Linda Chung Provides Update on Life in Vancouver and Future Career Plans

Since giving birth to two children, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and her husband, Jeremy Leung, settled down in Vancouver to raise their family. Through the years in the entertainment industry, Linda has grown from her delicate image to a strong mother who prioritizes her family over her career. In a recent interview with Elle, Linda spoke at length about her new life.

Adjusting to Life in Vancouver

When Linda first moved back to Vancouver, she had difficulties in adjusting to be a full-time housewife. Linda’s life changed significantly once she decided to move and had to learn to fill in a new role. As a mother, Linda shifted her priorities and is putting her family first, “As a wife and a mother, I have to prioritize my family first. Many people say I should put myself first, but I still think family is more important. When a family is all together, it becomes much stronger.”

At home, Linda enjoys spending time with family. In keeping a harmonious relationship, Linda does not calculate who contributes more in the relationship and everyone helps out with the housework, “Every day is family time and we spend a lot of time together. We cook together and my daughter helps out. We take a stroll in the park and we garden together.”

Falling in Love with Jeremy

When Linda first met Jeremy, Linda did not think they will be together, “I think it is fate. After meeting my husband, I now believe that many things in life are fated. Talking on the phone once and then meeting again, fate slowly brought us together. I am not a doctor and he is not an artiste, but we are able to fill each other’s shortcomings.”

Linda admires her husband for always putting family first, “In a world where many people are selfish even after marriage, I learned to prioritize family through him. Men like that are hard to find and I will always cherish him. He is not a very romantic person though and can be very direct. Sometimes his directness puts me off. However, on my birthday, he organized a surprise party and wrote a letter to me. He doesn’t know how to give surprises so for him to do that for me, I was moved.”

Future Plans

Like all mothers, Linda only wants her family to be happy and healthy. Linda thinks that having two children is enough and would like to focus on raising them, “They are my everything. Kelly is smart. Even though she is so little, she understands a lot of things. She is introverted like me, but she is also mature. I don’t need to worry about her. My son is more docile and makes me want to protect him. Even though my children look alike, they are very different in personality.”

In April, Linda brought Jeremy and their two children to Hong Kong as part of her work vacation. “This is my longest time back in Hong Kong [since giving birth]. My husband and my children came back for a total of three weeks. Right now, I am focus on my music plans. It is still in the preparation stage, but I can share that the inspiration came from children. I want to share the feeling of being a mother and a mother’s selfless love.”

Continuing on her career plans, Linda shared, “I am glad that my family supports me and they think that Hong Kong is our second home. In terms of career, I want to put out some good work. In the past, I dedicated myself to my career and would hold on to all opportunities. In my heart, I just wanted to work hard. Now I hope that all my future work will be made with 100% care and take it one step at a time. I will do my best at each job and then the next step will come naturally.”

Source: Elle

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