Linda Chung: “I Considered Dating Raymond Lam!”

Maintaining her pure image after 8 years in the entertainment industry, Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) love rumors only circulated around Raymond Lam (林峯) and Philip Ng (伍允龍). After filming Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓)>, Linda and Raymond’s rumors spread so intensely, leading even insiders to wonder if they were truly a couple. Fans wished that their onscreen romance would turn into a real-life courtship as well. Due to the strength of the rumors, even Linda had also considered dating Raymond!

Chose Philip Ng Over Raymond Lam?

Raymond  Lam was Linda’s most heavily rumored costar after filming Moonlight Resonance in 2006. Linda recollected, “Every newspaper said that we were physically compatible. The rumors almost forced us to date, making me truly consider–for a moment–whether I should try dating Raymond Lam? It was only a moment in time!” However, Linda’s thought disappeared as quickly as it surfaced, stating that she realized she did not have this feeling anymore. “Why did it not work? I truly do not know! Dating is about feelings; I truly do not have such feelings. How can we date?”

Although Linda did not elaborate on the reasons why she did not end up dating Raymond, perhaps meeting Philip Ng in 2007 on the set of  Love Is Not All Around <十分愛> may have been partially the reason. Linda and Philip’s romantic rumors have only gained in strength over the last 5 years. Although broke-up rumors surfaced earlier, Linda only replied, “He (Philip) is a very trustworthy man. Our relations are very harmonious!”

Linda added that she never told Raymond how she felt. Linda indicated that she was slow in getting to know her costars. “Although I have filmed 4 dramas with Steven Ma (馬浚偉), we only got to know each other more in our recent collaborations. Why would I tell Raymond? I definitely did not have a crush on Raymond; please do not misunderstand! I am only colleagues and friends with him!”

Raymond Lam Pleased By Linda Chung’s Admission

When Raymond learned of Linda considering dating him, he said, “I felt the same way!  This is very normal. My heart will be moved too. Our characters were very popular during Moonlight Resonance. It was very successful! To us, this was a television masterpiece, especially the first installment. There were many dating scenes–especially in Heart of Greed–it was as if we were dating everyday at work!”

Although both Raymond and Linda possessed good feelings towards each other, they both dismissed the feelings after the drama ended. Raymond explained, “We were immersed in our roles! After immersing in the role, you have to pull yourself out of it.” Adding that future sparks may appear in their next collaboration, Raymond extricated himself gracefully from additional speculation.

A Purity Untouched

In an earlier interview, Steven spoke about his three good friends, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Fala Chen (陳法拉), and Linda Chung, whom he regarded as god-sisters. Steven praised Tavia for her straightforward and independent character, Fala for improving in her communications and adaptability, and Linda for her purity. While he felt that Linda’s personality was a rarity to be treasured–especially in the entertainment industry–Steven was concerned that Linda’s naivete will not survive outside the “greenhouse” of TVB.

Indeed, it appeared as if Linda’s purity remained untouched despite being in the entertainment industry for 8 years. Pointing to her clean and “boring” image, Linda professed that she was never asked on a dinner date with wealthy businessman. She never saw the “dark side” of the entertainment industry that was popularly rumored. She added, “It’s not because I did not wish to go; I also wanted to go and see where to eat these meals and what was served!”

Linda pointed to her bland image as being unable to generate more interesting news. “When I see reporters, I feel that there are not many negative rumors they can ask me. My news often revolved around my frugality, being good, and working hard and falling sick! I also wish to have a rumored costar to earn money at shows! Wouldn’t that be great? Ha ha!”

Adapting to Life in Hong Kong


Winning the 2004 Miss Chinese International crown at 18 years old, Linda professed that she was very shy initially while communicating with other people. Since Linda had relied on her parents, elder brother, and elder sister in Canada while growing up, she was homesick for a long period of time, crying each time she thought of her father. “When I first entered TVB, I took every job because I lacked security. When one drama after another was released, the frequent output made me feel better.”

In her initial years at TVB, Linda considered whether she should quit the entertainment industry. At 22-years-old, she decided to remain at TVB, as her communications skills with other people improved. In addition, the popularity of her character in Heart of Greed <溏心風暴> gave her more confidence that there was promise in her acting career. “If I were to return to Canada, I can only become an elementary school teacher. It will definitely not be as colorful as in Hong Kong.”

Critics have continued to praise Linda’s acting skills in recent years, stating that she was ready to win the TV Queen title. Despite lacking confidence in prior years, Linda’s new goal was to strive towards the TVB Best Actress Award. “I did not say that I have to win the Best Actress Award this year, but at least compete in this category. I am not saying that I am Number 1 Sister, but rather it is necessary to have confidence in myself. Confidence makes things possible.”

In the entertainment industry, Linda’s friends were few. “Leanne Li (李亞男), Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Philip Ng are my good friends. Now, there is also Steven Ma and ‘Daddy’ Ha Yu (夏雨)!”

Observing A Man For 2 Years Before Dating

Perhaps Linda’s public image was a reflection of her true-life personality, which tended to be conservative. She preferred to observe a friend for two years before dating a man. “When I date, I wish to get married! However, how many men are willing to be friends with me for 2 years?” Although she had just turned 28 years old, Linda was not concerned that she will become a “leftover woman.” Her parents in Canada were not anxious either, cautioning her to consider carefully first.

While Linda’s acting skills continued to show improvement and her crying scenes were especially able to move the audience, she envisioned retiring 10 years later. “I hope I will not be acting at that time, changing into a new role. Aside from my husband and baby, my family can live close to my house, so we can take care of each other!” Prioritizing her health, Linda added that it was important to experience different stages in life in order to grow and mature.

Sources: Sudden Weekly #872 via, The Sun via, Sudden Weekly #873 via, The Sun via

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Jayne: Wow, a lot of Linda interviews recently. Perhaps TVB arranged all these interviews for her prior to her vacation in Canada, in order to promote Daddy Good Deeds. Since Steven Ma is no longer with TVB, all the interviews fell on Linda’s shoulders. 

Glad to hear that her friendship with Philip Ng is still “harmonious.” Perhaps she had put Raymond Lam on observation as a friend for 2 years, which was Linda’s habit, when she met Philip around the same time in 2007. Thus, her potential with Raymond did not develop further. They sound happy recollecting about their “love feelings” while filming “Moonlight Resonance” though.

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  1. She looks cute as a kid, so why when all grown up there is NOT ONE decent photoshoot? Her hair! She needs to do something about her hair.

    And since Ray and her is like admitting openly about once liking each other, is this a sign that

    a. they’re now truly good friends;
    b. signals to one another to woo one another again?

    I mean come on Linda, get on with Ray because only you can make him decent. Forget all the PSS and whatever. RL and LC aka RLC – even their initials match.

    Is that a bandage dress?

    And is that her mom? Truth be told, mommy is prettier.

    And remember the underarm thing? See! See! Fair and lovely.

      1. Looks better than the “sexy” ones that were shown before..

      1. This is more like a music career -saving move to attached LF into this.We are knew that she had not have any hit songs probably for the past 4 years and had been drop by her previous music company Neway. Telling the world that she had no feel towards LF is a disgrace. LF would not have stick to plastic bimbo pss if linda accepted her. This is all her fault.Her career starts fading after she dated Philip

    1. Funn,

      I say option b. Maybe Linda’s finally giving ray the green light. 😀
      Now if only that pesky Philip would get out of the picture.

      1. Tabloids had indicate Linda is the third party of the scandal on the lawyer

    2. option c: don’t care about LF anymore after the infamous “mavis gate”

      He prolly didn’t pass her probation due to his love for plastics, LOL.

      1. My guessing is Linda was too naive to believe all the sweet talks from LF thus leading her to believe LF is a prince charming..but after the incident with the plastic Mavis, she holds back sort of..

        But I dont get why she has to tell the media that she thought of dating LF before, I find it unnecessary imo.

      2. Because it might be a sign 😛 that something will be revealed soon. Exoidus will jump to the sky if one day something he can’t accept happen. Poor him. I saw such thing many times. First, they denied. Second, they half admitted. Third, they finally revealed. Many news will come during each step.

        Bonus point: Linda is naive? I don’t think so. Not at all. She is in the ent. industry not for one day and if she is really naive, how can she survive? In ent. industry, just revealed/revealing/will reveal.

      3. I presume someone jumped the roof during the Mavis saga 😛

      4. I now blv you are going to do such thing, exoidus =)). Or you are doing after reading this news.

        And Gillian was supposed to be Naive queen =)).

      5. Yeah, nobody can win over Gillian for her pure image. She’s the typical image of good girls in the ent. industry.

      1. She might even start being an Alfred and start writing a diary of “days without LF” 😀

    3. Looks like a Herve Leger bandage dress, yes.

      I don’t think she’s signalling to RL. Why would she do that in an interview when they are good friends?

    4. c. they both know the ship has passed, and as I’ve said before, doubt Linda will touch Ray with a 10-foot-pole given Mavis Gate, and I used to be a Rayda shipper.

      I remember watching Linda’s mom and her on an interview back in Linda’s early days; her mom really is very pretty!

      1. Cross fingers and wait together, Bridget. The best show hasn’t been revealed yet.

      2. P/S: She has the look from her mother which is a good thing for her. BTW, do you think her mother looks resemble to Gigi Wong?

      3. @Fox, I don’t know what to think if the best show is revealed. Like I said I used to be a Rayda shipper, but Ray acted like such a moron after Mavis Gate that I’m glad he took a break from filming TVB series.

        I don’t think Linda’s mother looks like Gigi Wong… she does look like another veteran actress and her name is escaping me!

      4. @Bridget: I don’t get why you say “he took a break from filming TVB series.”? His new contract gave him more freedom on TVB series (1 series/1 year). But it doesn’t mean that he had any break.

        I’m not a Rayda shipper but I thought they look quite matchy. However, I don’t think he really that into Linda, even during their dated time. Lol, and funny that many ppl think Linda won’t touch him after Mavis scandal but the fact is that she is suddenly mentioning of him (this article). Now who is touching who :P?

      5. Yeah, LF never suddenly came from nowhere mentioning Linda’s name, he only answer questions related to her.

        Linda must learned a lot from Mavis. Maybe she phoned Mavis and ask for the tactic then adapt it. LOL Anyway, she used to get a lot of publicity from her rumors with LF anyway. He has always be more famous than her. I still rmb there was times that newspaper wrote about LF went shopping with his cousins and they posted a big pic of Linda with the question: “What will Linda think about that?” – which is totally irrelevant. Linda must have been missing those days so much.

      6. I think her mother looks like vivian chow.
        Linda tried to learn from Ma Ming?

    5. @Funn:

      A long time ago Raymond said in an interview that he treat Linda as little sister “sai moei”.

      When he say that, I truely believe that she is not his cup of tea 🙂

      I mean, If a guy said this to me, He is not THAT in to me….

      1. Well, apparently RL’s type is Mavis so… Pretty obvious that Linda’s not really his type.

      2. Look at the face I don’t think so. PSS and Linda share the same type of face: Small, quite long, big eyes, not too pretty but look sweet. Rain Li also belongs to this type. Plus, all of them often have long straight hair in a ponnytail.

      3. @ Fox,

        I don’t think so. I see no similarities between Mavis and Linda. Mavis is a (manufactured) bombshell while Linda has a very, uhm, straight up and down body. As for ponytails, you do realise that 99% of women with long hair have it in ponytails occasionally?

        As for:
        “Small, quite long, big eyes, not too pretty but look sweet”

        You could be describing any woman in the entertainment industry!

        Sorry. I will chose to think his type is someone who’s a confirmed (ex)girlfriend over someone he’s was only speculated with because the fans went frenzy over their pairing in a show.

        And I sure as hell don’t get this incremental confession about how they USED to date. If it was incremental revelation to how they ARE dating, that I would understand.

      4. I also think LC, Rain and PSS shared a lot of similarities, just PSS’s body is more curvie. Their faces come from the same category. LF’s taste is obvious, he doesnt like girls with sharp face, he’s more into those pretty lovey ones, sometimes plain, with tall figures.

      5. Both of Rain and Lf passed the step “We dated before” :p. Recently Rain aaid such thing more than twice. So Rain isn’t a fan pairing or a rumour but in the stage of ex with him.

        If you dont look at PSS with her body but focus on the face only you will see that she has sweet face, very typical of LF’s taste (including Linda). Im on cellphone now so I cant go to her weibo to show you her pux. Maybe you are too impressed with ger sexy image and S shape. PSS isnt a career oriented girl at max but her faults are her quick fame. Btw in China now all the hot girls if wannabe stars mostly went hrough same road with her, even worse. For exampke even pure face Jingtian was sexy model for online game. Linda if was Chinese wont have difference lol.

        Yes I dun think Linda is naive.

      6. @loekie:

        A guy can say “I think of her as a sister” but he really means – someone else’s sister! 😉

        As for LF’s taste, I agree that he prefers slender long-haired girls w/ angel face… if she has devil body, that’s just a bonus.

      7. Dunno why my post is wait for moderation. Maybe I’ve to wait for Jayne to approve it.

        @advo: Here is PSS’s weibo. You can view her pictures here and not all the time she has sexy pictures. Her normal pictures are very feminine and pretty.

        And look at her childhood picture: I think she didn’t change much. She still has the same features on face with now, such as the eyes, the mouth and the faces.

      8. Hey, and Rose Chan was said tobe the third party in LF-Mavis relationship, she sure has Linda’s face!

    6. I think she looks nice in the above photos, photoshopped though.

      I thought she was really pretty in her MCI pageant photos but she gets more and more plain by the year.

      I think she is pretty but her long face shape probably doesn’t age well?

  2. Are they talking about “Heart of Greed” or “Moonlight Resonance”?

    1. When Raymond said “there were many dating scenes; it was as if we were dating everyday at work”, it sounds to me as if he was talking about Heart of Greed because i don’t re-call them having much dating scenes in Moonlight Resonance.

      1. Simplitee, Sure-Lee, Sandcherry

        I modified Raymond’s statement to note that he stated that it was Heart of Greed that had more dating scenes.

      2. In HOG scene. LF had more quarrel scenes with Linda than dating scene

    2. She is talking about Moonlight Resonance. He is talking about Heart of Greed. I think he loved her in Heart of Greed and she loved him in Moonlight Resonance.

      1. Love is an exaggeration. Sounds to me like they were immersed into their roles and due to public pressure considered dating the other person. But more importantly, they NEVER approached each other about the idea of dating. Which tells me they can’t have had that strong feelings for each other.

  3. Linda is such a sweet and humble girl, and still is; proud that she’s from Vancouver. The thing is though, I feel like her acting has… deteriorated? I was watching some of her recent clips in dramas and I just, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the tvb scripts for characters, but I’ve lost interest in her acting. Wonder if she will sign with the other CTI company one day

  4. Those pics above are really good pic of Linda, she looks dazzling with nice figure.. and her kid photos also look cute, her mom has nice feature.

    1. Photoshop helped. Turning from the pix you knew (and claimed as bad pix) to these pix.

      1. sure photoshop helps alot to achieve such pics but I believe LInda is also strikingly pretty and slim in person.

      2. She lacks of curve. Her body is a little bit masculine.

  5. Linda Chung is not very pretty anyway. Also I think it is time for her to change her hair style. A good artiste should always change her look to suit every character.

  6. i don’t know but i still think they dated before

    1. Well, they said it’s like dating at work. Sounds like a nice perk to the job- “date” your costar w/ no strings attached.

    2. Inside info said they dated :P. Just that they aren’t in the step of revealing “We dated before but it dun last long”. Maybe few years later will come to this step.

      1. What kind of inside info? If that’s true I don’t get these interviews where they talk about their past ~feelings for each other. If you can open up and talk about how you were crushing on each other, then what’s the big deal about just admitting that you did date?!

      2. Quite accurate.

        There are something more than “feeling” – 1. companies; 2. fans; 3. public; 4. career

        After seeing too many “rumours” are accurate, I now blv that if they say “We are just friends”, it means “We are dating”. If they say “We have feeling with each other”, means “We broke up in peace”. If they say “We dated before”, means “We (or one party) need some public stunt”.

      3. If they are just friend, the statement will be “Hey dude, they are telling that we are dating! Do you think we are really dating?”

        The asmosphere will tell.

      4. @Hannah: Moses and Aimee in my opinion is a rare case of “We dated before” but in the term of “We are dating” :P.

      5. I’m curious Fox. If you’re inside info is correct, when would Ray and Linda have dated? During or right after HOG, since it sounds like she started with Phillip in ’07. Even then, it could’ve only lasted a a few months right.

    3. Yeah, wait few years later, after they completely broken up or divorced, they’d talk about when they were in love.

      1. Or maybe when they decide to announce marriage. 😛

      2. Linda had a break in Canada in 2009 or 2010, 3 months if I rmb rite :P.

  7. Linda’s mother is so pretty. Little Linda is so adorable. Gotta Love Linda!

  8. I just knew they liked each other! Just that neither had the guts to make the 1st move.

    1. I think it was LF who can’t wait for 2 years being under probation. Linda mentioned in the interview that she has observe a guy atleast for 2 years before becoming her bf.

      1. Yeah, could be or he was pretending to go along with Linda’s terms, but was playing plastic dolls behind her back, LOL

        Run Linda run away from plastic Ray…

      2. Does/Did she want to run away, that’s the matter :P.

      3. I don’t think she did want to run away, and she played Kungfu guy behind his back LOL. There was even a long article about it 🙂

      4. She is missing the days when their name always linked together. That is the only answer for why she is telling ‘I considered dating RL’.

      5. Well, 2 yrs probation is kinda long. Besides interview and background check, does she make the guy take written exam too?

        Or maybe this observation period is just a method of juggling multiple suitors? Like keep one guy hooked, one guy on hold, and one more guy on backup.

      6. I also find 2yrs extremely long for “observation”, I guess she was implying to those guys who aren’t her type..I doubt she’ll wait for 2 yrs for a guy she likes.

      7. She said 2 years but it can be 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, all depends on her.

      8. She’s probably just emphasising that she is hard to get.

  9. These pix look better than the previous ones. Can see that her body is retouched. Uhm, to say that Linda is a natural beauty (assume) but she also need photoshop to make herself prettier. Can it be considered as natural anymore?

    But I like the kid pic of Linda. She has the look from her mother.

    1. Which of these celebrity photos wasn’t retouched? lol. I still believe LInda is really pretty in person and slim, the photoshop effects was just a finishing touch to enhanced the effect.

      1. Above statement is a sarcasm LOL. Don’t tell me that you don’t understand what I’m referring to :P.

        The functions’ photos are not retouched :P.

        BTW, I’m commenting about her BODY. So pretty or not, not really related.

      2. To me, photoshop, make up, and plastic surgery are the same, all for the purpose of making oneself look fakely more beautiful in others’ eyes. Just this is temporary, the other is permanent. If anyone wants natural beauty, tell all celebrities to stay away from make up and photoshop as well.

  10. At least Linda Chung is newsworthy. I remember fans of a certain actress were complaining how there was no press coverage for her when her series aired, lol

    Anyway, Linda strikes me as a girl-next-door. I’m sensing that the news are to help Linda break out of her goody-two-shoes image. We might get to see her an evil role, keke

  11. She needs to mention his attraction towards LF to make some publicity after her breakup rumor. I read somewhere she got depression?

    1. It was mentioned in some article about Steven Ma. If i remembered correctly, Steven said she had her down point at around the time when they were filming Ghost Writer (mid 2009?)..

    2. It’s just like she still cannot get over LF. Come on, she had become his “ex-rumor gf” already.

      1. Poor girl must of missed her status and attention as “LF’s rumoured gf”.

      2. Poor Linda? How about poor LF? She wants to be his rumored gf again but he doesn’t get to enjoy any “benefits”. I mean if she’s gonna use his name for attention, at least use his body too! 😛

      3. @Josie: What do you mean by “his body”? Is it relate to juicy pix!!!

      4. @josie: LF will have “ex-rumour gf” again 😛 and a guy aka exoidus will cry a lake for him. Don’t feel poor to him. Ex-rumour gf, LMAO~. She must hate the word “ex”.

  12. LF seems to be the hot topic of his exflames LOL. Just coming from nowhere talking about their past 🙂

    I wonder when the marriage or divorced certificate gonna be revealed. This storyline is so familiar, just dunno Linda is Gillian or Charlene!

  13. I knew you Linda. You are a snake. Do you know why her boyfriend in college dumped her. She can die for attention.

      1. I have a feeling she is relying LF’s prominant popularity status to revive her career.The article is emphatised just like she still cannot get over LF. Something kinky

  14. LC is perfect match with Yu So Chau of Moonlight Resonance. Both girls infamous with triangle love.

    1. Does LC miss RL and the days when their name always linked together? Out of nowhere she kept to talk about him. Does she turn the green light and tell him to go ahead?

      1. It isn’t bad. Next step might be Step 4: revealing the marriage certificate.

        Oh Next! Sunday! Three! Sudden! Hurry up!

      2. I want picture too! Hope that Linda can have better pix than Mavis. She has the potential.

  15. And what about Lam Papa ,Ms 620 think ? Did they agree ? Anyway I love them in HOG and MR a good partner !

  16. just wanted to tell everyone, i love rayomnd lam too! 🙂

  17. I am very impressed with Linda that she’s still very traditional about life. She probably wanted to be friends only with Ray in the beginning to make sure he’s right for her as she said she doesn’t like to date around and have no future, this make her very mature in thinking this way. Ray have a personality of liking hooker type of women like his ex who is very open and easy to get in bed with so maybe his approach is too fast for Linda therefore she lose interest in Ray. I admire the way she observe a man for 2 yrs and being so careful about it. It’s something a father would do in order to help their daughter to find a good man. Linda is raised in Christian value, her dress and make-up is as far as she could go in showing off her asset. This is why she sticks out in HK while many other actresses are aggressive in showing off the opposite image to gain popularity, not to mention plastic surgery and boob jobs etc…I see Linda as the same girl since the beginning and I think it is not something everyone could do while working in ET industry and still maintain your conservative values about life. I think she looks beautiful inside out! This is the type of news I enjoyed reading!

      1. Humm… interesting question… I think most 28 years old who have been in a long te

      2. (Ignore my posting below… site error…)

        Humm… interesting question… I think most 28 years old who have been in a long term relationship are not. But that doesn’t make her a bad person or a ****. She can still have conservative values and chooses to only sleep with someone she loves. But that would not be consistent with Christian values. However, I know many Christians who go to church, read the bible, but are having premaritial sex.

    1. She must be from mars if she is still a virgin at 28

  18. I mean she is the same girl with the same value except she is not as shy and naive but more mature.

    1. Gillian used to known as super conservative. She even covered her eyes when see some couples kissing. But then, close the curtain, things turn different. LOL So I don’t believe in any true Jade girl’s purity.

      1. lol. this makes me question those who bought into the image. 20+ yr old covering her eyes at a kissing scene? please.

  19. i like Linda with Steven. Raymond is like a boyfriend material and steven is like a husband material. anyways just take both of them.

  20. Love Raymond…. but Steven Ma is a really good actor =)

  21. LOL you considered raymond but not sure if he considered you though…I mean he is a man that loves BIG boobs (ahem Mavis).

  22. raymond dated rain li too.. why some people only remember mavis and what her type is? rain li is a girl like linda so there is still a possibility

    1. agree!! it’s just that mavis has big boobs. other than that, they all possess sweet looks. very typical of what RL wld like.

    2. Coz Mavis’s scandal is bigger. There’s something we call stereotype. Poor Rain, she’s been all forgotten. LC doesnt want to fall into that category so she has to mention his name to remind ppl that they once “heavily rumored couple”.

      Agree with Fiona, apart from the fact that Mavis has bigger boobs, 3 of them are somehow the same. The other two are not flat either. ^^

    3. Bc of the infamous “mavis gate” incident. Seriously I wouldn’t really call it a scandal i.e. just some ordinary pics in bed.

      The shock comes from his loyal fans thinking prince charming was telling the truth i.e. single. The next shock when he cried a river bc of those pics, LOL.

      1. It was only a scandal b/c Ray consistently insisted he was single and looking for a girlfriend (the former I am OK with b/c all celebrities lie about their relationship status but really, do you need to say you are actually looking for a gf if you already have one, even a secret one?). And then his moronic behavior after it was revealed very nearly made me turn from a fan to an anti-fan.

        I’d compare it to the whole Andy-Lau-is-married-WTF fiasco, except Andy Lau had arguably good reason to hide it, given the messy / threatening state of the entertainment business during that time.

      2. @exoidus: Are you his loyal fan? Why did you shock?

        @Bridget: I blv it was a hidden message to PSS, lol. Hinted of Andy Lau’s Candy Chu. BTW if they broke in January like he stated, in Feb (CNY time) he said he wanted a (new) gf, is it’s accurate for time :P? Haha, I prefer it’s a hidden message more.

      3. @Bridget,

        To his defence, perhaps he was concerned for his die-hard fans and was pressured to keep the illusion of prince charming still looking for true love 😉

        Yeah his reaction towards the “scandal” was pathetic and so fake.


        Not a fan although I used to think he was a decent actor and actually liked some of his songs before his “chok” image.

        I was shocked bc of how shocked his fans were bc of the mavis scandal. Poor girls got their illusion of prince charming scattered. I guess some were even expecting him to be a virgin, LOL.

      4. Just like how so many people think Linda is very pure and sweet.. Like a princess, shall i say.

        Wait a little while and it’ll be her fan’s turn to shatter into a river of tears.

      5. @exoidus: Would you please tell me who are these loyal fans? I’m his fan and among all the fans I know, nobody think he is a virgin or shocked that much :P. Some of them seem to shock at how Mavis sold the love story more than shocking at his virginity (which was indeed lost long time ago) :P.

        BTW, I did noe some couple fans who has “childhood fairy dream” (borrow Viann’s words) of LF and their favourite actress(es) shocked, however the reason is that he didn’t date their favourite actresses(es) or their favourite actress(es) dun meet his requirements of look :). Are you one among them?

        @simplitee: High expectation, more hurt. Linda’s fans are mostly teenagers, they still think she is truly naive. I think she is kinda sweet but naive, no :P.

      6. @Fox,

        No need to mention names some aren’t regulars here, while those who are wouldn’t view themselves as die-hard fans anyway. Are you trying to get me killed?

        Even though I know the 72 techniques of Shaolin and is able to subdue your so-called healthy kung fu girl with ease. I wouldn’t dare to face a “tiger on the verge of a cliff”, LOL.

        I don’t care who Linda dates, just think Philip is a better choice relative to LF as he is able to protect her from danger while LF might start cry a river, beg for his life and/or run away ASAP, LOL.

      7. @exoidus: If you can’t list, how can I know that they are just your imagination or not :P.

        Yes, you can chose whoever for Linda, but Linda chose/chooses who, it’s all up to her. It’s obvious that Linda is saying about the relationship and date with LF – herself :P.

        Uhm, if Linda chooses the same way with you, there won’t have any chance for her to choose you. Poor exoidus.

      8. @Fox,

        Imagination or reality does it really matter? People believe in want they want to.

        Im not some fangirls that dream about their idols, besides I don’t really consider Linda as one.

        Well I suppose there’s a higher probability of LF choosing you due to your openness towards PS, Lucky you 😛

      9. Lol, of course you are not a fangirl but you sound like one :P. No, actually you sound like a couple fan who was hurt. You can deny, I don’t mind.

        Of course ppl choose to blv watever they want but you sound too confident and make your comment like a fact so I feel that if it’s your own imagination, it’ll be very ridiculous :P.

        Yes, I’m very open with PS, and also the photoshop, cosmetic and losing weight medicines. As long as they can make themselves beautiful, not worse is good enough. I feel it’s funny when someone used all of these above things but only worse, not any better. Pathetic them indeed.

      10. @Exiodus,
        I agree with you to some extent. It is good to have an imagination and all, but you also have to know how to separate it from reality or else you will have serious problems as we have seen… However, it is true that people can believe in what they want to as along as it doesn’t get out of hand and causes them to go crazy.

      11. It’s not the first time you make assumptions about me so im fine with it.

        Well there’s no guarantee for a perfect result with regards to PS, LOL.


        Im not going insane even though Fox is trying to make me sound like one, LOL.

      12. @exoidus: I don’t think you have an insanity but maybe you have an imagination :). Ok, done in this.

  23. I like Rain Li, and I thought she matched well with Ray. She’s married now though.

    1. Rain li is married now? Who did she marry? I thought she and Ray matched well too. I also liked Ray with Michelle Yip too.

    2. i don’t think she is married? well, i dont follow her news but never heard such thing before

    3. I once hated Rain, but she turned out ok. There was rumor that she married a director or sth. Don’t know if it was true?

    4. Rain did married? Uhm I know she is dating a business man but married? Why I dun noe?

      1. Now that I think about it, I don’t think she is married yet or else we may have heard about it already..

  24. Linda in the orange dress is probably one of the best photos I’ve seen of hers. She reminds me of Rose Chan there…wow, they do look alike!

      1. Rose looks healthier as she is a kungfu girl. Linda’s face is kinda pale and maybe her habit of using losing weight medicine caused this.

  25. Linda looks a bit like Brad Pitt ex-wife Jeniffer Antson but the chinese version with pictures above.

    1. Are you serious? I agree with what fez said. I never thought Linda as pretty, average at most.

    2. Wha??? I don’t see the resemblance at all. And Jennifer Aniston isn’t pretty anyway.

    3. I think Jenifer Aston has more characteristic on face than Linda.

  26. i don’t like linda but i think she’s better than kate & fala.

  27. Linda Chung, please forget about Raymond. You know that he’s craving for and addicted ONLY to “big boobs” like those below pang shuang shuang as a minimum requirement, what makes you think that you can hit the sexy jackpot and be his one of his hot candidates for dating?

    1. Poor Rain and Linda :(. They kept mentioning of him but ppl only rmb PSS as his gf and his requirement, but don’t consider them :(.

  28. Linda Chung, please forget about Raymond. You know that he’s craving for and addicted ONLY to “big boobs” like those belong to pang shuang shuang as a minimum requirement, what makes you think that you can hit the sexual fantasy jackpot and be one of his favorite hot candidates for dating?

    1. do u know which china or hongkong actress has big boob and nice vagina

    1. Not only Chrissie but among Txb’s top 5 current fadans, there is none :).

    2. Chrissie Chow maybe very sexually appealing but only for 1 night stand. She’s not a candidate for life-time bed-mate-ship. Reason: Do you want this kind of fierce looking with weird personality becomes your wife? ….not even quality as ppl’s girlfriend….

      Fadan like Pan shuang shuang is sweet, sexy and most of all “YES-GAL”…..she’ll never say NO to whatever that has been demanded from her but too bad, because of her excessive hunger for publicity (by using and riding on Raymond’s success),she had scared off him……Wasted! Otherwise, they may get married and give birth to two female children with big boobs ready for me to choose to become wife……. Aiyah!!

  29. which is the tvb top 5 current fadans u are talking? are u a girl or guy and which country u are from? can u everyday check this slice , i can ask u any question i don,t know.

  30. Her mom is more beautiful than her. A beautiful woman. 😀

    From the interview, Linda seems to be a very down to earth and sensible girl. I like that she values her family very much and want to live closely with them. I also like her view of experiencing different stages in life.

  31. Her mother reminds me of Gigi Wong Suk Yee…

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