Lynn Hung Happier Than Aaron Kwok? New Boyfriend Is “Very Mature”

Ex-couple Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Lynn Hung (熊黛林) ended their seven-year relationship in 2013. Though Lynn struggled to let go of her past, she managed to start anew when she confirmed her relationship with Ken Kwok (郭可頌), Kenix Kwok’s (郭可盈) younger brother, earlier this year. Aaron has also moved on; the heavenly king revealed earlier this month that he has been dating 27-year-old Shanghainese model, Moka (方媛).

But grudges may still remain. When Aaron announced his relationship with Moka on Weibo, Lynn responded to the news by sharing a picture of her and Ken wearing couple slippers the following day. She wrote, “Happiness is right beside me. Blessings to all!”

Lynn, who usually stays mum about her romances, was very vocal in expressing that she is in love with Ken. Her sudden response to Aaron’s announcement made it seem like she was trying to compare her own relationship with his. Aaron, however, disagreed. “Life is not a battle ground,” he said. “There’s no need to compare.”

At a recent public appearance, Lynn admitted that she has been keeping in touch with Aaron’s relationship gossip. “There is news about it everyday. It’s hard to avoid it,” she said with a laugh. She then expressed, “It’s important to be happy. I am an outsider so the only thing I can do is give him my blessings.”

Moka is the first girlfriend that Aaron has acknowledged in public. Asking if Lynn, who had to keep her relationship with Aaron underground, was unhappy, she said, “I am very happy now, and I will not think about unhappy things. We all grow in life. The past is not important. It’s all about today.”

Lynn was asked to clarify if her photo with Ken on Weibo was meant to be a response to Aaron and Moka. Was the photo meant to be a counterattack? Lynn smiled and said, “[Weibo] is a public forum. If you can show off, I can show off too. We can all share our happiness there!” Lynn agreed with Aaron that it is unnecessary to compare relationships. “Only those who are insecure about themselves would compare. That is not necessary for me.”

Lynn expressed that she is in bliss with Ken. “I’m sure everyone can tell if I’m in bliss or not.” Is it because she no longer has to hide it like last time? “Haha! It is more comfortable. I don’t have worry about slipping up. It’s great to date like a normal person.”

Earlier, it was rumored that Lynn and Ken would tie the knot this Christmas in Okinawa, Japan. Lynn clarified that her Okinawa trip will just be a vacation with Ken and his family. Ken has not proposed to her yet. “But if he does,” said Lynn, “he better be prepared. He needs a ring, some flowers, kneel. I hope he’s creative about it.” Is Ken her Mr. Right? “Should be. If not, we would not have gone public so quickly.”

Lynn said Ken is marriage material and that he gives her a sense of security. “In my past relationships, I was too young. I only cared about fate and personality. Ken is very mature.”

Source: IHKTV

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  1. Lynn has been very bitter since she got dumped by Aaron. Feel bad for Ken, he will forever have to be compared with Aaron since Lynn just can’t let it go.

  2. What? Her new bf is even older than that pint-sized pervert?
    I guess the HK culture is unique as far as relationships are concerned. LOL!!

    1. @aiya
      No,if it is Kenix’s younger brother than he should be a lot younger than Aaron. Kenix was born in 1970 so her brother should be younger since Aaron was born in 1965.

      1. @hetieshou I was only playing on the OT so don’t take what i said too literally.

        Glad that Lynn has narrowed the age gap with her bf’s from 15 to 10 years. Now that’s progress.

  3. I think after each failure in a relationship, you will learn to be smarter and wiser in choosing who is best for you and appreciates you. Good luck to Lynn.

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