Mandy Lieu is 4 Months Pregnant with Lover’s Baby

Could Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗) be pregnant with her lover’s baby? The model is reportedly four months pregnant, and was spotted visiting a hospital for a check-up. The media speculated that the father of the baby may be Alvin Chau (周焯華), a gambling and movie mogul who is married to Heidi Chan (陳慧玲). Interestingly, Heidi is also confirmed to be over four months pregnant.

In August, Mandy confirmed that she was in a relationship with Alvin Chau, but expressed that she was unaware of Alvin’s marital status at the time they became involved. After his affair with Mandy was exposed, Alvin apologized to Heidi by taking her on luxury vacations to Europe. Although it was speculated that Alvin ended his relationship with Mandy, the couple continued to date in secret. In November, Alvin was spotted gambling in a Macau casino while sitting on Mandy’s lap the entire night.

After the news of Mandy’s pregnancy broke, reporters phoned Mandy’s manager Marie, who did not explicitly deny the reports. Asked if Mandy was carrying Alvin’s child, Marie said, “You will know when the time comes!” Marie also expressed that Mandy is currently resting overseas and is very worried about her future.

On December 22, Alvin was spotted taking Heidi to the hospital for a routine check-up. After Heidi’s appointment, Alvin was the first to leave the hospital, followed by his wife and daughter soon after. Reporters rushed to Alvin and Heidi to congratulate them, but Alvin cursed at them, “Move the [expletive] away!”


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    1. Could just be that Alvin has an open marriage with his wife -shrug-.

      Honestly though, the guy will not dump his wife for mandy. His wife is his cash cow, he can’t afford to lose her.

      1. how do you know his wife is his cash cow, from what I read/saw/heard Alvin rich from his business (gambling?)

    2. So both women are pregnant at same time……..simple explanation…..They had a threesome.

  1. He’s not going to leave his wife for this woman. She’s just someone he wants to have sex with..

  2. This is one smart woman. Even if she gets ditched eventually, she wld still get a handsome payout from this guy especially if she gives birth to a son.

    1. Lol right, you know she set for life…the best gold digger is the one with a baby.

  3. Woah, some messed up situation. Mandy should have known better when she found out his married status, while he should have never allowed for such an affair to happen. In the end the woman will always get it bad when she falls pregnant. I don’t see him divorcing his pregnant wife for mandy despite the fact that she is also pregnant :/

    1. Would it have mattered to a gold digger if he was married or not? Would it have mattered to a man like him who has lots of dough to fool around knowing that gold diggers don’t care if he was married or not?

  4. if this is true, she’s totally wrecked her future. the man isn’t going to get divorced for her. why buy the cow if you can have the milk for free? not saying the guy isn’t without fault – he’s a jerk but as a woman, you need to protect yourself. good luck to her then.

  5. Mandy Liu is a pretty woman (not hot) and can definitely find a decent man as her husband. Yet, she chose to be involved with a guy that already has family. If Mandy was smart, she could’ve cut all ties with that man and move on. Now look, she is pregnant with an unfaithful man’s baby. She ruined her and the baby’s life by not making the right choices. What happiness can she buy from that? smh….

  6. She could of at least found a rich guy who wasn’t ugly! Just another gold digger!

    1. Lol, so if the rich guy was handsome, she wouldn’t be a gold digger? I beg to disagree.

      1. If the rich guy wasn’t ugly, at least you could make a case she’s actually attracted to him & not his money.

      2. If he is ugly then billionaire Rupert Murdoch (wife half his age, was a Chinese executive) is grotesque personified. At least, he isn’t nearly 3 times the age of his flings unlike many cradle-snatching “rich” gwailos with the typical Asian fetish. Geez. Lets compare apples with apples, puh-lease.

    2. haha…
      You think it’s easy to find a RICH man who isn’t UGLY? haha LOL.. Most of them ARE ugly.

  7. “In November, Alvin was spotted gambling in a Macau casino while sitting on Mandy’s lap the entire night.”

    Errr…. Legs of Steel?

    1. Lol when I was reading this article I was thinking the same thing. Amazing strong leg she got there

      1. Sitting on her lap the entire night is an exaggeration but yeah, someone posted a pic of him sitting on her lap.

  8. what a waste, why couldn ‘t she find someone who’s not married and would marry her? she’s so pretty

  9. She’s pretty.. But she seems ruined her career. Well.. Its not shocking that this happened, but i doubt that Alvin would divorse his High Class/Rich/High Position wife. Yes Mandy is pretty, but once Alvin gets bored with her, he can easily find another younger and prettier model or so on. He has lots of money so he basicly can get everything he wants..

    1. Seems to have *

      P/s its not of our bussiness anyway. Ruined or not she’ll get a massive paycheck from Alvin because she has his child afterall.

  10. She is very good looking. I saw the interview she has with Anthony Chau – find her to be very charming as well.
    Oh well, it is a path she chose…..

  11. I thought Mandy Lieu could definitely be a starlet that could be very successful in the Asian Market and North America – similar to Maggie Q. Definitely a star that had potential to bridge both markets and be successful. Unfortunately, wrong decisions if she is really knocked up – career is pretty much ruined. There really are not that many single moms out there in Asia Entertainment Industry that come to mind that have been deemed successful – it really is said not for her but think about her kid. Just really messed up if you ask me, but hey you reap what you sow sometimes in life…you just got to suck it up and leave with the decision. Mandy is definitely finished. If her sugar daddy doesn’t come up with some support for her she wont have really backup plan. Good luck Mandy! Sucks to be you! If life had redos maybe she’ll be better next time…

    1. 29 is not naïve or anything. hahaaa…true. hey, don’t forget ISABELLA LEUNG? haha…She was what? 19 when she hooked up w/that rich ugly dude. So I don’t think there is an age range for GOLD DIGGING? haha LOL…They all probably popping out of kids out of wedlock is the road to WEALTH now..haha lol…esp these pretty actresses’ w/ugly rich dude, married or not.

      1. Isabella is very poor thing…that rich ugly fella got her pregnant, not once but twice…she gave birth to 3 boys and didn’t even marry her.

      2. Isabella Leong (梁洛施) is just a baby-making machine. That’s her life. End of story. 🙂

    2. Oh-yes, Alvin sure IS sitting on Mandy’s lap. They are sitting in the “same” chair.

  12. When this things happened, everyone will bashed the girl. I wonder why the girl always get the blame. Why the man is not at fault? One hand don’t clap always remember that.

    1. Alvin is a very rich man. It is most likely that Mandy and lots of other girls/ladies are throwing themselves at him. Its stupid for her to say that she didnt knew she was dating a married man. ( with this people see her as the liar ).
      Yeah, Alvin was wrong too, but hey, the guy didnt beg her to be with him or have his baby. She probably thinked that if she had his baby, the kid would have atleast half of his/her dad’s fortune. But thats quite impossible. ( yes, he/she will have cash but still not as the level as what Alvin and his wife’s kid would have )
      Alvin is not stupid. No matter how he cheats his wife, he will NEVER divorce her for this Mandy. His wife is rich/well known ( in terms of bussiness stuffs ) , yes, mandy is pretty but she can never compare to Alvin’s wife.
      She’s someone Alvin would play with but not marry.

    2. Well, 99% of the women are usually GOLD DIGGING so they are usually the target. I mean of course, MEN are pigs and no one will be surprised. Also, there is also double standards so ahha… cant ignore that fact.

      1. yeah women gold-dig. but strangely enough, recently i’ve been finding a lot of reverse scenarios where the women are richer than the men.

        you can even say alvin was gold-digging when he married his wife. given that he doesn’t have the same level of love for her, it explains why he’s out looking for other women. gold-digging goes both ways.

  13. What’s wrong with being gold digger. If you got the looks and could attract someone to give you money. All the power to you! People are just jealous cuz they can’t do that!

    1. True, it’s less bad if the gold digger doesn’t “hate” his/her partner. 🙂
      Best if the gold digger truly “love” his/her partner.

    2. I’m honestly not jealous, I just do not feel this is the right way of earning money and love. I would like to earn my money via hard work, that does not involve selling my body in such a way to another person. I also would like to earn the love of another, by being kind, polite, nice and affectionate, instead of just spreading my legs to another who has already a family.

  14. First of all he did not sit on her lap they were sharing a chair. He sat at the edge of the chair. Secondly, i don’t think alvin is ugly. He got a very solid , manly look and hes young. Regardless of how attractive she thinks he is based on his looks or money she is a very bad person for being with him. Home wreckers are doomed to begin with they will never get a happy ending.


    This is like To Be Or Not To Be script where Prudence’s husband has an affair with kid, but he’ll never leave his capable wife heh.

  16. The wife should divorce the cheating dog and find someone better. There are much better men out there.

    Once a dog always a dog.

    1. this man has a lover, and she is pregnant at the same time as his wife. what does this say about him? he’s not worth keeping.

      1. Precisely. The wife/lover are both on the losing end for staying with him.

        I read somewhere his wife met him while he was an Average Joe. She’s not from any connected wealthy family either. She just supported and fought alongside with him as he climbed his way up to the top.
        To survive in Macau and esp in the gambling word, he can’t be simple – it’s Stanley Ho’s turf out there.

        Alvin Chau will just carry on cheating and switching partners, as long as there are willing parties. And there will be. Even without that much money, he’s movie-star attractive looking (unlike the lecherous tycoon old geezers or new money pompous geeks); and he probably has brains, street smarts and is charming … in addition to money.

  17. She might end up leaving her dreams in Hong Kong and returning to a Muslim country where three unfortunate aviation disasters happened. All because in the name of love. Is it worth it?

    1. @Honey, note 1: there is nothing for her to do if she return to her home country as everyone in the small entertainment will likely shun & boycott her with her (alleged) repu as a home wrecker/hubby stealer. Better stick with HK ….forever. Note 2: the latest aviation disaster shud not be linked to this story at all. Nonsensical….

      1. so she hails from M’sia.

        what has the 3 unfortunate aviation disasters have to do anything?!?

  18. the wife supported her husband to what he is today…only to be rewarded with a mistress.
    her husband is not worth keeping, even if he promises to break up with the mistress because there will be more to come in the future…a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  19. some men cannot be rich because they start to itch. if this man is not rich to begin with…it was with his wife’s support…he will think he is some hot shot and women will flock to him. dump him!

      1. agree!!! divorce him. what’s the point of holding on to such a jerk?

  20. Pity the baby. No much sympathy on her as i doubt she does not know his marriage status especially he is so rich and powerful.

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