Michael Miu Celebrated 55th Birthday with Friends

Unlike his wedding anniversary celebration last year, Michael Miu (苗僑偉) did not choose to hold his birthday parties in the same lavish environment. Last week, Michael, who turned 55, invited a small group of friends to a Japanese restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. The 8 p.m. dinner was attended by his wife Jaime Chik (戚美珍), Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂), Angela Tong (湯盈盈), Timmy Hung (洪天明), Janet Chow (周家蔚), Michael Tse (謝天華), and TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲).

A witness said, “They stayed in a separate room. The waiters brought in alcohol every hour.”

The dinner party ended four hours later. Michael, Jaime, and a middle-aged female friend went to pick up their white minivan in the parking lot. Michael hugged the woman and gave her a goodbye kiss on the cheek. Jaime reportedly looked “stunned” when Michael kissed the female friend. Michael allegedly had a history of being overly affectionate with women, and he even developed rumors with Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) daughter-in-law, Renee.

Michael, however, dismissed the rumors and explained that kissing a woman’s cheek was merely “simple social etiquette.”

After their Tsim Sha Tsui location, Michael and Jaime visited some more friends in Cheung Sha Wan – including Eric Tsang, Nat Chan (陳百祥), and Yuen Biao (元彪) – for a midnight snack.

“Jaime knows what Michael has, so she is worried,” a source allegedly close to the couple leaked. “She knows that there would be many women flocking to Michael’s side. That’s why she received that slimming endorsement in 2009, and went from 160 pounds to 110 pounds.”

Source: Oriental Sunday #811 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Doesn’t matter what the rumors say… if you wanna keep the man around, you always have to look your best.

    1. One of my former friends once told me that. If you want to keep your man, you had better always try to look and be your best. It is even easier for men in the industry to stray since there is so much temptation around.

      1. especially men with long list of flirting rumour history such as michael miu. jamie better be cautious

      2. I wonder if you were ever dumped by a guy Sel_fi_wu??? You are sooo anti male that it scares me…You never pass up a chance to blast any male celeb(except for Kenneth)but I wonder how you feel about women who sleep around and cheat???

      3. @Sel_Fi_Wu
        As u said “RUMOURS”!!!!
        If I’m not mistaken, Myolie did have her shares of RUMOURS as well!

      4. I highly doubt the girl has ever been a relationship since she talk like she’s 13 and sound very high maintenance, who would actually want to be in a relationship that dramatic?

        I remember reading her comments on infidelity a while back and she’s not anti male unless its someone she really dislike like Michael and Bosco. She defended Ron when obscene photos were published of him sexting different girls. She said Viann deserved it because she was too clingy and fake so basically she said she deserved being cheated on. What kind of logic is that? Lol and she’s gonna talk about Michael and Bosco, sounds like a hypocrite to me.

        Se obviously have never been outside in the real world and only based her options on fictional TV dramas, her comments aren’t even admissible.

      5. @Austin,
        Oh really? I do not remember about the Ron and Viann stuff anymore and definitely don’t really follow everyone’s post. Is it only an anti Bosco and Micheal thing?? That is sad then…

      6. @Yen,
        I guess Sel-Fi_wu forgot all about Myolie’s lesbian rumours, or she is just in denial…

      7. I don’t really follow either but there was a huge comments war between her and other users and I just remember because she was all over the place with the comments haha I don’t think it’s just Michael and Bosco. I think she dislikes Raymond and Kate as well.

        I like how she had nothing to say a while back when Myolie declared she and Bosco are still friends I guess it just made her look dumb because her previous comments were the opposite of what Myolie said. I get that some fans may like one more than the other but her comments are just wow lol so much anger towards ppl she don’t even know.

      8. She hates Raymond and Kate too? I don’t remember but just know that she is obsessed with Myolie and hates Bosco and now Micheal too. I do remember when she said that I sounded “old/mature”, but then I said that I was the same age as Myolie. She immediately had nothing more to say. Basically if she is saying that I am old then she is saying that Myolie is old too. I can see how biased and contradictory she is towards people she hates. It is really extreme since she does not even know them personally too and I find that sad.

      9. Yup I think more on Kate since she assumed Kate and Bosco had a fling which led to the break up which is ridiculous. Gtom the way she speaks and refer to people and using the term “old” she doesn’t sound very mature I would be surprised if she’s in her 20’s. I mean I don’t know I heard people saying she just finds satisfactory when people argue with her or I’m not sure if she actually is like this. How can someone and her not see hoe unreasonable her comments are? I’m just glad most of us don’t agree with her and can see what she’s trying to do. I think the only person that can really straiten her out is Myolie lol the person she practically worships over.

        We all have dislikes towards some artistes but I wouldn’t wish harm upon any of them and saying disgusting things like she had said. I just think she don’t understand what really goes on in the real world, but whenever Myolie’s negative news comes around she gets so defensive and put the blame on others but she don’t do that for artistes she dislikes and just like to assume that all the negative news about them are true, it’s unbelievable at times.

      10. Oh yea, I remember about the Kate and Bosco issue and how she thought that they were the ones that caused the break up. Goodness, I think she needs to learn NOT to believe everything that is written in the papers. I wonder what Myolie would think of her if she ever met her? I also wish that she can straighten her up.

        Everyone has artists they like and don’t like. Sadly some are so obsessed with them that it is scary while there are others that hate some artists so much that it is not funny. I once had this one Andy Lau hater that went everywhere saying all of the bad things about Andy that they can. That person claimed to know Andy and met him before and blah blah… just to justify their actions. I really hate it when people claim to know an artist personally or have only met them 1-2 times briefly and they are already drawing conclusions about them. They then go around repeating the same thing over and over again…I wonder why some people have so much time to spend on hating a person??? That is beyond me…

      11. @hts, that’s true. hating on celebrities to a certain level and beyond is a massive waste of time. don’t like = don’t look/watch. simple as that. but this is not getting across to some people!!

      12. I wonder why there are some ppl like hetiushou spending so much of time complaining & prohibiting other ppl from voicing their opinions here.

        Hetiushou!!! You so very free is it???? Do you know that your complaints can at times make ppl feel very awful & very scary of you!? It’s unbelievable that you dont seem to very well control your nerves and emotions. If you have time, hurry up finding a good steady boyfriend to marry & have kids rather than wasting time here uough….uough….argh….arghh…… everyday and get pssst off when you their irrational opinion contradict with yours.

      13. ^ I’m curious are you actually the particular commenter we’ve been discussi about? Because it seems like you’re taking this very personal which you shouldn’t be unless its about you. I don’t see nothing wrong with HTS comments, and I don’t see how it’s scary or awful? Lol shes just voicing out many others opinions on unreasonable comments made by that particular commenter. I think you’re the one that need to control your emotions along with that particular commenter because none so us used any profanity nor bashful vocabulary towards anyone unlike that particular commenter and yourself. You are no better if you’re attacking her personally.

        Just because he shared many intimate scenes with Kate does not mean anything and I heard someone say she always harass Myolie on weibo but she ignores her lol that’s what I’ve been saying, I don’t think Myolie will appreciate someone who attack her friends and colleagues anyways.

      14. the internet is a free space to express opinions. each for their own. you’re entitled with yours and me to mine. you don’t like it, never mind.

        also need to say that i’m on my own and not affiliated with this ‘jany’ person or other people. she or he is on her own too.

      15. Thanks Austin and that commenter was not anyone on this site. No, I don’t have a lot of free time but just come here to relieve stress and talk to other reasonable fans but sadly, it ends up stressing me out more because some can be really rude. But whatever and I did not mean to point at anyone but since Austin and I were talking about why some hate celebs, so I just told him about this other hater because it related to the topic.

      16. @jany

        I don’t know why you have come out of no where to attack HeTieShou, I don’t think her comments are scary. Also I don’t think that it’s nice that you ask her to go date and get married whatsoever and use that against her as if she wasn’t using her time wisely. It’s her personal life and she can choose to date / marry / have kids anytime she likes. Besides, dating, marriage and kids isn’t the answer to everything.

        It’s also her personal time, how she wants to use it is up to her.

        Also props to sel_fi_wu for being brave enough to admit that she is on her own. Appreciate the clarification.

      17. Internet is a free place to express their own opinions but know if your comments are somewhat let’s say vile then expect other people to join in that conversation.

        @Jany we nor HTS is attacking anyone personally, we’re merely just all having a conversation. I don’t think that person is offended as much as you are.

  2. always feel that michael miu is flirty old man and he’s proud of being one. the kissing picture with eric tsang daughter in law is one proof and there were many times before he’a captured in compromising pictures with young starlets. no wonder jamie is worried and willing to make extra effort to keep their relationship strong. must be hard for her.

    1. why else would michael be good friend with the flirty bosco who look alien in that picture above with his weird fashion? birds of a feather flock together, flirty men flock together too

      1. LOLL..
        I find both Michael and Bosco are stylish and look great at their age!!
        Am very glad that they have such a strong bond in the entertainment circles where it’s hard to find True Friends!
        Please just leave BOSCO alone!

      2. Ok, so I guess Sel-Fi-Wu is running an anti Micheal and Bosco campaign.. If that is the case, then I get it now…

      3. who cares if the flirts go together? they’re both good looking and have a great friendship. that’s all that matters!

      4. hertiushou, it’s obviously that selfeiwu hates that dirty old man but does that borthering you to repeat over the same thing again and again. ?

        It’s also understood you hate selfeiwu for hating the old man so much. So, what’s your conclusion? Are you gonna kill selfeiwu?

      5. hetiushou, ppl are trying to be funny and you take it so serious and so personal as if you are the dirty old man’s “official” wife???

        hello!!! Wake up!!

      6. hetiushou, ppl are trying to be funny and you take it so seriously and so personal as if you are the dir-ty old man’s “official” wife???

        hello!!! Wake up!!

      7. hetishou, ppl are trying to be funny and you take it so serious and so personal as if you are the dirty old man’s “official” wife???

        hello!!! Wake up!!

    2. I agree with you even though Michael is a veteran actor, he strikes me as an old man who’s into a lot of women.

    3. You know you are doing Jamie a great disservice by alleging that she lost weight because of Michael. Sure, Michael might be flirty, but I’m sure Jamie can hold her own. I would like to think that she lost the weight for herself, for her own mental, emotional and physical health. Also, just because he flirts doesn’t mean he’s fooling around. One more thing. If you really want to keep a man (or a woman) around, the best way is to love yourself, keep yourself healthy and happy, have confidence in yourself, etc. Mutual respect and trust doesn’t hurt either. Losing weight is not the answer, and I’m pretty sure Jamie knows this too or else she and Micheal would not have been married for this long.

      1. Exactly! For those of you that do not know, Micheal and Jamie dated for 8 years before they got married so they have known and been together for over 30 years. They first met in 1982 in the TVB series, 18 days in Hell(what a title). They should know each other so well that it would not be a big deal to Jamie as she should know him well enough to trust him. They have been married for over 20 years so that does show something.

      2. Thumbs up for your comment Mt. 🙂 absolutely agree, beyond the looks, there should be substance. An enthusiastic and interesting personality helps too.

  3. Michael didn’t look this good when he first came back to TVB. I’m sure he got some work done with his hair (make it more full) and lost weight too.

    I’ve been a fan since his Chor Lau Heung days and I believe that he won’t do something stupid to ruin what he has now.

  4. Happy super-belated birthday 3gor! I think his and Bosco’s looks in that pic looks good!

    And although I’m a silent reader here, I must say this self-fi-wu is quite annoying :/

  5. I think it’s simple social etiquette to not touch other human beings in public.

  6. Michael is looking great for his age. Well, if u r tar good looking… m sure there is a looking of ladies sticking to u…. I m sure Jamie has a fair share on her own. My friend told me on her relationship gone bad with one the rich hk guys due to her greediness n thus end up choosing Michael. Don’t blast me as I m not too sure…. feel free to correct n explain further.

    Aside to jany, please read carefully…. u r bias n judging ppl not based on comment….

  7. Which frackin newspaper or magazine wrote this frackin piece? It seems to be using the legitimate reporting for the birthday bash to mask the true objective of sleazy sensationalized tabloid writing.

  8. I haven’t heard too many rumours that Michael Miu had with females (especially TVB actresses) during his young days. The only known one was Anita Mui Yim Fong. They dated for a little while after breaking up with Jamie Chik. I personally don’t think Michael is a flirtatious man vs. many top siu sangs now. Even Tony Leung Chiu Wai had more affairs with TVB actresses than Michael Miu.

    I heard that Jamie Chik lost her weight because her bone structure could not take so much weight. If she didn’t lose it, she would have some kind of hip or bone fractures easily in future.

    1. Michael Miu is still a very handsome actor. With his outgoing, outspoken, optimistic and pleasant personality, he will, of course, attract many females. Every guy would do same with Michael’s profile. I am sure Jamie Chik knows, understands and accepts it.

      1. agree and agree !!!!!!!!!!!!! Even for unattractive people if they are the unfaithful kind, they would cheat anyway. But I agree that when you are popular and good-looking, it would be a little easier to stray than for normal average people.

  9. Bosco adn Michael look like father adn son in that pic

    1. oh yeah so true 🙂 they kinda look alike in the photo.

    2. also in one of the interview bw said he would want to be like mm when he was at mm’s age. I think bc looks up to mm.

  10. Michael Miu was the best-looking and most popular TVB siu sang in the 80s, then Felix Wong, Kent Tong Chun-Yip, Andy Lau, and Tony Leung. He had the best built, height, charm, and charisma. In fact, I was surprised that he had less rumours (love affairs) with TVB artistes than Tong Leung. I think Michael should be a good and devoted husband to Jamie Chik. They dated for a long time before they got married, and Jamie should have known him well enough to trust him.

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