Linda Chung to Announce Pregnancy at Wedding Banquet

Yesterday, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) made the shocking announcement that she has been married to Canadian-Chinese chiropractor, Jeremy Leungsince fall 2015. The disclosure followed after recent reports surfaced over Linda’s pregnant state. It is understood that Linda and Jeremy will confirm that they will soon be parents at their wedding banquet in Vancouver on February 27.

The banquet will be held at the Burnaby Riverway Clubhouse, with only family and close friends in attendance. Since Jeremy is a successful chiropractor and Linda is a well-known public figure, the wedding banquet will be tastefully and elegantly arranged.

Despite the couple’s 10-year age difference, Linda is full of praises about her husband. The couple met at a coffee shop after being introduced by Linda’s elder sister. Linda said, “Jeremy is a very positive person and we both have the same personalities. We love to communicate and will have discussions, but not arguments. Jeremy is a very filial person and loves kids. He’s also someone who is very loyal. I believe that no matter what issues I face in the future, he will support me unconditionally.”

Neither confirming nor denying the pregnancy allegations, Linda simply stated, “We both love children, but it doesn’t matter whether we have a boy or girl in the future. The most important thing is that they are healthy.”



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  1. All these reports seem to say that Jeremy is 40 or 41. He might actually be closer to 45 (unless he started college/university at 14)

    “Dr. Jeremy Leung is registered with the BC College of Chiropractors and a member of the BC Chiropractic Association. He has been in private practice at the Capitol Hill Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Clinic since 1998. He first attended the University of British Columbia from 1989-1992 where he obtained his Bachelor’s of Science Degree majoring in general biology. He then continued his education and graduated from the Western States Chiropractic College in 1998.”

    1. @redbean I’m guessing they discounted his age too. Won’t be surprised if he had ever been married too given his age. Super fast worker. Meets her in early 2015, dates her for a few months (even though she spent some time back in hk) and wham bam gets her pregnant in no time. Good job man! Even faster than moses!

      1. @isay When girls get to 30 and guy gets to 40, they just find the whatever suitable person they can find and get married. Their checklist of criterias for their other half reduces significantly as they age.

  2. To think she goes around talking about her faith…aren’t Christians supposed to abstain from premarital sex?
    Announcing pregnancy during wedding…this must have been a chop chop thing.
    Now she can stay at home and raise kids. Never quite like her acting.

    1. @janet72 I think you should read the article again. She had tied the knot secretly last year and holding the banquet now whilst announcing her pregnancy. It is like Nicky and Cecilia who tied the knot one year before they held their wedding celebration. So Linda and Jeremy were legally a couple for a while and just decided to tell other people now, so no rules broken there.

      1. @skyking some people still do value abstinence before marriage and they do stick to avoiding premarital sex. Just becaues one has desires doesnt mean they have to act on it. Whether linda and phillip have done the deed before, it is none of our business and there is no way to verify this, and there is no need to. I like to give linda the benefit of the doubt and be happy for her.

    2. @janet72

      Linda MAY BE announcing her pregnancy during her wedding BANQUET. She HAS BEEN MARRIED since Fall of 2015 (somewhere between September to December last year). So even if she’s 5 months pregnant, it is possible without being ACCUSED of PREMARITAL S*X!

      1. @9337se Didn’t Mary get pregnant without sex. Maybe it was one of those deals. Who knows since Linda is pretty religious.

    3. @janet72
      LOL…I agree. She is not that great in acting and feel even worse at singing so it’s not like ohhhhhh… v will miss her terribly onscreen? haha lol….
      As for the abstain from premarital sex, hummmmm….you would be surprised that a lot of people/men and women might be saying one thing but totally doing the opposite.
      Man, that must be sad thou if she indeed save for this and that ex has been together w/her8 years w.o?????? hhaa lol….

  3. Whoever they end up with is their business.
    But Linda chung’s marriage came as a big surprise to many because there was talk about reconciliation with her ex. Her hubby looks like he is in late 40s.

  4. Linda Acting has shown 0 improvement over the years I cant watch any of her series. Last series i actually finished with her in it was moonlight resonance, at least I wasn’t annoyed with her in that series. Apart from that she quite nice in real life towards her costars and fans so congrats to her. Neutral with this actress

  5. He doesn’t look that old or bad to me. He actually look kinda mix. I only have issue with his mullet!!! I think with a better haircut, he will look better.

    Very happy for her as she was ready to get married and have kids so she got exactly what she wanted! With her being so low key, it’s good to marry someone outside the entertainment business! Looking forward to baby announcement for sure!

    1. @happybi Hahah i was thinking the same thing about the mullet, for a guy who makes close to 1mil a year he needs a better hair cut! I am suprised linda let her man have his hair like that for wedding photos kekekeke

    2. @happybi i so, so agree. that is one awful hairstyle on himself. Im sorry, the mullet hair is something that most guys cant pull off, and he’s definitely one of them. Like you said though, if he can groom himself correctly, he should be fine. Actually, in general, any one can look good if groomed correctly lol

  6. @abc123a Well said my friend, unfortunately, the mind of shippers are too obsessed over their reel ship and forget to consider that what’s onscreen is not what is offscreen. An actor may seem so nice and everything onscreen but can be the exact opposite. Same goes for the actress side. Honestly, I do have some actors that i think are a good pairing with another actress but I will not go crazy when one of them chooses a different lifetime partner. Instead, I will just be like “oh wells, at least she/he found their happiness”

    Shippers are crazy lol…well the extreme ones at least

  7. I am a bit confused by her plans. Aren’t Christians supposed to be married at the day of the wedding? Officiated by a minister? Why did she get married in civil court, as she announced, and then have the wedding later in the form of a banquet a la Chinese style?

    So much of this is beyond the realm of reasoning; but then, it is her life.

    1. @aiya
      I think there are many types of Christians. Some call themself Christians because they believe in God which is fair. Some believe in God and go to church but are not too strict on every rule a Christan are perceived to follow. Some do follow every rule strictly and obsessively. It really depends on the person or couple. There no right or wrong nor explanation needed

      1. @jimmyszeto My comment is predicated upon the fact that she had been professing all these years as an evangelical Christian. Therefore, I would expect her to take seriously the sanctity of marriage as the Christian faith prescribed.

        There is no right or wrong because for all we know she has abandoned the faith, not exactly an illegal act.

      2. @aiya
        To be honest, unless we were devout Christians it’s difficult to form an opinion. Not sure if other Christians see is as normal or a rule breaker. Doesent matter in the end because religion is a belief and how extreme or loosely people follow it depends on the person.

      3. @aiya I am a Christian and to my knowledge, there if no rule to say that the marriage and the wedding banquet need to be on the same day. All I know is that for a Christian marriage, both need to be consenting adults that understand the religious and legal commitment that they are entering into, you need a witness and a minister on-site to validate the marriage before God and also legally. There are no rules on whether you have to invite every one or tell everyone.

        So I see the actually marriage as the signing of the marriage papers and exchanging of vows. This was probably done last year for Linda and Jeremy and most probably their pastor/reverend was there to validate it. So you really only need 4 people present to validate a wedding.

        The wedding celebration happening now is just a dinner and announcement, and whatever date this happens does not conflict with any religious faith.

        Actually, this is happening a lot more often since people have much busier lives now. They have a few hours to sign the documents and be married legally, but a wedding banquet takes months to plan. So they often postpone the wedding banquet until both parties are ready to deal with the stress that it brings.

        And regarding whether Linda has abandoned her faith or not, it is not up to us to judge. Christians are not holy saints, and we sin at times too. Faith is the relationship between God and her, and whatever you think that Linda has done wrong, it is up to God on whether the relationship can be patched.

        There are traditional rituals that some Christians follow strictly. But sometimes rituals are just ceremonies. What really matter is the faith and the belief. So there are various levels of Christians who may practice their religion differently, but it doesn’t mean they take their religion any less to heart. And as @jimmyszeto said, there is really no right or wrong.

      4. @elizabeth I have realized that there might be just a difference of semantics here that caused all the confusion. From the Christian perspective, at least in the West, the marriage is officiated at the wedding by a minister and witnessed by others through the exchange of vows, etc. The signing of the documents actually is a civil matter and could be done prior to the marriage/wedding.

        Anyway, no need to blow this confusion out of proportion and I certainly am not in the position to judge anyone especially in faith-related matters.

    2. @aiya it’s her life…whether she has married last year or solemnizing on 27/2. it’s very confusing but the whole idea is to confuse people when her baby is conceived.

  8. I bet there will be a lot of fans waiting around the venue for her tomorrow. Too bad I have to work on a Saturday. Just kidding. I’m not that crazy. Wonder if I’ll bump into her again in Vancouver while she’s here or her bridesmaids.
    By the way, the venue she picked is a popular one for weddings in B.C.

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