Michelle Reis Said Husband is Not Interested in Having a Second Child

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Michelle Reis Said Husband is Not Interested in Having a Second Child

Known as one of the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong winners, Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) married business tycoon Julian Hui (許晉亨) in 2008.  The couple welcomed their first child Jayden Max Hui in 2011. Since then, Michelle has often been asked if she will have a second baby. Despite gaining weight recently and suspected to be pregnant, Michelle maintains that her husband in not interested in having another baby.

Pregnancy Rumors Started in February

During the Lunar New Year holiday, Michelle was unable to make a public appearance, sparking rumors that she was pregnant with her second child. At Madonna’s concert in February, Michelleimmediately tucked in her purse to cover her stomach are and hid behind her husband as the couple beelined to the car. Julian was also noticeably anxious about shielding his wife from the crowd. In contrast to her usual fashionista appearance, Michelle was wearing flat shoes at the time.

Despite being asked multiple times whether she was pregnant, Michelle merely smiled faintly and did not answer any questions.

Julian Doesn’t Want to Have Another Child

When it was noticed that Michelle’s waist seems to have thickened in recent photos, the press asked if they should “congratulate” her. Michelle responded, “No, should I be congratulated for gaining weight?” Asked if she is currently pregnant, Michelle said, “I don’t know how these rumors started. Everyone is thinking too much.”

As to whether Julian wants to have another child, Michelle said, “He has zero interest and doesn’t care. Initially, we were comfortable with not having children at all and won’t be bored.”

While her son, Jayden, is a bit possessive in commanding Michelle’s undivided attention and would become jealous she she hugs other children, having a sibling would benefit him. Michelle said, “If there is such a chance, he would learn how to get along with and take care of others. It’s a good thing, but just tiring for the parents [to take care of two children].”


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Michelle Reis Said Husband is Not Interested in Having a Second Child

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