Friends Reveal Details Behind Bobby Au Yeung’s Hospitalization

Above: Alcohol was rumored to have led to Bobby Au Yeung’s hospitalization.

When news broke that 52-year-old Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) was hospitalized for pneumonia and remained in the ICU, the incident shocked his friends and colleagues. Attending a Lunar New Year celebration where hard liquor flowed freely, it was quickly speculated as to whether Bobby had too many drinks causing him to slump into unconsciousness.

Michael Tao Rushed Bobby Into Hospital

On Monday night, Bobby and his wife, Rosanna Fu (傅潔嫻) met with Michael Tse (謝天華) and Michael Tao (陶大宇) at a friend’s house for a dinner gathering. Known for his low tolerance of alcohol, Bobby nevertheless had a drink. It was rumored that Bobby suddenly fell unconscious and was rushed to Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai by Michael Tao and other friends.

Michael Tao said, “The night before, we went to a friend’s house party. We had a great time together with friends. Bobby suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable, so we accompanied him to the hospital.”

When Bobby arrived at the party, the other guests were already slightly drunk. Michael said that Bobby only drank a little due to the good cheer, and pointed out that Bobby has been tired due to filming long hours for TVB drama, Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate <情逆三世緣>.

Michael Tse Admits Party Was Full of Alcohol

Michael Tse and his wife, Tina, left the house party early. “Before I left, Bobby was normal. Perhaps he drank too quickly. I only knew that he had entered the ICU when I woke up. I’m very worried, and it’s the Lunar New Year too.”

Asked if there was a lot of drinking, Michael said, “It’s the New Year, so of course there was. There was red wine and whiskey. The entire group of friends drank a few bottles; I don’t know if he (Bobby) got drunk. He was fine when I left.”

Not wishing to disturb Bobby, Michael decided that he will visit Bobby when he is feeling better. He sent well wishes to Bobby’s wife, Rosanna, hoping his good friend will recover soon.

Drinking Can Induce Acute Pneumonia

Hong Kong doctor, Kwan Ka Mei (關嘉美) was asked for her expert opinion as to how swallowing down the windpipe can induce pneumonia. “This is rarely seen in adults. It inflicts the elderly, stroke victims and those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease more readily due to their difficulty in swallowing and food possibly going down the windpipe.”

Dr. Kwan added, “The second possibility is that he drank so much, the liquor went down the windpipe. Or he drank until he vomited and other people did not know how to help him. If they reclined him in a flat position to rest, the vomit may have entered the windpipe and subsequently his lungs, leading to acute pneumonia.”

Bobby’s Manager Said Alcohol Was Not the Culprit

While it is possible that drinking can lead to acute pneumonia, Bobby’s manager, Lydia, denied that alcohol was the culprit and caused him to fall unconscious. Lydia said, “It should not have anything to do with drinking. The doctor said that he had swallowed too quickly and [the food] entered his lungs.”

Confirming Bobby was suffering from acute pneumonia, Lydia said, “He only drank one glass of liquor. [His hospitalization] is not related to drinking.”

Friends Hope for a Speedy Recovery

Bobby’s former and current TVB colleagues were concerned about his health and wished him a speedy recovery.

Kenix Kwok (郭可盈): “His health is normally okay. I know that he doesn’t know how to drink much. Perhaps he drank a little more due to the celebration. I hope he leaves the ICU quickly. Since we knew each other for so many years, of course I am worried. I hope he is okay and is watched over by a lucky star.”

Nancy Sit (薛家燕): “It may be a bacterial infection. It shouldn’t be a big problem. I heard that he has a fever. I hope he recovers soon.”

Ben Wong (黃智賢): “I hope he will be fine. Before the Lunar New Year, I did not notice him not feeling well at work. He was his normal cheerful cute self and laughed a lot. This is the first time we have collaborated together. I wish him good health. Maybe he ate too much over the Lunar New Year and was not feeling well.”

Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年): “Two days before Lunar New Year, he seemed okay aside from both of us being very tired from filming. When I called him the next day, he sounded very alert. It is difficult to comment over such sudden incidents. We will resume filming [Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate] on Thursday; I have not received the producer’s notice yet. If there are any changes, we will accommodate Bobby. I hope he will be fine.”

Joe Ma (馬德鐘): “I hope he will be fine soon. From what I know, he is very careful in his drinking. He will not carelessly mix drinks together and will not drink excessively. I wish him good health in the Year of the Snake.”

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. It’s probably the weather. It’s been pretty cold during new years here in HK. Liquids through your nose usually don’t cause pneumonitis (like taking a nosefull of water in a swimming pool) but his immune system has probably been weakened from the crummy weather, and the alcohol probably inflamed it further.

  2. I hope he’s okay and recover soon!
    He’s one of my favourite actors.

  3. When food or liquid gets wrongfully into the lungs(aspiration) it can cause the lungs to get infected and pneumonia then sets in.The probable treatment is strong antibiotics to get rid of the infection and fever. a friend of mine recently went through this bad experience and that’s how I learnt about it. I’m sure having the right physician Bobby will get through this problem. In future he will have to be very careful to swallow properly.

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