Mandy Lieu Mysteriously Loses Baby Bump

Following her exposure as the third party in Macau tycoon Alvin Chau‘s (周焯華) marriage and her high-profile pregnancy, model-actress Mandy Lieu was recently seen without a baby bump.

Spotted at the Hong Kong Airport alone and clad in a skin-tight dress, Mandy displayed a figure that was abnormally thin for a woman who would have been in her seventh month of pregnancy. In a strange turn of events, her baby bump from earlier photos seems to have all but disappeared. This has led to much speculation over the cause of Mandy’s lack of a bump – has she already given birth, did she miscarry, or was she never pregnant to begin with?

When contacted, Mandy did not attempt to resolve the rumors and merely said, “Thank you for your concern.” After spending time in Southeast Asia in the past few months during her rumored pregnancy, Mandy has returned to Hong Kong. Reportedly in low spirits, Mandy settled into a hotel to escape from the paparazzi.

Mandy’s manager failed to shed light on the situation and said, “I’m uncertain and not in a position to comment. We haven’t been in touch for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Alvin’s wife Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) seems to be enjoying a smooth pregnancy, often spotted out and about in pleasant spirits and with Alvin by her side. Heidi has also confirmed that her expected delivery date is in June. When asked to comment on Mandy’s rumored miscarriage, Heidi remarked, “Whether she is pregnant or not is none of my business!”

Source: Ming Pao;

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  1. All i could say is she choose the wrong path to begin with!!!!!!!

      1. I agree, so much beauty and talent…wasted upon a disgusting man. She could’ve found a better man. No doubt about it.

  2. The same question has been running through my mind smh………

  3. Hope she learned her lesson…but it’s a very painful lesson indeed.

  4. Honestly this may be a good chance for her. Get away from this married man (who knows how many more women he has out there) and actually do something with your life.

    If she actually did have a baby with him the child life would be a mess ’cause forsure the actual wife wouldn’t want Mandy or the kid to be near her husband.

    She’s beautiful and from what I’ve seen when she’s on variety show, she’s smart too. Hope she seriously moves on.

    1. The child would’ve gotten her a lifetime meal ticket or huge payment from the guy.

      1. and it’ll grow up with major daddy issues so…

      2. that ‘lifetime meal ticket’ will come in the way if she meets another guy.
        as long as she is THE mistress, it is wrong to begin with. The rightful wife can flaunt her pregnancy and status but mistress and baby will always be hiding.

  5. these ppl marry for money. enough said. cheap women. can sleep with any donkey they find self esteem.find your own money la.

  6. it doesn’t matter … having a m/c is horrible thing. I hope she’s well. They guy should be to blame too. His wife also shouldn’t be surprised about her husband having mistresses. This is what happened when you married rich business men.

  7. I don’t know why artist nowadays would think they hit the jackpot sgh…

    1. “jackpot” could have different meanings depending on usage. An artist may hit the “jackpot” when the “perfect” role comes along or when the “perfect” supporting artist is cast. So, please elaborate. 🙂

  8. I think maybe Mandy was the one who started this all, for money and wealth, I won be suprised if she comes up with sad story later on to cover her greedy personality

    1. So true ! She’ll play the victim card to her advantage.

  9. Even the rich and well educated people cant afford condoms…..

    This is the power that they have. Power to create a life and power to diminished a life with zero penalty.

  10. i saw an interview of mandy lieu and myolie wu, and anthony wong chau sang. She is not someone who is after money, she has stated, “when im in love, im crazy, i go all in!” i believe she does love him but this is wrong, all wrong. She is loving the wrong person!

    1. Of course she would say that. Who in the world would admit, “Yes, I’m a gold digger. I only love a man bc he’s wealthy. I don’t care if he’s married on not”??? Come on, now. If she can cheat with a married man, who to say she can’t lie in interview about her philosophy in love?

  11. She either got a big paycheck to abort her baby or she was never preggo at the start. Simple as that…

  12. March 8 = International Women’s Day.

    (1) What is so hard about being an independent capable woman with your own achieving means?

    Maybe not a tycoon rich existence, maybe not as ‘instant’ … but at least it will be an existence with far less gossip, and ability to look yourself with pride and satisfaction in the mirror.

    (2) Are there no available SINGLE men left in the world? Or are women really so gullible and eager to be wooed and cared for that they never ever question a man’s status?

    (A client of mine actually became a mistress unknowingly … and didn’t even know the dude had a wife and 2 kids until 2 yrs later! She believed he was divorced, had even seen his son whom the dude actually claimed was ‘autistic” (false) and so couldn’t live with other people as an excuse for not moving in with her).

    1. @nomad – your client was deceived though. Some women really are naive like that.

  13. to be set for life and never have to worry about money again…some woman would do much more and much worst things than this

  14. And ishhh so lousy of the reporter to ask such question to the WIFE!!!

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