Linda Chung and Ruco Chan Hang Mid-Air in “Big Wheel”

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) were filming on location at Kowloon Bay (九龍灣) for TVB drama, Big Wheel <巨輪>.

In one scene, Linda has to climb down from a tall building to escape from gangsters, and is stuck hanging onto an air conditioner. As she is about to fall to her death, Ruco arrives in time to rescue her. In order to escape, the couple hugged each other tightly, and jumped from the building onto a delivery truck.

This is not Linda’s first time performing a stunt where she has been suspended in mid-air, but this scene required her to hang from 3 stories high. She was screaming from time-to-time, and needed to take breaks to calm down during filming. Linda had a stunt double for some shots of the scene, but in the most dangerous scene, she chose to jump with Ruco onto a delivery truck.

When the crew was hoisted them up on the wires, Linda appeared to be very nervous. Luckily, the scene was finally completed when Linda and Ruco bravely landed without any injuries.  The crew and the production team applauded Linda and Ruco for a job well done.

Earlier, Linda revealed that the story of the new drama is set around the 1990s. She borrowed some her of mother’s old clothing from the era to wear during filming. She said, “My mom is happy to be my fashion consultant and told me to chose whatever I like.  She even took pictures of her 90s wardrobe and sent it to me.”

As for filming the dangerous wire-suspension scene, Linda said she had a similar experience while filming an ancient drama, but this time it felt more real. She said, “I treat it like it’s free bungee jumping at an amusement park.”

In addition, Ruco praised Linda for being professional. Appearing in several police dramas, Ruco had experience with many action scenes.  Ruco also revealed there will be quite a few car-chasing scenes in the new drama. The martial arts team from Shaw Brothers was responsible for the wire suspension scenes, which gave Ruco assurance.


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    1. Nope, she did made an attempt or more of a parody of Ip Man in the TVB movie “72 tenants of prosperity”.

      Her wing chun was very bad even worst than Kevin. She could prolly hit me a 100 times without me getting injured, haha. Guess she can’t play kung fu series but perhaps wuxia one where she can fly and use her internal energy, LOL

      1. Speaking about Linda made an attempt of IP man in 72 Tenants of prosperity.. I remember in the newspaper that Eric Tsang was so mad at her because she couldn’t do any kungfu action at all until many NGs were made.

      2. No wonder cos it was very bad unless that’s the point which I doubt.

        Just like the one with Louis Koo, but he tried to be funny, LOL

      3. I remember that. I thought she was ok. It was comedy. So no wushu series yet? Because TVB hasn’t made a proper wushu series yet.

      4. I would love to see some quality wushu series, but it ain’t happening unless TVB invite some real martial artists to play lead roles.

        In case they should do a wushu version of the “kick-ass” movie starring fat wolf, LOL

  1. May I say Linda’s smile in the above picture is sweet. She looks best in pictures when she is caught unaware and a picture taken.

  2. I remember seeing a picture of linda’s mom. If I’m not wrong, she was tall and pretty too, no wonder linda can wear her clothes from when she’s young.

  3. She looks very sweet! I do not hv good impression of her last time. As time passes, I like her more.

  4. Applause to Linda/Ruco!
    Appreciate their hard work, professionalism and dedication.

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