Michelle Yeoh Stranded in Nepal after Deadly Earthquake

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Michelle Yeoh Stranded in Nepal after Deadly Earthquake

A powerful earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude shook Nepal on April 25. More than 3200 people were killed as a result of the disaster. Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) had accompanied her fiancé, Jean Todt, to Nepal for the International Automobile Assembly, in which he serves as the chairman.

Michelle and Jean were attending a function at a hotel when the earthquake occurred. The couple, along with other guests in attendance, fled the hotel. There was chaos on the streets as everyone tried to make sense of what had transpired. Although frightened and shaken, Michelle and Jean remained unharmed.

Following the ordeal, the couple arrived at the Kathmandu airport, only to find out that the airport was closed as a result of the earthquake. In addition to the canceled flights, local communication servers were also inoperative. Disconnected from the outside world, the couple remains stranded in Nepal.

The president of the Hong Kong Automobile Association revealed, “They are currently staying at a hotel. Luckily, they escaped to the large plaza outside. Michelle and her fiancé are safe.”

There were 300,000 tourists in Nepal at the time the earthquake took place. Most areas in Nepal are currently without power. Disaster recovery workers are trying to locate survivors amid the rubble.

Source: On.cc

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