Matthew Ho, Kaman Kong Fearlessly Kiss 12 Times for TVB’s “Brain-Eating Zombie”

The TVB romantic comedy drama Brain-Eating Zombie <食腦喪B> is Matthew Ho (何廣沛) and Kaman Kong’s (江嘉敏) second collaboration as a couple, their first being Tiger Mom Blues <親親我好媽> four years prior. A few nights ago, the onscreen pair were seen filming Zombie at Central’s No. 9 Pier. The intimate scene was about a very drunk Kaman confiding her problems to Matthew, who is starting to fall in love with her. The scene ended with Matthew kissing a surprised Kaman.

Carrying hot packs and wearing thick winter jackets, the duo diligently rehearsed the scene before cameras rolled. They prepared the kissing scene by chewing gum, and kissed a total of 12 times. Though the COVID-19 outbreak is still lingering around, Matthew and Kaman admitted that they did not do much preparing for the scene besides chewing gum.

“What else can you do? It’s not like you can clean your mouth with sanitizing spray,” joked Matthew. Kaman added, “I purposely did not chew mint flavored gum because I know you hate mint. Look at all the work I’m doing for you! I chose strawberry because it’s sweet! I don’t want to give you a bad memory and tell everyone that I have a stinky mouth!”

Kaman said she gave Matthew her first-ever onscreen for Tiger Mom Blues, which was filmed not far from the No. 9 Pier four years ago. “Was I your first love? I’m honored,” joked Matthew. “Unfortunately you weren’t mine.” Pointing out that Matthew and Kaman will be having many more kissing scenes for Zombie in the future, Kaman joked, “Yes. It’s because I slipped the scriptwriter some money.”

Matthew exclaimed, “This nightmare has lasted four years!”

Brain-Eating Zombie stars Matthew as a youth who transforms into a zombie after a failed experiment. He finds that he must eat brains to sustain his life. 2018 Miss Hong Kong winner Hera Chan (陳曉華) also stars, as Matthew’s initial love interest.

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  1. sounds refreshing. think this is the first time tvb has ever featured a zombie lead drama.

  2. Kissing someone who eats human brains….eww 😀

    Its good TVB is promoting younger leads for once, but not sure about this theme….

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