Liza Wang and Gigi Wong Overshadowed by Supporting Actors in “Divas in Distress”

Since its premiere on August 27, TVB comedy, Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…>, has averaged 30 rating points, with approximately 1.92 million viewers per episode. Initial marketing campaigns of the drama placed its focus on television divas, Liza Wang (汪明荃) and Gigi Wong (黃淑儀), whose last collaboration was in 1976’s The Legend of the Book and the Sword <書劍恩仇錄>.

Although the two actresses’ comeback started off with a loud bang, they were upstaged by their supporting actors, namely Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Koo Ming Wah (古明華), Him Law (羅仲謙), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Mimi Chu (朱咪咪), and Chung King Fai (鍾景輝). Eliza Sam has recently achieved the “Goddess” title as after wowing many Hong Kong male viewers with her busty figure and fresh image. Koo Ming Wah’s performance as the feminine “So Gei” received many praises from the audiences, with many claiming that they are already locked on to vote for him as Best Supporting Actor at the TVB Anniversary Awards. Mimi Chu and Chung King Fai were also praised for their comedic acting talents.

Eliza Sam is Hot

On Thursday’s episode, Eliza Sam’s “Hannah” and Chin Kar Lok’s (錢嘉樂) “Erlang Shen” went to the beach to cover a new story for the next day’s paper. Wearing a one-piece swimsuit and shorts, Hannah pretended to have Erlang Shen videotaping her while he recorded their target. Erlang Shen’s camera brushes over Hannah and immediately turns red when he sees her pouring water down her body, drenching her swimsuit.

The scene caught the attention of many netizens, especially male viewers, who praised Eliza to be one of the TVB’s sexiest actresses in recent years. However, many netizens still commented that Eliza’s acting was very stiff and needed a lot of refinement.

Mimi Chu and Chung King Fai are Hilarious

Also on Thursday’s episode was the reunion of Mimi Chu’s “Ching Yeuk Tsan” and Chung King Fai’s “Fung Hun Man” after 35 years of being apart. The pair greeted each other in Mandarin dialogue while standing in front of a CGI background that changed to the seasons. Their encounter ended with the theme song of 1983’s The Return of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶>, performed by Teresa Cheung (張德蘭).

Over 50,000 Netizens Will Support Koo Ming Wah at TVB Anniversary Awards

Koo Ming Wah’s comedic talent is also acknowledged in Divas in Distress. His performance as the feminine and friendly So Gei has attracted over 50,000 netizens to support him to win this year’s Best Supporting Actor and Most Improved Male Artist awards.

Him Law and Mandy Wong are Sweet

Divas in Distress is Him Law and Mandy Wong’s fifth collaboration. The onscreen couple’s sweet chemistry had previously overshadowed Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Flora Chan (陳慧珊), and Sharon Chan’s (陳敏之) love triangle storyline in 2010’s Suspects in Love <搜下留情>. Him and Mandy’s ambiguous relationship in Tiger Cubs <飛虎> had also created much heated discussion within public forums, and their storyline in Divas in Distress further contributed to the couple’s popularity. Netizens regarded Him Law’s “Vincent” and Mandy Wong’s “Yihei” to be tragic characters, and after going through many ups and downs – from the intervention of Vincent’s mother to Yihei’s controversial past – the couple finally got together in Thursday’s episode. Many netizens regarded their romance to be sweet and emotionally satisfying.

The two-hour finale of Divas in Distress will air on Sunday, September 23. With one week left in the broadcast, the drama may have a chance to reach to the list of 2012’s top 10 highest-rated Hong Kong television dramas by the end of the year.


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  1. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve seen the series and I like Liza and Gigi more than teh supporting cast. Call me crazy but the new set of TVB actors don’t do much for me.

    I think Him Law and Maybe Mandy are OK, but I wouldn’t say they on their own are enough to be main leads. That’s just me.

    I find that Eliza’s cantonese is brutal, I thought she may be from the mainland but the more I hear her speak (haven’t heard of her before this series) she must be from Canada or the US.

    If the older more qualified TVB actors of the past are returning that’s good, otherwise I really don’t have much interest for the no talent that TVB is raking in these days. Just my two cents.

    1. I feel joy to see a fresh and charming face like Eliza given the chance. TVB should give chance to these new generation. There will be a time when even the five current fadans will need successors.

    2. Is only Eliza second TV series, she have potential and charisma. Give her sometime she will improve.

      1. Its RAW in the beginning stages, maybe too fast to promote her in a leading role.,

  2. Eliza Sam was from Vancouver, Canada. She was Miss Chinese-Vancouver in 2010 and Miss Chinese International in 2011. I think “Divas in Distress” was probably her 2nd drama series only. Her first one was “Ghetto Justice 2”.

    1. You got the years wrong. MCI in 2010. Miss Chinese Vancouver in 2009

    2. Who were you referring to at ghetto justice 2 as Eliza? The doctor? If it’s the doctor, no, she is not Eliza. She is a different person, which I think the doctor in Ghetto Justice 2 is so much more prettier than Eliza. If it’s not the doctor, then I don’t remember Eliza is in any of the episodes. haha!

  3. I don’t think the supporting cast are outshining the 2 ladies. I enjoy watching them 🙂
    I only find it a bit weird when Vincent (Him Law) always appears behind Yee Hei (Mandy Wong) wherever she is. Like he’s stalking her 24/7 literally.

  4. What do you guys think about So Gay? I think he’s eligible for Best Supporting Actor this year! His acting and character is great! The part where he had the conversation with his mom was one of the best scenes in the series!

    1. At first, So Gei reminded me of Louis yuen’s flaming fat roommate in “no good either way”. They’re both funny. Age wise, the actor is a little old to play So Gei but he did a good job anyway. I was thinking if Wong cho lam portrayed the character, he would probably be annoying and over the top instead of endearing.

  5. No they were not overshadowed.

    But yes everyone was overshadowed by So Kei who to me is such a joy to watch after having been supporting most of his life he is not having his own spotlight.

    Him Law and Mandy is boring to watch as a couple. Yes Him is handsome but he also looks like he is in pain all the time. Mandy looks bored.

    Eliza is cute but I can’t understand why her bra is used as a topic for an entire episode. Anyway I don’t see chemistry with a rather wooden looking Chin Kar Lok. But she is sexy in that ‘I didn;t know I was sexy” sort of way.

    Chu Mi Mi and Chung King Fai’s scene of meeting again is funny.

    But to saw they all overshadow the 2 ladies is not true.

    1. I didn’t really notice Koo Ming Wah before So Gay. I’m happy he has this chance to prove himself. He’s really good!

    2. I agree Him and Mandy scenes are way too draggy, the pace needs to be pick up more, I just skip the scenes.

      1. I agree here. Their love story sounds like Kdrama love stories for which I prefer to see Korean faces in it. Some people might like it though.

  6. Koo Ming Wah is funny and good, can be the best supporting actor. Mandy and him are compatible, excellent couple.

  7. indeed, all the supporting actors/actress did very well. My fav character gotta be ‘So Gay’, Heung Heung Princess and her mother. Love this series!

    1. So Gay def should win best supporting or even fav character. He been with TVB for years and he always protrayed his character very well.

      1. It depends on who his competitor is. If it’s Him Him and Oscar Leung, it’ll be hard to beat them out.

    2. I love So Gei and Princess Heung Heung too. Princess Heung Heung and her mother are look alikes. Good casting!

      1. Yes, they do look like mother- daughter. I like chu Mimi’s name Ching yeurk jun too.

      2. Yeah Eliza Chu Mimi do look like mother and daughter. Both have somewhat chubby faces. I like them both in this series 😀

  8. Wow, I’ve yet to watch this series so I’m looking forward to it already. I actually had to Google Koo Ming Wah and I’m surprised to find that it’s him of all people! I mean, he’s just been around for yearrrsss, but I never cared much for him. Judging from everyone’s reaction, I’m happy for him that he’s been able to deliver THE performance.

    1. Yeah he’s been around for years and play many Kei lei fei roles!! some really good ones alongside Bobby Au Yeung..thats how i knew him 🙂 Like everyone else fingers crossed for Koo ming wah to win an award 🙂

  9. So Kei’s acting may be a bit overboard but he brighten’s or lighten’s up this dead cast spouting off rehearsed lines…As for the Liza and Gigi, they are the over the hill gang whom TVB thought would carry the show but were wrong. They could have been written off and just two other other older females fill in and will accomplish the same effect. The odd couple (Eliza and Chin Kar Lok) adds a different dynamic dimension as they are from two different cultures but are trying to work together and coexist together. Of course, we can surmise the obvious that sparks will fly as opposite attracts, right? The extreme is Him Law as a patient BF trying to understand Mandy’s stick pictures due to her inability to read and write. If Mandy is not able to read and write, she could not work as a remodel contractor as it would be difficult if not impossible if she can not read blue prints or directions thus making her character not believable.

  10. I actually like Mimi Chu “Ching Yeuk Tsan” and Chung King Fai’s “Fung Hun Man” love story drama better. Every day I look forward to Divas in Distress, not for Mandy and Him Laws drama, or even Elizas or Chin Ka Loks story, but for Ching Yeuk Tsans and Fung Hun Man…

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