Mandy Lieu is Pregnant with Baby Boy?

Although many believed that the whirlwind drama between casino tycoon Alvin Chau (週焯華), Heidi Chan (陳慧玲), and Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗) will finally subside after Heidi announced her intentions to file for divorce, the trio continue to make headlines. Mandy gave birth to Alvin’s daughter last May in London, and is now reportedly four months pregnant with a boy.

Mandy is expecting to be due in July, much to Alvin’s delight. Although Mandy’s belly was evidently not protruding during a recent vacation to Phuket, a closer look at her pregnant photos last year revealed Mandy’s tendency to retain a slim figure during her pregnancy.

Although Heidi had great tolerance for Alvin’s extra-marital affairs in the past, she surprisingly announced her divorce intentions in December. Could Mandy’s second pregnancy be the reason for Heidi’s decision to file for divorce?

Despite the recent turn of events, Heidi is still living with Alvin’s father in the same house. However, reports emerged that Mandy will return to Hong Kong in March to set her up new love nest with Alvin.

When reached for comments, Mandy’s manager dodged the question and refused to respond to Mandy’s personal matters.


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  1. Heidi need to divorce this guy.. not just thinking she’ll divorce him. He’s a major A$$HOLE and have no respect for his still married wife!!!!

  2. hey mistress, don’t be too happy. if he can do that to his wife, he can do the same to you one day.

    1. @janet72 Exactly. But don’t think she care as if it’s money she is after, she got it by producing the kids. She’ll be taken care of for life. Just feel bad for her children. Have such an a$$hole dad.

      1. @happybi she is after his money for sure…alvin doesn’t have the looks. just wait…sooner or later he will ditch her for a younger woman.

  3. Mandy sure have the guts to come out as a mistress and seem so proud of it… Money sure makes you blind!

  4. Wow. Another baby on the way? Does anyone know if Mandy are mix? She doesn’t look Chinese much. Most of the rich guys are a player. So I’m guessing Cathy Tsui are the lucky lady that her husband have not cheated on her yet.

      1. @asian2015 most likely Stanley Ho, but ya both are in the Casino business so either way we can sum up their all rich and loaded. Having mistress and multiple wife is a normal thing. lol

  5. Don’t underestimate the power of Malaysian girls…same goes to famous superstar Andy Lau’s wife Carol a Malaysian could stayed so long and patiently win him and now another Mandy Lieu from Malaysia could win over a rich Alvin Chau from his wife.

    1. @lucida Why are you comparing a wife who stood behind her husband all her life even though she herself is very rich, and the ever handsome husband who never had any flirting rumor, even though his looks and popularity sure easily sweep up girls, to a woman who snatches other people’s husband once the husband became rich, and the husband have a string of gals, while shamelessly announce to the world that he loved his wife, but ended up inpregnant the mistress again. Nationality does not a play a part here. Morale and ethical does.

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