Melissa Ng Appears Fit and Fresh at Promotional Event

By on December 11, 2015 in NEWS

Melissa Ng Appears Fit and Fresh at Promotional Event

Melissa Ng (吳美珩), who was once one of TVB’s beloved actresses, has retired from the entertainment industry since giving birth to her daughter in 2007. Recently, she made a rare appearance at a ballet promotional event. Dressed in a white blouse, black shorts and leggings, and a pair of matching heels, Melissa has maintained her figure and appeared fresh.

Melissa’s road to success was unconventional. Unlike many fadans, Melissa attained success in her career after getting married. At 24 years old, Melissa participated in and was the first runner-up in the Miss Chinese International pageant in 1996. She met businessman Jerry Wang (王華麟) when she was 28 years old and the pair began dating soon after. In 2001, the couple held a private wedding ceremony in Taipei. Although the couple did not deliberately hide their relationship and invited more than 500 guests to their wedding ceremony in Taipei, the event did not make headlines and her marriage remained under wraps for many years.

After filming the TVB series,Master of Taichi <太極> in 2006, Melissa began rejecting many work offers. Finally in 2007, much to everyone’s surprise, Melissa simultaneously announced her pregnancy and marriage to the public. In 2011, she fadan also gave birth to her son. Despite stating that she hopes to balance work and family, Melissa has mostly remained inactive in the entertainment industry and enjoys a luxurious but low-profile life.


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  • 6 comments to Melissa Ng Appears Fit and Fresh at Promotional Event

    1. happybi says:

      I did not know she have a son too!!! congratulations! I liked her when she was at TVB… maybe she’ll go back to acting when her kids are older?

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    2. anon says:

      Miss seeing her on-screen. One of the few that I felt was really attractive during her tenure.

      Login or Register before you can reply to anon
    3. freedalas says:

      Glad to hear that Melissa is leading a luxurious and low-profile life. But do hope she can come back to TVB. Missed her.

      Login or Register before you can reply to freedalas
    4. melodylai says:

      She looks good, I’ve been watching the first Burning Flames recently and she doesn’t look like she has aged a bit since then!

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    5. elizabeth says:

      Oh! I love Melissa! I used to love seeing her being paired up with Kong Wah, even if it was for the 6th time! It was sad to see her quit acting but glad to see her happy and well in real life!

      Login or Register before you can reply to elizabeth
    6. shimmerstars says:

      Melissa is a natural beauty.
      Its great that she has kept her private life (wedding, birth of her children and everything) low key. It means she really values her own privacy and of her family as well and not be bothered by papparazzi’s.

      I wonder if she will make a few more rare appearances in the near future! Would be good to see her around a bit more, even if she is not filming….

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