Linda Chung Confirmed for TVB’s “Children’s Hospital”

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) is confirmed to star in TVB’s upcoming medical drama Children’s Hospital <兒童醫院>, which is slated to begin filming in July.

Children’s Hospital will be Linda Chung’s first TVB drama since 2018’s Another Era <再創世紀>, in which she played a guest role. Linda has been on an acting hiatus since giving birth to daughter Kelly in 2016 and son Jared in 2018. Her last drama as lead actress was 2016’s K9 Cop <警犬巴打>, which was filmed right before her marriage to non-celebrity Jeremy Leung in 2015. Children’s Hospital will be Linda’s official comeback to television. According to reports, she will be paid 3 million Hong Kong dollars to film the 30-episode series.

Also confirmed to star alongside Linda is Catherine Chau, in which Children’s Hospital will be her first TVB drama in eight years. Her last TVB drama was 2012’s The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>. Some of Catherine’s most recent works include Viu TV dramas Maragaret & David – Green Bean <瑪嘉烈與大衛系列綠豆> and The Gutter <歎息橋>.

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Him Law (羅仲謙) will co-star in the series with Linda and Catherine. Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) has confirmed that he is in talks to join the cast. If casted, Children’s Hospital will be Kevin’s first TVB drama since 2017’s Destination Nowhere <>.

Ali Lee (李佳芯) is among the rumored cast. Ali, who was pulled out of several sequels due to a social media controversy that had her temporarily frozen by TVB, did not confirm the casting, but did imply that she is in talks to film a new drama.

Children’s Hospital is produced by Ben Fong (方俊華) with a script helmed by Pun Man-hung (潘漫紅). It is regarded as one of two blockbuster medical dramas TVB has planned for 2021, the other being Big White Duel 2 <白色強人II>, which begins production in October.

Sources: TOPick, Ming Pao

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  1. Kenneth is going to be in both hospital dramas? He doesn’t have that “brilliant” look to be a doctor. I know he has played many doctor roles, but it was always a bit of a stretch that is overlooked because these shows are more about relationship drama.

    And Linda? Nopity nope.

    1. @potatochip Agree. KM is good for “lan chai” role like Taxi Meters. For a highly respectful “chok,” nah. Even with the green-hat scandal, I can’t see him that. The green-hat is his blessing in disguise.

      Back on article, if Linda is a main character, it’s definitely a pass for me and everyone. Can she just fades? Doubtful though since her mullet husband is a relative of a TVB executive no?

  2. She’s worth that kinda money? No wonder she hangs on to TVB. That’s still good money for an overrated actress.

  3. My world just came crashing down on me. What a piece of shiatty bad news! And why is KM in every medical drama. He’s an overrated actor. Double yucks for this drama. And Him Law again? Go back to China!

  4. tvb Is well-known for being miserly. I don’t really think they will pay that type of money to even the likes of Andy Lau or Louis Koo let alone Linda. However I don’t mind her returning though.

  5. Honestly is her acting that great to worth that money!? She seems like A list actress or even singer from the article.
    I think catherine will overshadow linda in this drama.
    2 medical drama for KM to air next year.. no other actors in TVB beside KM?
    Should pair raymond lam & linda chung instead since RL is back to TVB

    What happen to Ali? Isn’t there an earlier news about Ali in this drama?

    1. @bennyjr as much as I would love this to be true, I don’t think Raymond Lam returned to TVB. I like Linda & Raymond as a couple though!

    2. @bennyjr
      Actually Linda and Raymond Lam dated before and haven’t been seen on screen together since the break up

      Also Linda is an A list actress. She’s been lead actress in dramas and movies more than Catherine.
      Catherine joined tvb first but always played side character until last few years where people left tvb and they had no one to play the female lead

      1. @iby1ng linda & raymond lam dated before? I thought it was just rumours.
        Both married shouldn’t be awkward to act together as a pair

  6. Oft so much hate for Linda why? Is it cuz of her acting? In my opinion I don’t mind her presence on screen but her acting needs improvement. I’d rather her on screen than other people like Sisley, Grace Chan… And Idk who else.

  7. The whole cast is not interesting except for Ali Lee and Kevin Cheng if they are casted…

  8. I don’t think she’s worth of that much money plus she’s not even a tv queen so how can she worth the money? I really wished they bring back Leila Tong I really missed seeing her on screen. I remember her and Raymond Lam in that drama not sure what the name called it’s about doctors and they have to travel to Africa for work? I think they look cute but that time Raymond are not that good looking yet.

    1. @cutie777 I remember that drama. Old good drama. Raymond acted better when he wasn’t that good looking yet.
      One obvious reason from not that good looking to good looking. But many in denial that raymond had surgery done.

      1. @bennyjr that’s right he’s got some plastic surgery done and I believed he also bleached his skin because I remember his skin color were very dark just like Louis Koo when he first joined Tvb and he was a little bit chubby too now he’s all skinny. Like I said it would be nice if they can bring back Leila Tong she can act any roles easily. Leila should worth of those kind of money than Linda for sure.

    1. What I’m tired of is how certain actors and singers get dumped on while the creme de la creme cant sing or act their way out of a paper bag and they are so heavenly and wonderful. Linda’s acting and singers is no worst than most. I dont see five realky good actors or singers from Hong Kong. And the actor singer combo, even less.

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