[Breakup Files] Lynn Hung Announces Breaking Up With Aaron Kwok

Just when fans finally thought that Lynn Hung ‘s (熊黛林) status as Aaron Kwok’s (郭富城) future wife was secured, she hinted that the couple had broken up.

Yesterday, Lynn posted a photo on Weibo of a ring on her left hand pinky finger, in which such an adornment usually indicates a breakup. Lynn also wrote, “A present to give myself blessings for a new beginning.…” The photo and message were widely interpreted as Lynn’s announcement that she broke off her 7-year relationship with Aaron.

Vigilant fans may have noticed numerous quizzical Weibo messages that Lynn has been posting online in the last few weeks. On April 4, she posted a photograph of her two dogs with the message, “With the both of you, I can go through anything.”  Two days later, she followed up with, “Assumption. It’s always assumption. Assuming you can, assuming you are strong. Assuming you won’t mind. But those have been branded in your heart for a long time. Perhaps you just realized it too late.”

Last month, Aaron has also renamed his race horse from “Love River” to “Love Warrior”. It was previously claimed that Aaron had named the horse “Love River” to demonstrate his love for Lynn. The name change may be an indication of a rocky relationship gone awry.

Aaron’s Rumored Women

Aaron and Lynn met while filming the music video for “Kid of Wind” <风之子> in 2006. Their love relationship started from their kiss in the video. Despite their 15-year age difference and the negativity from the public, they maintained a strong bond. Even when Aaron was rumored to have a brief fling with Mango Wong (王秀琳) in 2009, he announced publicly, “Miss Wong is not my rumored girlfriend!” thus quelling the rumor that he had broken up with Lynn.

On March 18, the Hong Kong media reported that Aaron had fallen for Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) while filming a PCCW mobile ad together. It was alleged that Christine and Aaron have been secretly dating for more than 5 months since they took to each other on the set of the commercial. Aaron’s Porche GT3 sports car was also reported to be spotted outside of Christine’s building on several nights.

After the report came out, Lynn, together with her mother, attended Aaron’s concert. Though they were not seated in VIP seats, Aaron acknowledged Lynn’s presence by waving to her and professed his love for throughout the night by saying “You are my only one” and “I love you!”  When Lynn was queried about the rumors regarding Christine the next day, she brushed it off confidently.

That same night, Christine showed up for Aaron’s concert but brushed off the rumors, “It’s a rotten peach blossom! There’s nothing between us. I apologize if they have been dragged into the false reports.” Lynn was clearly unhappy about Christine calling Aaron a “rotten peach blossom” and made snide remarks to Christine “to not provoke the rotten peach blossom”. Shortly after, Christine apologized for her comment and Aaron also dyed his hair from blue to black and joked, “Blue (which has the same sound as rotten in Mandarin) peach blossom should be washed off after the show!”

Although Aaron and Lynn appeared united last month in fending off rumors that their relationship went bust, Lynn’s latest Weibo messages indicated that the couple’s relationship did not survive the 7-year itch.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Lynn is tired on waiting and Aaron’s non-committal behavior towards marriage. She knows she is not getting any younger so she is cutting her losses and trying to land a decent mate before it is too late. Smart girl and smart move!

    1. Yep, agree…..but honestly, did anyone really believe that Aaron was gonna marry her?……the short guy loves himself too much and wants to be a diamond bachelor forever…….I think she can find a much better rich man in China that will be good to her, than hanging around the short Aaron forever………..good for her…….never did like that Aaron guy much….loves himself too much!

  2. Aaron may look young for his age, but he is really old in reality. If he doesn’t want to commit he should set her free, he is wasting her youth, especially if she wants to get married and start a family.

    Poor Lynn…

  3. Poor Lynn Hung. It is better now than later after you get married. If you cannot “hold” Aaron Kwok’s heart now, you will never be able to do in future. Aaron seems to be a man with many women. Perhaps he should never get married if he likes having new faces and bodies.

  4. I really thought they were gonna get married… It’ll be a waste if he doesn’t have any babies

  5. he’s a deuce. wasted 7 yrs of someone’s life and youth. lesson for the ladies, cut yr losses after a few yrs, not 7 !!! she was stupid to stay that long.

      1. Oh you cannot seriously tell if the relationship is going to last based on the amount of years you “plan” to be with someone, can you? What if at 3 years they were still happy? At 5 years they were still madly in love? But at 7 years it just somehow went wrong?

      2. If you are a girl who does not want or care about marriage, it is quite okay to be with a guy for as long as you want. But if you want to have marriage and start a family and your boyfriend does not have any plans for marriage, 7 years are a bit too long for you to start all over again.

      3. I do understand what you mean. What if Aaron did want to get married after 3 years but it was Lynn who did not want it? All I’m saying is, it’s unpredictable. I do feel that it is a shame though. 7 years later a relationship should work out.

      4. It seem after all these years and all the printed comments in news and everything, that it has been Aaron’s non-committal to a girl friend who has been waiting and waiting and it is very irresponsible on his part.
        I am a man. What he did was bad. Really bad.

      5. so true agree !!!!!!!!!!! 3 years enough if you are in your late 20s!!!!!!! maybe longer if your early 20s or teenagers to figure out if you want to be with someone or not.

    1. I’m sure she knew what she was getting into. She thought she could change him but men become very set in their ways as they get older.

    1. Aaron is old, self-absorbed and arrogant!!!
      His declaration of “No One Can Change My Plans!” regarding marriage shows how little he cares about his (in)significant other.
      Also, Lynn Hung had to “buy” her own tickets to his concert?!?!? I wouldn’t even attend if I had to buy my own tickets to my SO’s show.
      Lynn Hung is young and gorgeous. She can easily find a young, handsome and wealthy partner who will treat her right.

      1. ‘ She can easily find a young, handsome and wealthy partner who will treat her right’

        Well, at least in terms of the young part, she must go beyond geriatric HK to find that…LOL

        Actually, I was wondering why she would waste all her youth on this middle aged guy who thinks he is Peter Pan.

  6. LOLOLOL Christine is dragged into this as well… Not sure if there is something going on.. But whenever there’s a third party she’s involved? Poor girl!

    I wish luck to Lynn! If it were me I would’ve left a while ago 7 years and still this guy has commitment issues

    1. agree. lynn did her best by sticking for 7 years when the guy has commitment issues like this. if it were me i’d left earlier when i still have youth!

  7. Aaron is a d`ick. He could have marry her when they in relationship like 3 to 4 years. But 7 years +, unless you dont want to get married or get kids that she wants, then breakup while you can. Lesson the burdern.

    Again Aaron, you are a d`ick. You are 50 years old coming soon.

    Mid-life crisis soon.

  8. I’m rather surprised at the people heaping blame on Aaron – it takes 2 to tango. You guys are acting as if she was totally blindsided by his refusal to marry her. Besides, he’s not obligated to marry anyone. If he wants to be a serial monogamist, that’s his prerogative. Women don’t ‘deserve’ marriage any more than men do…

    1. I am surprised too. So many people are ready to jump onto the bandwagon and say it’s all the dude’s fault. In all honesty, perhaps it’s just a seven year itch between the couple. It’s still a rumor, nothing has been confirmed.

    2. @Lee,
      I couldn’t agree w/u more. Usually, whenever couples end up breaking up, they usually blame the guy of committment issues. Come on, it really takes 2 to tango. Just like couples who choose to live together first and they might not end up w/marriage in the long run. You can’t blame the other party when you know very well what you are getting yourself into. Women tend to think they can change men but often that is not the case. If a man needed you to pressure them into marriage, he’s not for you period. Look at oldie George Clooney, all those women 1/2 his age, who’s fault is it that he never marries any of them? Pretty sure $$$$ is a big factor.

      This Lynn Hung, whenever I hear her in interviews and such, she sounds like a typical materialistic girl or HK people call her ‘HK girl’ loves brands so i am sure she is hoping to hit the jackpot w/Aaron but don’t just blame the guy, blame the girl too.

      1. Agreed. Wasn’t really a fan of Lynn. She seems like a rather domineering and possessive person. Even though Aaron may be old but that doesn’t mean he will settle for anyone. She may be girlfriend material but not wife material to him.

      2. true cant just all blame him but girls should be smart to know how long to be with a guy is too long but then again love is blind.

      3. Agree that Lynne knew very well what she was getting into with Aaron as his long time steady girlfriend. From reports, Aaron has made it very clear that marriage is not for him just yet, still Lynn for personal reason(s) decided to gamble that maybe one day he might change his mind and marry her, well, she lost the gamble or she just doesn’t want to gamble anymore- that’s all it is to it.

      4. Well, maybe she thought that she can change his mind because Ekin and Yoyo both said they were not going to get married but now look at them… You change your perspectives in life as you go.

        I never thought of Lynn as someone domineering and possessive. She seems pretty laid back from what I know. It is true that some are good girlfriends but does not mean that they will be good wives.

    3. I agree with your comments. He has been publicly saying he doesn’t want to marry. Wasn’t it that he was going to wait until he’s 50, then when he wins best actor award? Was he telling her something different in private? Perhaps she thought that after the very public declarations last month in his concert the next step would be his saying ” I Do” at a wedding ceremony and when he made clear marriage is not happening soon, she finally decided she couldn’t wait any longer.

    4. PLEASE….Me personally think he is better off without her…..typical blood sucker and with a even worse blood sucker mother to boot!

    5. Me think Aaron is better off without her…..a typical blood sucker with a even worse blood sucker mother to boot! Run Aaron Run!!!

      1. christine is even worse, me think ahe’s in it for the $$ too, this woman can’t act, so better to ‘grab a float’, also, what does she see in aaron? education wise, he did not go to any uni like she did, ladies don’t look up to uneducated men unless..

  9. it’s time lynn! always get the impression that aaron wasn’t serious in the relationship and lynn is only keeping fat hope by herself! hope lynn can find her true happiness!

  10. No one or both should be blamed as commitment takes two. They should have both established their guidelines on what they both wanted out of the relationship instead of “letting nature takes it course” which may change in every person as each matures. I guess in this case, time caused both to drift apart.

  11. Yeh! Move aside Lynn.

    Lin Chiling is trying her luck with Aaron.

      1. Do you think Lin Chiling goes for commitment?

        She will use Aaron to promote herself just like she uses Scott Qiu and Jerry Yan and a host of men.

  12. The reality of it is, relationships between entertainers are really complicated and the longer you wait until you get married, the more likely you’ll break up.

    That’s why Ekin was like “screw it!” and married Yoyo.

  13. Once marriage is hinted, off she goes out of the door!

  14. A man who has issue in making commitment is irresponsible and selfish. What’s wrong to get married when he is already 40s….in 50 soon? If yes then why waste a woman’s youth? Maybe should consider seeing a counsellor.

    1. True which is why they should not get married at all or else they will regret it.

  15. Actually Andy Lau’s wife waited for him even longer so I’m not surprise that Aaron is doing the same thing to Lynn.

    1. Yea, but Andy did marry her and they met when they were a lot younger. I can’t see Aaron marrying Lynn even if in a few more years.

    2. No comparison here. Andy Lau is only 5 yrs older than his wife. And, they married in 2008 when Andy was about 46 yo. But, Aaron is about 15 yrs older than Lynn and still not ready to marry, even though he is 47 yo.
      Compared to Lynn, Aaron is way too “old”. Lynn is wise to move on …

      1. Unless she doesn’t mind nursing a cranky “old” man from her 50s onward … haha. Do the math, ladies.

  16. good for lynne to finally realises that the guy is not going to marry her and she just have to let the fish go and fish for a easily availble rich guy Isnt what all these girls want a rich handsome guy to marry

  17. Hopefully Lynn will find what she’s looking for (commitment and a family it sounds like). I think she’s spent enough time waiting and has discovered that a leopard cannot change its spots.

  18. This might be harsh, but Aaron knows well that Lynn is a plastic made doll so maybe he was just having fun with her until he got fedup or etc.. Lynn should already know that Aaron is a full time playboy who won’t commit.

    1. Full time playboy? Or just too much in love with himself first! lol!

      1. TVBFanatic,

        Aaron Kwok probably enjoys the freedom of not being married. When you get married, there is inevitably a certain amount of compromise towards your lifestyle you have to give up. Some men don’t wish to be put on a leash so to say.

      2. That’s fine so long as both are open and honest with each other and both are happy. But, taking all that he wants but not giving all that she wants for many years is plain selfish and childish.

    2. Actually I heard the old midget was a closet gay using gfs as a cover.

  19. It has been rumored that Aaron’s manager does not like Lynn.

    If it is true she should be celebrating in quiet.

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