“Married Couple” Tony Hung and Priscilla Wong Get Tested in New TVB Drama

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“Married Couple” Tony Hung and Priscilla Wong Get Tested in New TVB Drama

Tony Hung (洪永城) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) take their onscreen relationship to the next level in TVB’s upcoming romantic drama Married but Available <我瞞結婚了>, a story about an open-marriage couple overcoming the challenges of their crumbling relationship. Produced by Leung Choi-yuen (梁材遠), the drama also stars Raymond Wong Ho-yin (黃浩然), Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉), and Alice Chan (陳煒).

Married but Available stars Tony and Priscilla as a married couple who have to hide their marital status for the sake of their careers. Presenting themselves as single to their coworkers, Tony and Priscilla are both tested with the temptation of an extramarital affair, respectively with Kelly and Raymond. While Priscilla finds it hard to turn down the affections of Raymond, who she regards as her Prince Charming, Tony falls in love with his childhood friend Kelly, who shows him unconditional love.

Tony and Priscilla, both who made their debuts as i-Cable anchors, are longtime friends. After signing with TVB, the duo continued their partnership as travel show presenters, and starred in 2014’s Swipe Tap Love <愛我請留言> together. Their familial relationship was one of the reasons why they were cast in Married but Available.

Producer Leung Choi-yuen introduced, “They already interact like an old couple. It’s not acting at all. They’re very natural whenever they’re together, as if they’ve been married for many years.”

Married but Available premieres next Monday, March 13.

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    1. diana80 says:

      Love to see Priscilla & Raymond Wong again. Their partnership in Swipe Tap Love was natural and sweet. Hope this series will bring back the memories and turn out as a simple yet heartwarming series just like STL back then.

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    2. bubbles23 says:

      YAY Swipe Tap Love is still my favourite tvb drama.

      I hope this drama continues that sort of good production.
      Love seeing Raymond on screen

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