Michelle Chen Accredits Her Great Skin and Figure to Three Things

The 35-year-old goddess Michelle Chen (陳妍希) still sports a youthful look and fit body despite giving birth to her son Chen Muchen two years ago. It’s all thanks to her skin care products, diet, and exercise. The actress even quit coffee not too long ago while filming Mainland TV drama Only You: Teresa Teng <鄧麗君之我只在乎你> due to allergies.

“Because coffee is a heaty drink and my health condition was not so good at the time, so I was allergic to even coffee. After staying away from it, my skin is more stable,” Michelle revealed.

On top of that, she has a very bland diet and eats cauliflower almost everyday. In fact, last year’s crew gave her a bouquet of giant cauliflower on her birthday and labeled her as a “little cauliflower princess.” Laughing, she said, “I like to eat cauliflower because the calories are low and it’s nutritious. I eat it almost every day, whether boiled or fried with just olive oil.”

Michelle rarely eats heavy food and has a lighter diet. On top of that, she is a big fan of fruits. “There’s a lot of vitamin C from fruits and I also choose low-sugar varieties like kiwi and orange. I always eat kiwi with the skin, which helps with digestion,” Michelle said.

Source: MarieClaire

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Whenever i eat fruits (aside from berries), my blood sugar goes through the roof and i get hungry almost immediately – especially oranges + apples. I have to digest with protein to keep my blood sugar leveled…and these girls are telling me that’s all they eat (along with cauliflowers)? How are they not cranky or pissy all day?

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