the Condor Heroes

      34. @alluka
        17 Aug 2013: no single photo of Viann and Wallace together or even only Viann there, although LC friends and all the news indicated clearly the Hotel, the time :))) Only lies can make this situation? Knowing being cheated for 2 months, knowing very well when, where people are but cannot have any picture?

      35. @cuckoo
        My theory:
        Viann signed contract with Yu Zheng for The Romance of the Condor Heroes and wanted to promote herself (or YZ wanted to promote her, that’s one of reasons that WH was the first name to be chosen, see how image of Li Mochou, very beautiful makeup, while the main actress Michelle Chen make-up was like a foolish girl with 2 horns :))), same style as in Swordsman, supporting role DFBB with strong makeup and ex-gf of WH, more noise causing while main actress had less screen appearing than DFBB), WH was chosen.
        Of course, Viann was currently having boyfriend Li Chen, so must be a breakup noise (and only breakup, because dating WH noise after breakup with LC is impossible, because she cannot have any chance to date WH after breakup to show to ppl), not dating noise as Joe Chen case, so Li Chen joined to help Viann

      36. @cuckoo I mean Viann lied to Li Chen that she had one night with WH.

        I dont think Li Chen wanna join to help Viann to create a breakup. It can make sense if the breakup was peaceful but it wasnt. If Viann wanted Yu Zheng to help to create a love rumour, Why YZ doesnt choose his “people ” Such as Chen Xiao or La Xin? It can help to promote both. WH is from his own company so it will only bring benefit to WH’s company, not YZ himself.

        I think the most explanable theory is: WH and Viann had one night stand but Viann thought she can seduce him to get more. Therefore she broke up with Li Chen by telling him that she dated wi

      37. @alluka She dated WH. LC believed her and got mad to so slam her in the wechat group chat, mentioning of WH. She required him to delete but his friend in the group chat revealed to reporters. 3 years later, Li Chen knew he doesnt have proof so he only said Mr. Huo.

      38. @alluka
        These actings are between the two, pretendings only. From breakup 09/2013 till now not enough 3 years, less than 2 years. 3 years that Viann described their relationship are from starting of their relationship 06/2012 till now.
        LC never has proof, because it’s all lies
        If he wanted proof, it’s very easy, he continued to keep quiet and follow up her, hired detectives to follow up her, surely will have proof, anyway why he knew for 2 months but no proof? What he did is he just made noise, made lies

      39. @alluka
        why Viann lied to Li Chen that she had one night with WH? do you mean she didn’t have this one night with WH and told LC that she had or another meaning? I don’t understand what she lied in your meaning. Anyway, LC friends are the ones to broadcast this one night story so it’s truth or lie, it comes from their mouth, how to blame Viann, so unfair

        This is bad role, third party, so why YZ will choose Chen Xiao (I don’t know who is La Xin)? to destroy his people, to destroy his product? I don’t think he’s so crazy like that. Only Viann is familiar to bad popularity, so she’s willing to do for her own benefit

      40. @cuckoo
        If YZ chooses Chen Xiao, bad noise will raise, the result is the public will surely view this as self-PR play because all persons involved are from one project, they surely will hate this drama, Chen Xiao’s future will also go down, will he be stupid enough to play this role?

      41. @alluka The only explanation is there was one night stand but it wasn’t Wallace. Mr Huo is a Mr Huo we are not aware of. I know you are willing to believe it as such but the time doesn’t fit, the facts doesn’t fit. And why would Viann lied about one night stand but not admit a failed relationship? Either way if she had sex with a third party during her relationship with Li Chen, it is still cheating that Li Chen can’t forgive and forget. And if Viann thinks she could have seduced him for more and didn’t and so essentially she was dumped after one night, surely Viann a woman who is easily scorned would have moaned about it. Instead she is keeping quiet. No it wasn’t Wallace. Li Chen got butt hurt when he found out she cheated. She got butt hurt when he bounced back with a better woman so to speak. Two butt hurt people then drag a third party into this and the easiest was the most eligible bachelor.

        As to why Yu Zheng never create such news for his own guys, frankly maybe he tried. For all I know mr Huo could be a codename for someone.

      42. @funnlim @cuckoo Alright, our theories dont seem match.

        I mean Viann told LC that she had love relationship with WH but it was actually one night stand. But LC believed her so he didnt investigate more because she might say it is ended (thinking of how she always portray as victim in all relationship).

        For Viann, Maybe she felt embrassed for her failure with WH so she didnt hint anything. I dont track her weibo so I dont know if she had a hint. Perhaps She had some random hints but the reporters didnt understand to link it to WH.

        For YZ, There is no reason for him to randomly chose WH for any purpose. They seem to have good relationship after Swordman. Never heard anything about their dispute. If he wanna drag someone else, why not someone who has conflict with him?

      43. @alluka
        Have you seen anything that directly oppose to YZ? No, right? This is underground explanation. What ppl see is just love-related things. You can ignore it, we go for LC-Viann-WH is just enough.

        But if you think YZ can drag someone conflicting with him into lies, you surely need to think twice. If he drags someone conflicting with him, sure they will think of him first and fight him, instead of fighting Viann or LC, all the person conflicting with him are very strong, do you think he can win in case he lies? If you want to continue with this kind of theory, can you give an example who is conflicting with YZ that he can drag in?

      44. @cuckoo Sham Shai came into my mind immediately when saying of conflict with YZ, ha ha. Sham hit a punch to Yu mama’s face and he has tiny back up.

      45. @alluka
        “Viann told LC that she had love relationship with WH but it was actually one night stand”. Do you mean Viann has small error “one night stand” then she tell LC that she has big error “love relationship with Mr. Huo”, which means more than 1 night?

        “But LC believed her so he didnt investigate more because she might say it is ended”. Do you mean if she says 1 night stand then LC will not believe her and will investigate?

        I find it strange, normally ppl will tell thing to reduce their error, but you say she goes to enlarge her error
        LC is also strange

      46. @alluka
        09/09/2013 Wallace Huo Enters Picture
        Although both parties have yet to reveal the reasons behind the breakup, an insider spilled that it was because Viann fell in love with Wallace Huo and even checked into a hotel room with him in Hengzhou. When Li Chen confronted Viann, she allegedly admitted to the tryst and asked for a breakup.
        The insider further added that Li Chen actually gave his blessings to Viann and Wallace in a private Weibo message. However, upon Viann’s request later, he removed the private post and replaced it with a depressing public message instead.

        15/01/2014 Viann Zhang Denies Reconciling with Li Chen
        In September of last year, Viann boldly announced that she had broken up with Li Chen (李晨), her boyfriend of one year. Since the split, rumor mills spewed that Viann and Li Chen were reconciling and were living together. Having already denied the rumors several times in the past, Viann clarified once again that she and Li Chen have gone separate ways for good. “It is not true. I am living in my own house. I am single and am enjoying acting,” Viann stated.
        Earlier, Return of the Condor Heroes remake producer Yu Zheng (于正) posted a video of Viann praising Li Chen and recommending him to be cast as Emperor Kangxi in an upcoming drama. Viann clarified, “I recommended a lot of actors, it’s just that Teacher Yu decided to film that clip. I do think he resembles Kangxi. [My recommendation] had nothing to do with our relationship.”

      47. @alluka There is a reason why no name was named specifically. He has no proof just gut feeling and if he named that actor as the third person, breaking up a relationship it is called slander. Wallace did sue for slander soi Li Chen runs the risk of being sued and alienated by fellow actors. Wallace is a pretty popular guy among his colleagues.

      48. @cuckoo LOL, theres no point of arguing with you or anything. you so firm with what you think so let it be. if you think he is a bad person then he is . you act like you know their life so i ain’t gonna stop what you think .

        @amango, i agree with you say about cuckoo!

  6. Are the people who blab to he media really their friends or make-up sources? They seem like troublemakers!

    Anyhow, I think it is good of Li Chen to come and defend FBB but he has said too much. Seriously, he should have just left it at the comment that FBB and he were single when they started seeing other and left it at that. To go on and blurt out about Viann cheating is ungentlemanly even though it may be true, since they are all public figures. And why drag WH into it?

    As far as I am concerned, WH is a single guy and he has the right to sleep with anyone he wants to as long as it is with a consenting unmarried adult. I am going to get the popcorn out and enjoy “Hua Qian Gu”!

    1. @elizabeth Li Chen didnt say Wallace Huo. His friend said of Mr. Huo, Not stating out the name Wallace Huo or actor named Huo. It was the old rumour that Wallace Huo brought Viann to a hotel that lead people thinking of Wallace Huo. The timeline between the statement of Li Chen’s friend and the rumour of WH-Viann is match.

      Li Chen kept the secret about Viann cheat history in 3 years. He only came out now because Viann and her friends kept saying that PBB is a third party and Viann is a victim and Li Chen left her due to PBB’s cunning strategy. I think he has the right to shut her up.

  7. Saying of Wallace Huo, I still think he is so odd for both of his recent adapted series. For Huo Tian Gu, he looks nothing close to a highly fairy man (partly due to the costume) and in the trailer, he kept a wry smile. For Close your eyes and he came, he is nothing close to the description of the character in the novel. He isnt tall enough, thin, black face all time. And the hairdo is such a disappointment.

    I was so looking forward to Close your eyes and he came so it seems to be a disappointment to me when seeing his look. But Ma Si Chun seems to be a perfect Jian Yao. What’s a pity.

    1. @alluka I am just glad it isn’t HXM.

      He isnt tall enough
      If the actress is short enough, he will look tall enough

      Wallace can be ultra thin and I hope not. Moreover Wallace is hardly fat or big sized.

      black face all time.
      Have you seen all his series? He is king of sulk.

      And the hairdo is such a disappointment.
      Blame the stylist

      From the description seems to be describing Fukuyama masaharu’s galileo except minus 20 years.

      1. @funnlim I’m glad isn’t Nicky Wu or Kevin Cheng especially KC can’t act; he ruined IP Man on a popular show. Such a disappointment!

        HXM isn’t tall enough? HXM still the tallest from these people including Wallace.

      2. @funnlim HXM is too bandass to be the character.

        Looking at your explanation I know you havent read the novel. WH is 177cm while the chac is 195cm. He is tall, thin, high IQ but no EQ. He always says something that hurt or shocked people without knowing or caring. The only person he cares for is Jian Yao. WH looks soft while the chac should be tought.

        I dont think WH fit any of those characters.

        Moreover, Ma Si Chun is 172cm which make her as tall as WH. The couple in the story is 195-169.

        Perhaps I still cant find any in the current batch of idol man can act such role. WH is odd for it but dont say of HXM, WC, Li Yi Feng, etc. No Nicky and KC who are too old to act a 30 year old virgin professor. Ogari Shun in the imagination or Keinichi who has been ultra thin. Next to them, WH has never been that thin.

        I have seen the filming pictures of Close your eyes and he came. Ma Si Chun looks the character while WH is still very odd.

      3. @alluka First of all a 26 year old as a professor in a university is already wrong. Since the novel chose to be different, so can the adaptation.

        “He is tall, thin, high IQ but no EQ. He always says something that hurt or shocked people without knowing or caring. The only person he cares for is Jian Yao. WH looks soft while the chac should be tought.”

        Except for the tall part, Wallace hits all of it. I remember reading the character is also fair. Wallace has been portraying cold on the outside resilient on the inside for years. Wallace looks soft because he is a very beautiful looking man. Looking soft doesn’t negate the fact that he can portray tough and he has recently portrayed very tough characters. And again adaptation need not be word for word. By your account the actress is too old. Granted, Wallace is too old for the character but probably too young to even be a professor.

        And yes, I did not read the novel. So there can be story in the novel vs story in the series. Since Chinese actors who can act are generally not that tall as in 6 feet 3 inches, a bit of artistic license had to be used. As long as he hits 4 out of 6 points, that is a good casting. If it was casting for purely economic reason surely there would be another.

        From your description the character is badass so HXM should fit. But the height, the colour skin tone, the looks, etc doesn’t fit. And to those who wants to argue about HXM’s imaginary 6 feet tall height, let’s not. Been argued for many times over.

        P/S Wallace has been very thin but not Japanese actor hungry looking thin. Is being that thin attractive? I mean to even suggest Wallace was not thin or should have been that thin to qualify for this role is insane. He has never been large, put it this way. Again the description in the novel as explained by you is galileo except 20 years younger and probably 5 inches taller.

      4. @funnlim thin isnt attractive but the chac required that. It Is similar to the requirement to act L in Death Note and Keinichi lost 10 kg to fit the role.

        I dont see WH any of your description although I watched quite a lot of him and like him in some particular roles. Maybe that is why you are a fan and Im not.

        Btw, WH was never in the fan guest list for that chac. The producer shocked everyone by announcing WH. The guessed list included Li Yik Feng, Ji Chang Wook, Dennis O, Wu Yi Fan and even Wallace Chung. It tells that WH was never been imagined to be Prof. Bak in the mind of novel fans.

        Ma Si Chun has a her age same to Jian Yao in the novel.

        The chac Prof Bak is similar to Galileo but Prof Bak is younger, handsome and even lower EQ. He is arrogant.

    2. @alluka

      “For Huo Tian Gu, he looks nothing close to a highly fairy man (partly due to the costume) and in the trailer, he kept a wry smile. ”

      Partly due to script change since fantasy elements has to be cut out from what I’ve read. And he does look like an immortal. First time I saw his picture I can’t wait for the series even if the story sounds OTT. The costumes is A plus. Wry smile = knowing smile? Skeemish smile? Smile with a purpose? Why not? Is his character supposed to be sunshine?

      He will be the reason I watch these two shows. And I am sure the reason for many others.

      1. @funnlim You are the first WH fan saying the costumes in HTJ is A+. Even his fans around me said that the costumes took him down. A wry smile is a wry smile, not all of mentioned smiles.

        He is the reason why I watch the trailer of HTJ and I choose to quit because I want to keep good impression to the novel. I know many fans of the novel will do the same. WH of course will watch for him without minding that he is odd from the novel, including you. You think the story is odd, I think WH is odd. Because you are a fan and Im not.

      2. @alluka I suppose it depends on which fan forum you went to. And since you are admittedly not a fan I don’t see you going to such a forum. I don’t see how the costumes took him down. I have never read the novel so I do not know what are the description. But the pictures I saw show elegant simplicity that emphasises his ethereal quality. I will accept that any day over parakeet colours of bath robes. Less is more. Wallace is not odd, the points you made go towards the stylist and the concept of the series as opposed the of the book. If anything it is given that any book adaptation will veer from the book itself, so try not to be too disappointed or as you say, you will avoid the adaptation perhaps.

        I don’t a wry smile being a negative. On paper Wallace fits the description of the character as proposed by the series. Since everyone been saying the book is very very sad, all the more. He can cry beautifully and that is a plus point. All I can say is I saw the pictures and I was captivated.

      3. @funnlim obviously, in both case you have never read the novels. Therefore It is pointless to argue because Im talking about the matchy look of the characters in the novel and in the adaption while you keep taking them seperately. As a fan of the novel and a non fan of the actor, Im biased toward the novel to look forward to seeing someone stepping out of the novel to real life in the adaption. Ma Si Chun as Jian Yao, even taller than the chac but her look is match. While WH looks nothing close to the chac in the novel.

        This is why when I watch the trailer, I dont see Bak Si Huo or Bak Jin Yun in WH. I only see WH. It brought me disappointment.

        But you, you have never read the novels so you cant understand my disappointment. As a fan, you are right to feel captivated with your idol and think he is the character. I dont mind that, especially in the case such person is you. I know that even if he stays there with just a bath rope and wry smile, you will still think he is captivated and devined.

        I see comments of his fans on weibo and in a common facebook group for Cbiz, FYI.

      4. @alluka

        Regarding WH’s height in Close Your Eyes, the director has already addressed this issue. He said this won’t be a problem because there are many filming techniques that can make actors appear taller or shorter so this is not a problem. The director is the best person who knows what he’s talking about since he’s in charge of the drama. Let’s stop trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, alluka.

        Regard Hua Qian Gu, you said you know “many fans of the novel” who don’t like Wallace as Bai Zi Hua. Coincidentally, I also know “many fans of the novel” who love Wallace as BZH. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of Wallace until I saw the released stills of him as BZH. Let’s stop trying to make anecdotal assessments as facts, alluka.

        alluka, you try to discredit funnlim because she admitted to not having read Hua Qian Gu or Close Your Eyes. You said you’ve read both novels and think Wallace is unsuitable as the male leads of both novels. Well, I’ve read and love both novels, enough that I’ve started to translate Hua Qian Gu into English and have reviewed Close Your Eyes a year ago before there was news that the book was be adapted into a drama Personally, I love Wallace as the male leads of Hua Qian Gu and Close Your Eyes.

        alluka, what I find annoying about your entire argument is that you attempt to pass of your dislike of Wallace as facts that he’s not suitable to be the male leads of Hua Qian Gu and Close Your Eyes. Your dislike is only your opinion, just like my opinion is that Wallace will be great as the male leads in Hua Qian Gu and Close Your Eyes. Opinions aren’t concrete facts, which means there’s no right or wrong. Let’s stop trying to sound high and mighty that you know more than other people just because you’ve read the books.

        allluka, let’s be honest. You just don’t like Wallace as an actor. You’ve said as much that you are a “non fan.” Therefore, the only way you would be happy with the male leads of Hua Qian Gu and Close Your Eyes is if someone you like is chosen for the roles. Don’t try to make Wallace look bad by saying he’s not suitable as the male leads of Hua Qian Gu and Close Your Eyes. Just because you think so doesn’t make it so. Not to mention that your criticisms of Wallace come before both dramas have even aired.

      5. @lidge I did say quite clear that Im fan of the novel and I think WH is odd to the characters as I have seen the trailer of HTJ and the filming pictures for Close your eyes and he came. I criticize the costume and the look, not the acting. So why I need to watch the series?

        And Funn Lim didnt read the novels for a matter of fact. She discusses with me about the characters in the adaption that she thinks as suitable without reading it. Im not trying to be high because I read, Im saying that Im fan of novels so I think WH isnt the one who stepping out of the novels. Enough said.

        You can be fan of novel and fan of WH, I have met so many. Where did I say that I represent for all the novel fans? You cant deny that many fans of the novel said that they feel WH is odd to both roles, as much as the fans has claimed that Close your eyes and he came has became Close your eyes and Huo came.

        If the director is the person who know the best, then why so many fans still cant accept Kevin Cheng as Mu Yun? It was because he is totally odd to the character description. Or why Yu Zheng got so many criticisms with his choice of Xiao Lung Bao? Or why HXM and Yang Mi are bashed so much for their look in Sunshine movie? Because they arent match the look in the novel. Michelle Chen is my favourite actress but she cant bring XLN to life is a matter of fact and I dont force myself to accept her as XLN just because Im a fan. Same to HXM as HYS.

        And actually I prefer WH to Hu Ge but Hu Ge suits the role more, if you ask me. None of my favourite actor seems to suit the role so even if they are chosen for the roles, I will criticize the look. Or Ma Si Chun isnt my favourite actress (I only watch her in Left ear and I think she just has a look) but I can see that she is a Jian Yao stepping out of the novel, so I support her.

        Not saying of the acting as I dont think I will watch both, as much as I like Ma Si Chun as Jian Yao.

      6. @lidge P/S: Close your eyes and he came isnt my most favourite novel. If someone like Li Ya Feng (who I quite like) or Ji Chang Wook (who I think as the only Korean young actor that can act) takes the role, I will still criticize because same to WH, they are not fit.

        You can check outside, there are many people showing the disappointments to the look in Close your eyes and he came. Opinions arent concrete facts, which means there’s no right or wrong. You like him as both characters, it doesnt make fact. I cant know when did you become a fan.

        Btw, Close your eyes and he came is such a stupid translation for 他来了,请闭眼.

      7. @alluka start to pay attention to the person you first reply to and who ending up asking you back the question. I just don’t know why so many new users representing the person when the conversation got long. Not sure if i’m making sense to you. Evil can be that evil. I find pretty fishy!

        The pattern I see from new registered user is always:

        *what I find annoying about your entire argument is that … and let’s be honest….*

      8. @amango I think I understand what you mean. However I dont mind to see them in discussion with me as long as they provide reasonable discussion and no personal attack.

      9. @amango

        amango, everyone was once a new user, including you. You can criticize new users, but then you’d be criticizing everyone at jaynestars, including yourself and alluka.

        hmmmm, as far as I know, I’m the one who said “what I find annoying …. and let’s be honest.” If you’ve something to say to me, address me directly so I can know to respond in kind.

        The only thing fishy here is people who make sly inferences yet don’t have the courage to say something straight out.

        as far as I know, I’m the one who used “what I find

      10. @lidge You don’t know what had happened to @alluka and I so I think you should stay calm and not over react. It is not your business as I did not say you were the person we were talking about. Angry bird!

      11. @amango

        Please read my reply to alluka about people who resort to name-calling. Until you are capable of participating in a discussion without having to resort to childish tactics like name-calling, don’t waste my time by dragging this further because I’m sure it won’t do anywhere. I recently went though such an experience with alluka, which is enough to last a lifetime.

      12. @alluka

        It doesn’t matter to me if you’ll watch Wallace’s dramas Hua Qian Gu or Close Your Eyes. The problem with your argument is that you try to discredit Wallace before the dramas have even aired. If you’ve not watched something, how can you know it’s good or not?

        You try to legitimize your reason that Wallace is not suitable as the male leads in Hua Qian Gu and Close Your Eyes by saying you know “many fans” are not happy and think Wallace is a bad idea because you say Wallace looks “odd.” It’s ironic that you criticize Wallace’s looks when he’s famous for his good looks, more so than his acting.

        You said you know “many fans,” and to make it more believable, you said you’ve met “many.” Who are these “many fans”? How many can you know at most? 100? 1,000? 10,000? 1 million?? This is nothing compared to the total number of readers, which range in the tens of millions. Ever heard of the silent majority? Just because a vocal group whines that they’re not happy doesn’t mean most people think that way too.

        If you follow the casting of Close Your Eyes, you’ll know that the sponsors and investors of the drama wanted Wallace. If you follow the news for Hua Qian Gu, you’ll know that the drama is one of the hot search topics.

        You think Wallace is bad, fine. You know fans of the book who think Wallace is bad, fine. However, this doesn’t make it true that “many fans” think Wallace is bad because there’s no factual statistics to back this up. Your only evidence is yourself and “many fans” you say you know. You said you even met them. So how many do you know out of the tens of millions of readers in total?

        I’m a huge fan of Tang Qi Gong Zi and Hua Xu Yin is one of my favorite books. Uncle Kevin is completely wrong as Mu Yan, but the problem here is partly Kevin’s bad acting throughout the years and partly his attempt to play an early 20’s guy when Kevin is an early 40’s guy in real life. There are no filming techniques that can disguise bad acting and old age!! I don’t agree that comparing Kevin as Mu Yan to Wallace as BZH/BJY is valid. Just as there are people who think Wallace doesn’t look like immortal Bai Zi Hua (i.e., you), there are also people who think Wallace is ideal as Bai Zi Hua (i.e., me). As for the height issue in Close Your Eyes, the director has said this is easily fixed with clever filming angles. BJY in Close Your Eyes is 26 years old. The production team is aware of this and has raised his age to 30. Wallace is 35 and can pass for 30. In conclusion, Kevin is wrong as Mu Yan because of his history of bad acting and old age. Wallace is better than Kevin, both in acting and is younger in age.

        Yu Zheng is criticized for many things. I don’t know what Xiao Lung Bao you mean, but I’m sure this is the least of Yumama’s problems.

        Having just watched the Sunshine movie last Sunday, I’d argue that the problem with HXM and Yang Mi is partly because they don’t have chemistry with each other and partly because the script moves too fast. The quick pace can be confusing for people not familiar with the novel. I’m quite familiar with the novel because I’m a huge fan of Gu Man and helped to translate Sunshine into English I don’t think it’s “looks” that’s the problem with HXM and YM in the Sunshine movie. The problems with the movie is much more complicated.

        Michelle Chen looked horrible as XLN as first, but her acting grew on me gradually. Compare Michelle to Liu Yi Fei, who looked perfect as XLN but ruined the character with her robotic acting. I don’t think your example here comparing Michelle to Wallace is valid because Michelle truly looked horrible whereas Wallace is known for his good looks.

        It’s fine if you don’t like Wallace or anyone else when it comes to drama adaptations from novels. However, please be honest and admit that this is just your opinion, which coincidentally is made before having seen the dramas so you don’t know for sure if Wallace can interpret the characters correctly or not. And again, please don’t say that you won’t watch the dramas because it doesn’t matter to me what you do with your time.

        As I’ve said over and over, my problem with your argument is that you try to discredit Wallace by saying “many fans” don’t like him because he doesn’t look right. First of all, you discredit yourself right there by attempting to legitimize your argument with the vague statement “many,” hoping to lead people to think there’s a large amount of people who think like you when this isn’t so because you’ve no statistical proof. You keep telling me to check because you said you know “many people” who don’t like Wallace. I’ve already told you I also know fans of the novel who support him. Do you see how silly this sounds?

      13. @lidge Did I say anything about the ACTING? I said about the LOOK and the look has been showed. If you cant understand my opinion, it is pointless to continue.

        I told you that I knew many novel fans do not like WH as the character, you say have fans like WH as the character. Did I say ALL the fans? If I didnt, pls stop put words to my mouth.

        It is fine if you think WH is nothing but the look and you think many ppl think the same way. I, on the other hand, think he can act in some types of role. I dont say he looks ugly or else but I think he looks ODD to the characters. ODD to the characters.

        If you think KC is worse at acting than WH, I can tell you that many ppl will think differently. Your statements also cant make fact.

        In conclusion, I dont think we can go to anywhere with this discussion. You are a protective fan who are hoping the whole world must like WH as BZH and BJY, like some ppl I know. And it means I have the experience to quit before it becomes a big trouble.

      14. @alluka

        alluka, YOU don’t like Wallace. YOU think he looks odd. Let’s stop at that. Don’t pretend like your opinion is better than others just because in your words, “many people” think like you do.

        Let the ratings speak for the dramas. That’s valid proof. If Hua Qian Gu and Closer Your Eyes become popular with good ratings, then many people do like the drama. And this time, these “many people” are real.

      15. @lidge I have never predicted the population of the series. I only stated that I think WH is odd to the roles and there are ppl who think like me. So many ppl may disagree with me, not really a matter. It cant prove that everybody accept the characters. Taking back Condor Heroes of Yu Zheng as example, the rating is good but the criticisms do not die down.

        Hua Si Yan is going to be aired as well. I think you will be hurt so much if the rating is good as you dislike KC.

        Btw, Close your eyes and he came is an internet drama so it wont have the rating. Strange that a fan like you dont know that.

        It is true that the fans cant never accept that their idols are not loved by everyone.

      16. @alluka

        alluka, you said “many fans” do not like Wallace as the male leads of the drama adaptations. This is not true because there’s no proof to back up this claim.

        YOU don’t like Wallace, YOU are against Wallace. Speak for yourself and only yourself. Don’t try to legitimize your opinion and make it seem like it’s more correct than other people’s opinions by saying you know “many people” who think like you. And they’re real because you’ve met them. Pray tell how many people you can know out of the tens of millions of fans of the novels?

        Ratings has always been the benchmark to gauge the popularity and success of TV dramas. This statistics is used by TV stations, sponsors and the media to determine people’s viewing habits. You are the first person I’ve seen who says ratings doesn’t matter, that the ratings can be good but that doesn’t mean viewers like what they watch. If that’s true, why do people invest their time to watch something they don’t like instead of dramas they like, especially Chinese dramas which are very long?

        I didn’t follow Condor Heroes so I’m not familiar with the ratings. It’s possible that the beginning episodes could have had decent ratings because of curiosity from viewers and there’s always support for Jin Yong’s works. I believe Condor Heroes’ ratings steadily decreased, not increased, over time. I was watching Cruel Romance with Huang Xiaoming and Joe Chen. If I recall correctly, the ratings for Condor Heroes were not good towards the end. I saw the ratings for all the shows that aired during that time and Cruel Romance was always in the top 3 with 2% or something viewership while I believe Condor Heroes was not doing well, at best in the middle range with less than 1% viewership.

        It’s irrelevant to me whether Hua Xu Yin has good ratings or not. I don’t know why it should. Unlike you, I don’t spend my time posting messages online saying Kevin is an odd choice and attempt to legitimize my opinion by backing it up with ridiculous statements like I know and even met “many people” who think like me.

        Yes, I’m aware that Close Your Eyes will first air on the internet, that the drama has 19 episodes, that the drama will begin airing in October of this year, that 1 episode will be shown each week, that the investors wanted Wallace as the male lead, that the film crew is currently filming in Qingdao, that the film crew recently filmed at a technical college in Qingdao and a lot of students showed up to see Wallace even though it was a weekend so I don’t know what you mean when you say you know “many fans” who are against Wallace, that the film crew will fly to the University of Maryland in the US in June to film………. Should I continue? Just because I haven’t said something doesn’t mean I’m not aware of it.

        Close Your Eyes will have ratings!!! Before you accuse someone of not knowing something, you should do some research yourself. Close Your Eyes will air exclusively on the Internet first but after it finishes, it’ll be shown on TV too. Viewer interest for Internet dramas can be gauged through the number of clicks, just like ratings for TV dramas.

        You don’t accept hard facts like ratings as proof of people’s support of Wallace and the dramas he’s in, yet you expect other people to take your word that Wallace is not a good choice just because you think so and you know “many people” who think like you.

      17. @lidge I will give you the statics later when Im on comp. Look like you wont never give up until that.

        You keep accuse me “You dislike blah blah” Bevause I criticize the LOOK. Why dont you go with that? Why you need to keep saying I dislike WH so I have to criticize he looks odd? In fact I was not a fan but I dont dislike him. I like him in some of his previous series, Even his role in Wanderer. I only dont think he looks suitable for his two recent series. I said it many times and you wrote tons of word in order to accuse me for dislike him. Do you find it is annoying?

        I can find rating of Condor Heroes for you when Im in comp. It is lower than Cruel lover but always in top 10 rating.

        If you say of online viewership, I will say Close your eyes and he came will have. You said of rating. There is nothing to ensure that it can go to TV because it has some contents violanted the rules in China to be aired on TV. Same to Tomb Raider and Evil Minds. HJG time travel Version will be another Internet series.

        Your proofs are funny. I even accept that his fans will support the series but I state that there are many ppl, in the other hand, against him in that role. Can you prove that the whole world accept him in those roles? Oh well, if the rating is 100% which is impossible. I will see if it can get 2 Or 3 like Wuzetian. I will track the rating for you. If it is only 1.*** then we will have something else to discuss.

        Your statement to HXY and KC is similar to mine in WH and two series. Why we dont discuss about it and you can show me who “Many people” are? Maybe I should wait until you prove those many people and then I show my statics of many people. It will be more fair.

        Overall, we have different opinions. I agree to disagree with you.

      18. @alluka

        allluka, you said that “many fans” don’t support Wallace as the male leads because like you, they think he looks odd. Who are these “many fans”? Your statement is meant to discredit Wallace but without any proof.

        Please address this issue, which is the point of this discussion!!! You said “many fans” don’t like Wallace as BZH/BJY and I challenged you on it. Who are these “many fans”? Don’t throw a general statement like that around and expect to get away with it when you are out to make Wallace look bad.

        YOU admitted yourself that you are a “non fan.” Fine. You think he looks odd as BZH/BJY. Fine. But let’s stop at that. Don’t try to make it seem like your opinion is the general consensus by adding a vague statement like “many fans” think like you. And you said these “many fans” are real because you’ve met them. Again, I said who are these “many” people who think like you???

        Out of the tens of millions of fans, just because some vocal groups whine that they don’t like Wallace doesn’t mean that’s the general consensus.

      19. @alluka

        alluka, can you read? Unlike you, I never said “many fans” think like me that Kevin is a bad choice for Mo Yan so why are you demanding that I show you who these people are?

        I only speak for myself and always for myself. I said I don’t like Kevin as Mu Yan and stopped at that. However, you play dirty in regard to Wallace by adding that “many fans” think like you and you’ve even met these fans, implying that many people don’t support Wallace as BZH/BJY. I challenged you on this statement of “many fans” and you can’t give a straight answer. You should know how “many fans” don’t support Wallace since you said you’ve met them yourself.

        Give me the ratings on Condor Heroes and we’ll talk, though I don’t know why you’d bother since you said you don’t think ratings mean anything.

        The rights to Close Your Eyes have been bought and the drama will air on TV after it finishes airing online. You can choose to believe it won’t air on TV if you want, just like you believe “many fans” think like you that Wallace is odd as BZH/BJY.

      20. @lidge Oh after thinking a while, I reckon it is so pointless. You cant accept anyone to dislike WH in any role he is in, I understand that. Alright, for the good sake I will say I love WH with my whole heart, my whole life. He is angel, god, devined, amazing, can act in any role. Thanks for the discussion. Hopefully it can enlighten your day.

        Because of an error Jayne disabled the delete and edit quote so I cant delete all of my posts about the god WH. Im so sorry for that.

      21. @alluka

        alluka, thank you for not adding that “many fans” think like you that Wallace is an angel, god, devined, amazing, can act in any role. And this is true because you’ve met these “many fans” yourself.

        From now on, try to speak for yourself and yourself only. I know this can be hard for some people but do the world a favor and do try. Everyone is their own person and is capable of stating their opinions. No one needs you, alluka, to represent them.

      22. @lidge (use QQ to access and view the topics)
        Search for some youtube clips about 白子画

        Here are the “many fans” I have seen and met. Thanks. I dont represent them, I introduce them to you as you required.

        And looking back to my words:
        “Saying of Wallace Huo, I still think he is so odd for both of his recent adapted series. For Huo Tian Gu, he looks nothing close to a highly fairy man (partly due to the costume) and in the trailer, he kept a wry smile. For Close your eyes and he came, he is nothing close to the description of the character in the novel. He isnt tall enough, thin, black face all time. And the hairdo is such a disappointment.

        I was so looking forward to Close your eyes and he came so it seems to be a disappointment to me when seeing his look.”

        And then I kept repeating that I THINK that WH isnt suitable. You have the problem with I told you “ I knew many novel fans do not like WH as the character, you say have fans like WH as the character.”. Ok, please see the above links. I dont track all the links but when I tried to put it on google, I found quite a lot of discussions to say that WH ruined BJH and BJY.

        I hope it is enough for you.

        I dont need to meet ““many fans” think like you that Wallace is an angel, god, divined, amazing, can act in any role”. Only you is enough.

        Such a meh discussion. It is hard to discuss with someone who dont go to the core but always try to drive it to a personal attack. Why cant you protect your precious WH by proving how good he looks and how suitable he is comparing to the novel characters. Or you can prove that his acting can save the look. Or even saying that the version in the series and novel are different like funn lim. It is a better way to discuss rather than keep asking me about proving many fans. See, I proved for you and out of my expectation, there are more ppl than I thought.

        Overall, I think if you continue to discuss that way, I dont want to discuss with you again. Please see the links or find more links.

        Good day.

      23. @lidge I have sent you links but you will have to wait for it to be approved. It is under moderation due to the links.

        And would you please respect the name enough to call it in full Close your eyes and he came? I know the name is such a stupid translation of 他来了,请闭眼 but if you can type the name out, mind you type it in full? You have missed 他来了.

      24. @alluka

        Your links show some people who don’t support Wallace as BZH. This is only a fraction of the tens of millions of readers so hardly “many fans.” What do these links prove when there are also groups that support Wallace?

        My challenge still stands, you attempt to mislead people by implying that there’s a large number of people that don’t support Wallace. Again, these vocal groups don’t represent the tens of millions of readers.

        Hua Qian Gu will air next week. The ratings will prove if people support Wallace or not. And when Close Your Eyes air, the ratings will also prove if people support Wallace or not. That’s a factual indicator used by everyone to gauge viewership interest and how much viewers support certain actors. Well, everyone except you.

        Since you insist on being a stickler for spelling, can you at least spell the names right first yourself? For example, it’s The Journey of Flower or Hua Qian Gu, not HTJ/Huo Tian Gu/HJG.

        I didn’t want to use Close Your Eyes and He Came because I feel the English translated title is bad, but I didn’t want to criticize the production team on this because they might not be good with English so I let that slide. However, if it’s incredibly important to you, I’ll make sure to say Close Your Eyes and He Came instead of Close Your Eyes. I’m not sure what spelling bad English titles correctly have to do with your insistence that “many fans” don’t support Wallace anyway.

      25. @lidge You asked for the people who dont like him as those characters and I provided to you. I dont think there are only ten or eleven.

        You still keep drive the topic Away from what I intend to discuss, So I wont continue with you. I provided what you wants and you can deny all want. I said that I know you are angry at what.

        I said about the name because “he came” refers to the last case. That’s all.

      26. @alluka

        alluka, they are not ten or eleven, but that’s not “many fans” considering that the total readership of the novels are in the tens of millions. Where’s the huge outcry against Wallace from the millions of fans of the novels?? There’s none, only vocal groups here and there that don’t support Wallace, but that happens with every dramas and every actors.

        Just because SOME fans think a certain way doesn’t mean MANY fans believe that. See the difference in meaning?? Yet, you mislead people by saying “many fans” don’t support Wallace. Your example only show SOME fans, not MANY fans, which you keep on insisting.

        Let scientific proof, ie ratings which is determined by viewership, show whether fans truly support Wallace or not. Vocal groups online opposing Wallace mean nothing when there are also people supporting him. Don’t need to look for for evidence. Just look here between you and me.

        Like I said, if you are a stickler for spelling and proper English grammar, please apply the requirement to yourself first before requiring other people to do the same.

      27. @lidge Thanks. You finally understand that here only have you and me and this pointless discussion.

        SOME and MANY, please state the difference. To me, SOME = 10. Im sure there are more than 10, so I keep the word MANY. If in your order, SOME = 10000 or 100000, then you can replace the word MANY in my post to SOME for your own purpose.

        I even have to say that Im a fan and that cant satisfy you. What else do you want? Link? I provided and I counted of at least 8 topics with around 1000 answers about how The journey of the flower is ruined, plus the weiboers complained about the LOOK of WH in The journey of the flower. In the baidu bar of The journey of the flower, there are topics about the LOOK. SOME (if you like this word) said that WH looks worse than the coser Xiao Xiao Bai in the role.

        You like to say about the rating, fine. If the rating is 1 for example, it means 1% of Chinese watched the series. 99% left. How many of them disagree with WH and how many of them dont care for either The journey of the flower and Close your eyes and he came, can you have the statics? I use 1 because 1 is the start of good rating standard.

        You want to see a huge outcry? Lolz. What do you expect them to do? To protest or to sue the producer? Girl, I dont think anyone will be that crazy over WH. They only go to internet to whine a little and then go back to get a life. Same to the supporters. Do you think a Singaporean (for example) fan will immigrate China in order to increase the viewership? Oh no, they only stay at home and download the free films, then go to forums/sites/weibos/baidu/etc. to show the support.

        You asked for other people other than me think WH looks odd to the roles and I showed you, then you still argue something out of the topic.

        Im not a stickler for English grammar. Im using pidgin English. Ok? I feel funny because a fan like you is even dun bother to have the name right. I dont require any person to get the name correct. I require you – a diehard fan – to get the name correct.

        Now I totally understand why the fans of Xiao Xiao Bai got mad that much. Ok, it is quite irrelevant so I keep it for myself.

      28. @alluka

        alluka, you claim “many fans” don’t support Wallace as BZH/BJY. I challenged the validity of your claim of “many fans.” You posted links to some vocal groups and individual weibo users. These links do not show the “many fans” of which you speak of who don’t support Wallace, just some fans.

        alluka, SOME does not equal to 10 people and MANY does not mean more than 10 people. If you don’t know the meanings of certain English words, please make the effort to look the words up to make sure you understand the meanings clearly before using them. That way, you can save yourself the time of having to passionately defend something of which you do not understand clearly. This will also not waste other people’s time like my time who challenge you on what you say only to find out much later that you’ve strange ideas on what you mean to say.

        The standard benchmark used worldwide to gauge viewers’ support for TV dramas and actors is ratings. Yet, you say ratings don’t mean anything. Your refute mathematical statistics like ratings but have no problems defending your opinions with vague statements like “many fans” think like you and you’ve met these people.

        I’m a fan of the novel, not a fan of the badly translated English title of 他来了,请闭眼. What does it matter if I shorten it to Close Your Eyes as long as you know which drama and novel I’m talking about since that’s what our discussion is focused on?

        Who are you to require me or anyone else for that matter to do anything? You criticize the production team of Close Your Eyes about their choice of the English title. You criticize me because I don’t feel like typing out a badly translated English title over and over.

        Before you impose requirements on other people, please have the decency to impose some requirements on yourself first. If I may suggest, you can start by looking up what “many” means in English before you use it to discredit Wallace Huo as BZH/BJY.

      29. @lidge I dont think I can have anything to talk to you anymore. I said all in previous posts with SOME repeat. Im not a cow so I dont want to repeat again and again something I have said. If you are bored, you can re-read them until you can get my statements. I agree that we disagree And I cant explain to you. Case solve.

      30. @alluka

        alluka, I’ll take you at your word that you’re not a cow. This is because all the cows I know don’t know how to type so they won’t try to discredit Wallace Huo by saying “many fans” don’t support Wallace as BZH/BJY because he looks odd. Cows have better things to do with their time, like chewing grass and moo-ing.

        I’ll spend my time however I wish. If I need your suggestions as to what to do when I’m bored, I’ll ask. Until then, do refrain from offering any suggestions.

        If you feel the need to explain anything, please make sure to use the dictionary first to check carefully whatever English words you don’t know. That way, you won’t waste your time and other people’s time in a merry-go-round discussion that go nowhere.

      31. @lidge Thanks but I think I dont need to waste my time with something boring like asking for your suggestion.

        I will keep my word “MANY” for this case. I quit the discussion with you because I know I cant explain to a rock.

      32. @alluka

        alluka, the word “many” does not mean anything that’s more than 10, at least not on planet Earth. Why do you like to embarrass yourself by insisting on using English words that you don’t understand?

        Please also look up the word “quit” too. You say you want to quit yet you keep on replying to me. That’s not what quit means.

        alluka, little kids resort to calling people names because they are not capable of coherent thoughts. Their brains have not formed fully so they are not capable of backing up what they want to say with facts like mature adults. Have your parents never taught you that when you call people names, the only thing it does is reflect badly on you and your upbringing?

        I don’t understand why you insist on wasting your time trying to discredit Wallace Huo online when you can better spend the time educating yourself so you can at least understand simple English terms, such as what “many” means. That way, when you called upon to explain what you mean by saying “many fans,” you are not forced to resort to using a low tactic like name-callling like a little kid and embarrass yourself.

  8. When the scandal broke 2 or 3 yrs ago that Viann cheated on Li Chen with a Mr. Huo, the paparazzi asked Wallace what his relationship was with Viann. At that time, Wallace said he didn’t know who Vianna was. The paparrazi followed Wallace for a year and the only thing they caught him doing was going to McDonald’s for ice cream. Yesterday at the press conference for Wallace’s upcoming drama The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu), Wallace said again that this rumor is not true when asked about Viann. Wallace is not the only Mr. Huo in the world, and he’s said that he’s not involved with this dramatic crowd in any way! It’s time to put an end to this rumor that Wallace is the Mr. Huo who lured Viann from Li Chen. From the personality he’s shown over the years, I believe Wallace has better sense than to get involved with a childish drama queen like Viann.

    Personally, I’m a firm believer in the saying “we are judged by the company we keep.” I didn’t have an opinion on Li Chen, but I can’t say I think highly of him considering how he was once involved with a childish drama queen like Viann. According to Viann’s friend, he was so in love with Viann that he was about to ask her to marry him and buy her a house in the US.

    Li Chen and Viann could’ve easily spoken up that their mess have nothing to do with Wallace Huo, that Wallace isn’t that “Mr. Huo.” Yet, all they’ve done is drag Wallace into their mess and never bothered to clear this up.

    Viann’s childish drama queen antics have shown what type of person she is. From this recent scandal, I can’t say Li Chen acted in a gentleman manner either. He only needed to say that he was single when he began his relationship with Fan BingBing, no need to bring up the past that Viann cheated on him. Not to mention all their friends who speak up trying to discredit the other side, and the ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends of these friends who jump into the argument. In this case, “birds of a feather do flock togher.”

  9. This is the longest debate I have seen on Jayne Stars. I can’t wait to watch both dramas. Let’s wait to see if majority of the fans will think that Wallace Huo plays his roles well in these two dramas. Of course there will be some people who won’t like them for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s hard to find actors/actresses who match 100% of the books/scripts’ descriptions/personalities of the characters.

    1. @dramas4me I only need to match 80%. Such as Ma Si Chun (90% in my opinion) or Zhao Li Ying (the look is 80% match). 100% is rare. Sometimes, just need to match 50% and the acting will cover the later 50%.

      1. @funnlim I think he will do fine. He looks great in both ancient and modern dramas. I don’t care for his hair style in “Inside or Outside” – the curly hair, parted too much on one side. It didn’t suit him that well. I hope he will make more modern dramas in the future. Thanks

  10. Viann is bad for business. Spoiled and vindictive. Use you, abuse you, leave you and badmouth you.

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