Jessica Hsuan, Lawrence Ng Attend Press Con for New TV Drama “The Hiddens”

Producer Gary Tang (鄧特希), known for creating TVB’s The File of Justice <壹號皇庭> and Healing Hands <妙手仁心>, has called back some of his frequent collaborators for his upcoming crime drama, The Hiddens <隱世者們>. The series stars Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), Michael Tao (陶大宇), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), William So (蘇永康), and Japanese actress Naomi Watanabe (渡邊直美), and is a collaboration between Japan and Malaysia. Filming began in October of last year.

Lawrence and Jessica attended a press conference for The Hiddens in Macau earlier this week, but the drama’s other main lead, Michael, was absent. Jessica joked that Michael was avoiding Lawrence, prompting Lawrence to quickly clarify, “She’s joking! We are all collaborating well and I would never think about comparing screen time!”

The organizers then showed a video Michael had shot for the press conference. The former TVB actor said he was unable to attend the conference due to his schedule, but expressed his excitement at working with Lawrence and Jessica. He added that he is looking forward to shooting a bed scene with Jessica, joking that he will perform vividly and be in his best shape. “Get ready, Jessica Hsuan,” he said with a laugh.

In a later interview, Lawrence clarified once again that Jessica was only joking about their discord, and that he and Michael are getting along. “We’ve always been friends. We were training class classmates. We just didn’t really get the opportunity to really collaborate until now.”

Although filming has been smooth, the actor admitted that the cast and crew are still getting last-minute scripts and rewrites, which has always been Gary Tang’s style. “But we’re all used to this,” said Lawrence. “We’ve communicated well. I’ve been filming like this for many years, and if I do have a completed script on hand, it’d feel weird.”

Jessica, on the other hand, admitted that the last-minute scripts are stressing her out. “I’m older now, and my memory is not as good as it used to be.” On her upcoming bed scene with Michael, Jessica said, “I don’t know how long it’s going to be, but since my partner is Michael Tao, then everything’s going to be okay.”


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  2. Wow, they sure kept this underwrap. Didn’t realize they were even filming or Jessica was back to film. I hope Jessica got a better character than all those damsels in distress in the past. The again, this is TVB whose female leads are meant to be rescue and fall in love with the malr leads…

    Well, there goes my hope with her collab with Gallen…

    1. @jjwong Actually, not really – there has been quite a bit of news about it, just that it’s not a HK series, so HK media not as concerned and didn’t cover it much.  They’ve been filming off and on for a few months already (I’ve actually known about this series since October). Not sure if Hong Kongers will get to watch this, since it’s technically a Malaysian series that will be airing on Astro in May I believe (but I’m sure it will be online somewhere). Personally, I’m quite excited to see the Files of Justice cast reunion (though too bad Bobby’s not in it, otherwise things would be perfect!!).

      Don’t worry, there’s still chance for Jessica to collaborate with Gallen.  This series wraps filming in March (Gallen’s series STARTS filming in March), so from a timing perspective, it works out (of course, we’re talking hypothetical here, since Jessica may not even have been offered or may not accept).  But this is yet another example of how it’s possible to bring stars back due to relationship with producer – the FOJ cast agreed to film this series because of Gary Tang….TVB can surely do the same if they wanted to (though unfortunately they don’t have many producers left who are able to draw the more popular veterans back).

      1. @llwy12 Hrm, I haven’t read any news of this until now. Granted, I don’t read or get the original news, e.g. in Chinese direcrly from HK or Mainland news sources. I though this site has translate articles from Asia and not just HK.

        Anyways, I don’t think Jessica has good impression of TVB. And with the old friends old collaborators card gone I see slim chance. I still hope she will. Gallen’s series is only 20 eps so maube she won’t be so hesitant, assuming TVB will be smart enoigh to extend the invation and not go to get the noobs.

      2. @jjwong Unfortunately, pretty much the only way to truly stay in tune with entertainment industry happenings is to be able to read / follow the news in Chinese.  There aren’t enough English translation sites out there for entertainment news and even if there are, most sites are fan sites that will be selective on which articles get translated.  Yes, this site translates articles from Asia and not just HK, but it’s not all-inclusive, as this is pretty much a fan site at the end of the day and not really an ‘official’ news site, plus I think the articles that get translated depends on what gets submitted to them (@jayne: feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).  As a sidenote, I’ve noticed that more than half the stuff I read pertaining to the HK/Taiwan (and surrounding areas) entertainment industry don’t make it on to this site (granted, I do read from a variety of different sources, and not just HK media outlets)…

        In any case….yea, doesn’t sound like Jessica is keen on filming for TVB again, especially since she obviously has other options and can choose more quality projects that are better investment of her time.  But there’s still a chance and until the female lead for that series is announced, I am still going to be hopeful (and if it’s not Jessica, at least have another veteran actress come back).  I’m also hoping TVB isn’t stupid enough to cast a newbie in the role (though of course, this IS TVB we’re talking about and “stupid” seems to be their middle name nowadays, so anything is possible).

        As for the Gary Tang series, I’m definitely looking forward to it.  The series will probably be dubbed though, which is a major turnoff, but I’m still willing to watch, mostly because of the cast, the nostalgia factor, and also (hopefully) a decent script.

  3. If this is a collab between Japan and Malaysia, where does TVB fit into it? Will they debut the drama with TVB or another tv station? Seen as though the only person with TVB is Lawrence. I’m looking forward to this drama though, classic actors/actresses that made TVB dramas so great back in the day, shame it’s not like that anymore.

    1. @happybi – Me too!! Especially Michael Tao & Jessica!
      ps: Lawrence and Jesicca never collaborate with each other after all this years, not even once!? 😮

  4. Can’t wait. Jessica looks great in the photo. Damn…all these years on her and still so fine.

  5. Somehow, i dont think thiw is a tvb drama. Gary tang has his own independent production company. Tvb can huy the rights to broadcast it but the style seems non-TVB.

      1. @jjwong i tried to search this series and there is no mention that tvb is in charge. I think he would mostly likely sell it around so tvb and astro might buy it. Gary always films in canto so crossfingers someone nice with upload it for us. Gary hasn’t worked with tvb for a long time. The last few productions that i know off, he sold to atv. Gary has a really dark filming style which can be very engaging. But what worries me is that he will run out of money like what happened to “men of justice” and he had no choice but to film a crappy ending.

    1. @elizabeth You’re right – it’s not a TVB series.   This is a Malaysian TV series that is also a collaboration with Japan (hence all the Malaysian and Japanese TV stars participating in the series) that just happens to be helmed by Gary Tang as producer (which is why the FOJ cast is in it).  So far, I haven’t read anything about what language this series will be in, but that will be interesting to see given that there is such a mix of artists all speaking different languages.

      I actually have more confidence in this series than any of TVB’s series currently.  Gary Tang is actually a pretty good scriptwriter/producer with a pretty unique style, which was truly felt when he left TVB and those who picked up the Healing Hands franchise after him (he was only involved in the original series) pretty much killed the entire franchise with the horribly written scripts to the 2 sequels (we should count our blessings that he was able to complete the entire Files of Justice franchise before he left – though I will admit that I had problems with the story for some of the later FOJ installments, but not as bad as Healing Hands).  Hopefully audiences outside of Malaysia will get to watch this series – I know I definitely would be interested in watching, despite knowing that the series is almost guaranteed to be ‘dubbed’…given the garbage that TVB has been churning out in recent years, any series with familiar cast and decent script will probably appeal more to me than TVB’s current series.

    2. @elizabeth

      You took the words out of my mouth. My initial impression after reading this article was that it screamed non-TVB. As actors like Michael Tao and William So are not in the best terms with TVB, and judging by the quality of the cast members. It’s not something TVB can/willing to put together these days.

      With such a strong cast and NOT TVB produced, it’s worth a shot of watching, unless it’s a dubbed, then I likely won’t.

  6. Given that Jessica nowadays is picky with the roles she is offered, this series might be promising.

  7. wow they really kept this hidden… now the question will TVB make an effort to get the rights of this drama… we need these star power!

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