Mak Bao Told to “Eat Feces”

Mak Bao experienced a rise in popularity after the broadcast of No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情>. Due to his villain character, some pedestrians told Mak Bao to “eat feces” on the street.

Was Mak Bao confident in winning TVB’s Best Supporting Actor Award? “I am not interested in fighting for the award. But I am interested in the gold trophy, since gold has a high market price now!”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: It’s very rude for the pedestrian to tell Mak Bao to eat feces. Although he may portray a hateful character in No Regrets, draw the line between acting and real-life!

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  1. Ewwww… it shows he was that good that public hates him? I hope they don’t actually throw a bucket at him. Could this series do a Wayne Lay for him?

  2. I guess the bigger then reaction from the audience, the more popular and convincing his portrayal of the character was. I think to an actor, if the audience calls you by your character’s name, or yells at you because of your villain role, you have portrayed it well and embody the character well. But yeah, no need to be too serious. Sometimes the HK audience complain too much about the series, the characters, the storyline. It’s just entertainment afterall, not reality. Don’t tell someone to eat feces just because you hate their character in the series.

  3. if the audience hate him, that’s mean he did a good job,,that’s mean they can’t figure out it real or fake,, congrat to him

  4. I don’t think it will do a Wayne Lai nor a Pierre Ngo for him. Yes, he’s pretty annoying in No Regrets, but I don’t see much depth in the acting. Maybe it’s because of the script, not so much to do with his acting skills. The character he played doesn’t seem to have a very convincing or clear motive for being so annoying. It also seems like a character that’s quite independent of the rest of the cast.

    In comparison, Pierre had the opportunity to play a very outstanding role in Rosy Business. He was playing a nasty yet timid character whose actions were very much influenced by other villains around him.

  5. hehehe, it’s like back to few generations ago where audience takes a character from a drama very seriously. I know it’s hard to hear it at 1st moment but later, it’s really a sign that you’ve done an excellent job acting that character.

    He’s definitely one of the few actors that deserve some recognition for his work and commitment to tvb.

  6. Evergreen definitely did a great job portraying his role. It’s interesting that even though the ratings have thus far been average No Regrets has delivered the best acting.

  7. I think that is really really rude of pedistrians to do that. However, that shows that he did a good job. I remember back in the days when Deric Wan played a villian in Looking Back in Anger and how everyone on the streets treated him… Maybe that is a good sign??

  8. @Ricky,

    The plot and other factors are also really important in rating a series, not just the cast and acting. That is why I never watch a series just for the cast because to me the story and plot is the most important.

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