Michael Tao and Sonija Kwok’s War of Words Continue

Sonija Kwok was recently implicated in TVB’s rumored “sex flower” incident. When Michael Tao was asked to respond regarding this rumor, he said he was not surprised that Sonija’s name came up. Afterwards, a war of words have started between Sonija and Michael.

Due to Michael’s inappropriate commentary, there were rumors that this irritated TVB executive management, resulting in Michael being “frozen.” Aside from “Pearl in the Palm,” Michael’s other projects have been halted. Michael explained, “Each year, I return to TVB to film one series. Do you call this being ‘frozen?’ I don’t think my fate is that miserable.”

Yesterday, Michael, Bowie Lam, and Kiki Sheung Tin Gnor were filming a scene for “Pearl in the Palm.” In the scene, there was a shouting match between Michael and Fung So Boh, in which Fung scolded Kiki and Bowie for being ungrateful. As a result, Bowie and Michael started a fist fight. Although the temperature dropped yesterday and it was slightly windy, Michael and Bowie started sweating as a result of their vigorous scene.

When reporters brought up his recent commentary regarding Sonija’s rumors, Michael said, “I think there’s no need to further respond. Please don’t ask anymore, otherwise it will be very boring.”

Did TVB request Michael to keep silent? Michael said TVB did not request him to respond in a certain matter. When he was initially asked by reporters to comment on Sonija’s “sex flower incident,” he had only expressed his own opinion. When Michael comes across Sonija in the future, will he be embarrassed? Michael said he has not thought about it yet.

Michael also reiterated that he was not frozen by TVB. The day before yesterday, Michael filmed an ad in China and returned immediately to Hong Kong to continue filming “Pearl in the Palm.” He joked that due to his advanced age, he does not want to have such a strenuous schedule. He will select projects suitable for himself.

Kiki Sheung invested in the stock market more than ten years ago. When she sold her shares in August 2008, she make a sizeable profit despite the recent slide in stock value. Kiki laughed, “Last year during my birthday, my boyfriend advised me to sell my stocks. He said that the stock market in the United States will decline considerably and advised me to sell my shares before August.”

Since Bowie Lam is not well informed regarding stock investments, he did not partake in the market. Thus the financial crisis had little impact on him. In addition, reporters asked Bowie regarding former Mr. Hong Kong contestant, Pang Koon Kei, whom Bowie was rumored with earlier in a gay relationship. Pang recently filmed in a gay movie, but Bowie refused to comment further.

Source: Singtao

Jayne: Michael did respond inappropriately towards Sonija’s rumors. The press is relentless towards Sonija, from portraying her as the third party to alluding her as one of the actresses involved in numerous sexual escapades.

So many negative rumors at TVB, including the pervert incident that takes advantage of the actresses while performing magic tricks.

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