Mandy Wong Brings Good Luck to Oscar Leung

Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) have become a popular onscreen couple since starring in L’Escargot <缺宅男女>.  “Mr. and Mrs. Kwan” reunite on TVB culinary program, Billy’s Kitchen <新派煮意>, in which their taped episode will be broadcast during Lunar New Year.

A year has passed since the broadcast of L’Escargot, with Oscar and Mandy reaping significant accomplishments After winning TVB’s Most Improved Artist awards, Oscar and Mandy’s prominence and endorsement deals have soared, along with their commercial values and fees. Oscar opened his own dim sum restaurant, moved into a larger apartment, and filmed Young and Dangerous: Reloaded <古惑仔之江湖新秩序>. Mandy continued to take on significant acting roles and TVB is grooming her to become the next fadan.

Oscar revealed, “Mandy said that she brings good luck to her ‘husbands’. She said that Him Law (羅仲謙) was on a bad streak until filming Suspects in Love <搜下留情>, in which everyone grew to know his name afterward. After filming L’Escargot, I gained a lot too. She accepted a skincare endorsement ad and at the press conference, allowed me to be a guest performer. We sang songs and danced, earning more money together.”

Mandy was quick to clarify that she never said that Him Law had a bumpy streak in his career prior to Suspects in Love. However, Mandy admitted that her large nose was considered to be an auspicious asset in bringing upon good fortune.

Although Mandy and Oscar had portrayed a married couple in Patrick Kong’s (葉念琛) Natural Born Lovers <天生愛情狂>, Mandy hopes that Oscar will bring more film opportunities to her once again.

Source: Oriental Dailyu76

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  1. Incredibly happy for them. They worked hard and deserved everything coming their way. Next up – BSA!

  2. Oscar doesn’t need good luck. What he needs is a huge dose of humility. If he was less arrogant, he would have gone much further in his career now. As for Him … I don’t see why luck should favour those who hit their (ex) girlfriend.

  3. wonder why would mandy want to have anything to do with oscar, this guy will do anything for money

  4. Love Mandy…Hope she has more opportunity in 2013…work hard…go to next level in her career la!!!

  5. Pee Wee Herman , err, I mean Oscar Leung is everywhere noadays.

  6. love mandy but prefer her with him law. oscar is getting too arrogant and overconfident now since he won most improved and get backings from tvb execs and natalus chan behind his back.

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