Linda Chung: “I’m Not Disappointed in Losing Best Actress”

Although Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) was a hot favorite to win TVB Best Actress for Kids’ Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫>, she lost the award to Rosina Lam (林夏薇) who won the coveted award for Battle of the Seven Sisters <七公主>. Instead, Linda was given Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Actress, an award usually known as a consolation prize to Best Actress.

After the awards presentation concluded, Linda was welcomed by dozens of her fans with banners and billboards outside TVB station. Happy to have received so much support, Linda expressed that she is not disappointed in this year’s results.

Mentioning that she attended the TVB Anniversary Awards because she was already in Hong Kong for personal matters, Linda said, “I’m very thankful that I was able to attend the awards show this year. I previously mentioned that I’m not sure when I’ll be back – there’s a chance that I’ll never be at the awards presentation again. That’s why I was emotionally prepared for tonight,

“–I’ve been in the industry long enough, and I understand. I expected these results. I’m not sure if I’ll have another chance after winning Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Actress. The nominees are my coworkers and friends. I’ve worked long enough to know that every single person has given up a lot in order to be where they are – every artiste who has won an award did her/his best.”

Praising herself for being so calm under pressure, Linda has relaxed her outlook on awards since becoming a mother. When she was younger, Linda would become extremely nervous during awards night, but she enjoyed the show with an open mind this year. “I will continue to work hard. Maybe I’m not good enough yet, and that’s why I didn’t win. I’ll continue to strive, and maybe I’ll have another chance in 10 years.”

Soon flying home to reunite with her family in Vancouver, Linda smiled that her husband, Jeremy Leung, woke up at 4 a.m. to watch the awards show, just to see how pretty she looked.

Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞), who was a major supporter of Linda this year, intentionally looked for the actress and asked for a photo together after the awards show ended. Praising Hubert for his acting and singing, Linda said Hubert has a bright future ahead of him at TVB.


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  1. While I don’t think her role was better than Ali’s, if they weren’t going to give it to her, they definitely should not have given it to Rosina. There is no way she was better than Ali in AI. Huge disappointment.

    Although her thoughts and mindset about the award and losing, I respect. I may not like her as an actress but I respect someone with self-awareness and a positive mindset.

  2. No matter what Linda says, what she got was definitely only a consolation prize, and she was definitely disappointed by the expression on her face when she accepted the award………The only reason she stayed around in HK for this event was only for the slimmest possibility of getting the favorite actress award, which in no ways could she have won over Ali………She will always lose out to Ali in terms of beauty, looks, character, and overall acting talents. It is time for Linda to hang up her acting gear, and just retire back to Vancouver and stay there………………LOL!

  3. While not a super fan of Linda, I really enjoyed her portrayal in Kids’ Lives Matter. Ali definitely has more acting chops but Linda’s character in this series was fun, likeable and comedic. If solely based on the shows itself (AI or Kids’ Lives Matter), I’d choose Linda because I am a sucker for doctor shows! Again, this is my personal preference.

    1. Yes me too……thought she was great in Kids lives matters…..shame she missed out on the award. Hope to see her in more dramas in the near future.

  4. Yeah surprised at Rosina winning. Although definitely nice to see new faces winning this time around. Both Linda and Rosina did have some sexy outfits on.

  5. I feel like this article was written to show as if Linda could be the only other person who would have beat out Rosina. If Rosina didn’t win, it would have been Ali.
    Linda has a strong fan base so she came back to support TVB during a time in need. I genuinely think everything she said should be taken at face value–she does NOT care about the award. Her married life and husband in Canada is what she wanted over anything TVB could offer her. She got married before her contract was over. She said she didn’t like the limelight nor lifestyle as an artist before she even got married. She had some outstanding episodes left in her contract, so she came back to HK to fulfill it. This was literally her goodbye, she checked out long ago. That’s why she praised young blood on the red carpet for their potential and “advised” TVB to treat their employees well during her acceptance speech. It is like TVB is a bad ex because they are abusive and y’all are saying “Linda is not happy her abusive ex didn’t take her back”

  6. Believe most will agree Ali deserves BA for her AI role while Linda deserves popular leading role for her doctor role. Whatever hidden agenda re Rosina, both Ali and Linda found themselves receiving their next best now

    1. Not sure if there’s an agenda for Rosina, but I definitely agree that the award should still be going to Ali. Her AI performance was remarkable. How she manages to look so plastic and eerily robotic is incredible. That takes a lot of control. I can’t see Rosina being able to pull off the same. While Rosina and Mandy both have the pedigree that comes with their acting, when it comes to inherent talent, neither of them are a match for Ali.

  7. TVB always give awards to actors that they want to promote rather than the most deserving ones, thus no need to feel upset.

  8. It’s very after the fact but the way stars dress for events seem to predict who will be the winner. Linda’s Armani look was just not a winning look anyhow.
    Sisley’s look last year was special and this year Rosina definitely had a winner’s look.

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