Maggie Cheung’s Fresh Image in “Forensic Heroes 3”

Due to Charmaine Sheh Si Man’s arm injury and inability to film for Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee has been asked to step in to replace her role. At TVB City yesterday, Maggie tried on the costume fitting for her role. To match her role as a forensic scientist, Maggie especially cut her hair short.

Reporters asked whether Maggie minded that she was the second-choice for the female lead role in Forensic Heroes 3. Maggie responded, “I never thought about this issue. Producer Miu Siu Ching thought of me instantly, so you can say it was a coincidence. So it is absolutely not a problem.

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Maggie Cheung looks quite sharp in a suit. She will make a good forensic scientist. And we get to see Wayne Lai in a modern, professional role!

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  1. Wow I cannot wait to see this series coming out. I love Forensic 1 because the leading actress was Yoyo Mung and Linda Chung. Then it was a disappointment when on Forensic 2 Kevin Cheung and Charmaine were in the series and Yoyo and Linda had less screen time.

    Never like Charmaine in the series…

    Thank God TVB choose Maggie. I always like watching the Forensic Hero.

  2. She has aged so much.

    Anyway I am glad not much fuss is made over some haircut. Not sure I am even excited about this series since you know FH was never famous for storylines. At least Mui Siu Ching is hiring someone else other than the usual. However I wish more attention is paid to the storyline than the big star lineup. Because let’s admit it; first 2 FH was total and utter crap.

    1. “However I wish more attention is paid to the storyline than the big star lineup. Because let’s admit it; first 2 FH was total and utter crap.”

      I wonder if FH3 will have a skirt ripping scene again. 😛

      1. Please NO!!!!!!!! Cut the crap on the love life and FOCUS on Forensic stuff.

      2. @ Rach

        It’s not about romance. Both FH and FH2 has the madam wearing a skirt while chasing a criminal. Because the skirt was a hindrance, she ripped the skirt so that she can run faster.

        I was joking about TVB’s repeatitive plot.

      3. @ Kidd, LOL but it was the best scene in FH2! (Says a lot about FH2, doesn’t it?)

  3. No, I loved both FH and FH II! Although I must admit that FH was the better one, but like most other sequels, the first one is always better.

    I’m holding back on deciding who’s the better person for the role as I don’t know what the role comprises other than being a forensic scientist. I think Charmaine and Wayne would’ve been great as both are very professional at acting then again, likewise Maggie and Wayne would be great too. I’m really looking forward to FH III!

  4. I wonder why Nancy Wu is in all of Wayne’s series since Rosy Business?
    FH1 was awesome, FH2 was a quite disappointing, I hope FH3 can revise the series a bit. I really hope that FH3 won’t be like Armed Reaction IV lol

    1. I like Charmaine, so it’s not because I don’t like her, but I agree how Maggie is the better choice for this drama. Her haircut makes her look very suitable.

      I have always loved the FH series, so I hope the third one will be just as awesome (:

  5. I’m glad to see Maggie instead. I didn’t bother watching he first two. Charmaine is always a leading actress. I wonder who she slept with that gave her so much privelege in being a leading actress instantly since she started. She became an instant hit after investigation files four. Sick of seeing charmaine and I used to like her. Maggie looks more suitable for this role. I hope it’ll be a good drama.

    1. ” I wonder who she slept with that gave her so much privelege in being a leading actress instantly since she started.”

      Yana, this is a good question. None of us have seen Charmaine playing “keh leh feh” in other series. I did recall Tavia was in DIF4 as was a cameo role as the food critic. Maggie Cheung, Ada, GG Lai, Sheren Tang, Myolie Wu & etcs, etcs. etcs all started as extras before being promoted to lead actress.

      Maggie and Wayne pairing is more of my forte. 😀

      1. I doubt she slept her way to her leading roles. Some like Felix Wong or Carina Lau started straightaway as leads or semi leads. When Charmaine was in Miss HK pageant she was already zeroed in to be promoted because she was cute back then, even if her acting sucks. Some actresses despite sucking at acting has that quality that is a star in the making. Tavia till now can’t hold a series on her own but Charmaine can. Ada technically started as the one next to the lead so she wasn’t just some ke-le-fe. Myolie Wu too.

        To imply she slept her way up is demeaning. I may not like her much as an actress, lesser as a singer, I may slam CBML or PITNOL or whatever, but I would never say she got her break by sleeping with someone.

        If that is the case, then surely her rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng must have slept his way to his roles, like with Virginia Lok because he has neither the skills nor the charm to be leading actor but he is heavily promoted these days.

      2. Wrong. Ada Choi and Sheren Tang did not start as extras. Ada started straight away in a major supporting role. Sheren Tang first role after graduating from acting class was a leading role opposite Alex Man. Maggie Cheung was offered a leading role after her stint in the Miss HK pageant but she declined, wanting to start small first.

        I agree with Funn that it’s demeaning to say that Charmaine slept her way up. Yana was not even implying or speculating. She said it like it’s fact.

        Charmaine was lucky that she entered TVB at the right time. That was the time where TVB needed new leading ladies. So, pageant winners were often promoted to leading ladies straight away or after one or 2 series. Maggie Cheung, Kenix Kwok, Marriane Chan, Ada Choi, Anne Heung, Shirley Yeung, Sonija Kwok, Amy Kwok etc where all promoted to top pretty fast. It’s the same case with Raymond Lam’s batch. That was the time TVB need to promote new blood. So, we get Raymond, Ron, Bosco, Sammul, Kenneth.
        Secondly, Charmaine was also proactive herself. She accept criticisms and improved on it. People said she has a chicken voice. So, she read newspaper outloud to improve on her voice projection. She hope to try acting. So, she took the initiative to ask for acting job.

    2. If you hate Charmaine, then don’t watch her series. Plenty of better series for you out there. So ‘classy’ of you to accuse her of sleeping her way up.

      Kidd was right, Charmaine entered TVB at the right time and it was obvious that TVB intended to promote her. Producer Lee Tim Seng handpicked her to be the leading actress in FFOSM.

      1. As for Myolie, she was not promoted as 1st lead initially as TVB promoted Sonija Kwok, who won the crown (same pageant year). It was until Myolie good performance in Golden Faith that TVB paid more attention to her.

    3. I also think it’s demeaning to say that she slept with someone to get promoted. This discredits all the hard work she’s put in all these years. Notice that among the many Miss HK’s in her years, she has been the most active one all these years. You can like or dislike her acting, but I have to say she is one of the most hardworking Miss HK’s that got promoted. She also has good “yun yeun.” She’s obedient and loyal to the company, and has good relationships with her seniors, co-workers, juniors, etc.
      During those years of Miss HK, the winners got highly promoted, but TVB has to test how much the audience likes them to keep the momentum going. Charmaine was lucky that year because first, she had the look-everyone said she looked like a younger version of Carina Lau. And also, the winner and 1st runner-up that year, Virginia Yung and Vivien Lee respectively, did not end up joining TVB. Instead, they made headlines fighting over a rich man not long after their reign. So, as the second runner-up, Charmaine got heavily promoted and the company saw potential in her.

  6. Funn, correction on Felix Wong and Carina Lau. Nope, they didn’t have leads in their 1st series. Felix started as extra and so does Carina. You could read their respective wikipedia or rewatch all their series to see when they took the leading role.

    On Ada and Myolie, they did start as co-stars. Ada’s steller performance was in The Link playing the villian (forgot the name of the character). Myolie was in 1 of Flora Chan series playing the younger sister.

    1. I feel I need to correct you on that. Since you ask me to look at Wiki, which I did, Felix was so called extra when he was still in class. That was for 1 year. Upon graduation he was cast next to the lead. That was the next year. Later he was from perhaps year 2 of his acting career in leading roles. Just because Wiki says extra doesn’t mean he was fully an extra. Felix was a special case; the moment he walked in for interview, TVB wanted him. They saw something in him and since in the olden days they take time to develop talent, I suppose they feel 1 year was enough and that was during his studies so to speak. That is what is so amazing about Felix wong and his career.

      Carina Lau was also marked the moment she came into interview but if I remember correctly she was asked to try again next year as she was not ready yet, with her accent and all. But from Wiki, her first role seems like a major role. An extra connotes ke-le-fe, the one without a line, or the one next to the one next to the other next to the supporting next to the lead.

      Carina Lau and especially Felix Wong were ever hardly that.

      As for Charmaine she came from the time when 3rd place winner is the one marked for promotion, 2nd place as well whilst 1st place can waste 1 year doing her duties and then do other things. They marked her as well, as they did with Maggie Cheung (Hor Yee) and many other miss HK participants.

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