Linda Chung Willingly Prioritizes Her Kids

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Linda Chung Willingly Prioritizes Her Kids

As kids grow up quickly, Linda and her husband are happy to practice hands-on parenting and witness their every milestone.

Announcing her marriage to Canadian Chinese chiropractor Jeremy Leung in 2016 at the height of her career, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) reduced her onscreen appearances to spend time taking care of her family. On Mothers’ Day that same year, she announced her pregnancy and welcomed the birth of her daughter Kelly in August. With the arrival of her son Jared in 2018, the blissful family of four lives in Canada, with the children now aged three and one.

Parenting is Tiring and Rewarding in Equal Measure

Since young, Linda has imagined herself as a mother someday. Seeing her mother make sacrifices to bring up her sister, brother and herself, Linda also yearns to become a mother some day. However, going into the entertainment industry gave Linda many chances to explore different things, and this made her doubt if she could ever fulfill her dream of motherhood. “God had its plans, which is for things to progress real fast, and I had two kids within three years. The experience gave me lots of joy and anticipation of happiness, but it also came with a lot of fatigue and discomfort, so that I learned more about my mother’s capabilities and the pains she had gone through.”

Now focusing on raising her two kids, Linda admits her parenting journey was not easy, as she had to care wholly for their diet, health and learning. Recalling her two labor experiences, she shared, “Every pregnancy was tough. Both were natural births, from experiencing nausea at the start to my stomach becoming so huge and heavy with accompanying pains, the birthing process took so long. With my daughter, I endured a few hours of pain before she was born. With my son, it was over in 10 hours. The process was exhilarating yet pain-ridden. Though the time passed very quickly, now it’s time to start understanding and really know them. Their personalities are starting to show and it’s really cute.”

From preparing meals to bathing their kids, Linda and her husband insist on hands-on parenting. Though tiring, the opportunity to witness every moment of their children’s growth makes it worthwhile.

Being a Mom Trains Her to Be a Better Person

Keeping to simple celebrations for Mothers’ Day each year, aging makes Linda appreciate the completeness and harmony of the family more than frivolous displays of love. As children see her as their role model, she would remind herself to be at her best every day, thus training her patience and the way she speaks. “Sometimes, we need to think from a little kids’ perspective to communicate with them and let them understand (our point).”

Focusing on accompanying her kids in their early childhood years, Linda has no qualms about putting other aspects of her life on the back pedal. “I really focus a lot less on my career. Besides flying to Hong Kong to see my friends, fans, and the media, I hardly work. I am very grateful for the flexibility of my work, and being able to maintain a presence even though I’m not physically in Hong Kong. It makes me happy to have more time with my kids. I don’t see it as a big sacrifice; everyone has to take on different experiences at different phases in their lives. When I had kids, it was the time for me to take care of them. Other matters can wait, but little kids just grow up so quickly!”


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