Michelle Yim Always Upbeat and Excited About Acting

For Michelle Yim (米雪), acting has always been an enjoyable career full of unlimited opportunities to learn. Even after nearly 40 years in the entertainment industry with experience from three different broadcasting stations, she believes there is still room to brush up her skills. Acting should not be inhibited due to increased age. When collaborating with younger artists, Michelle mingles with them and believes it is important to learn from each other.

Learning from Younger Generation

Currently airing drama, Coffee Cat Mama <貓屎媽媽>, stars Michelle as a coffee shop owner as well as a single mother to two daughters. Filming the drama was a fun and relaxed procedure, since her character is a happy comical woman. Although it was Michelle’s first time working with Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Regen Cheung (張惠雅), and Koo Ming Wah (古明華), she enjoyed the fresh collaboration and praised their natural acting. Coffee Cat Mama also had a detailed script that helped guide everyone along.

“Each generation has their own method of acting. I like to watch their styles and learn from them. It’s not always us teaching the new artists. We do provide them with technical advice, but acting is all about interaction and communication at the moment of time.”

Michelle believes there are good ideas to be gained from the younger generation. She makes effort to get along well with her nieces and nephews, and has good relationships with everyone in the family.

Retains Acting Passion

Michelle has led a prolific and rewarding career, even participating in a Chinese opera for the first time this year. Her past dramas, Heart of Greed <溏心風暴> and Moonlight Resonance <家好月圓>, achieved top viewership ratings. Michelle prefers modern dramas to period dramas as they better reflect current society.  She looks forward to good scripts and will continue to accept jobs that intrigue her.

Michelle is never bored at work because she remains motivated and has high energy levels. She is still excited each time she gets a new role, including trying refreshing images and characterizations.  Michelle shares how she stays optimistic in her job, “Everyone has their problems, and every job can be tedious. I feel just the same, so I need to learn how to be open-minded and enrich each day with fun instead of worry.”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I like Coffee Cat Mama because it showcases the ensemble cast instead of focusing on just the leads. Looks wise, I think she and Mimi Chu should have switched roles because Mimi’s round face looks more like Eliza and Regen.

      1. I agree Michelle is mediocre in Coffee Cat. Mimi Chu, Nancy and May Chan as the supporting actresses are much more brilliant to watch although Michelle is supposed to lead over them. She cannot do comedy.

      2. I did watch that series but although I enjoy Michelle’s acting, I do not feel she can do comedy.

    1. AC, do you think Michelle looks like a woman doing the job that Mimi is doing in the series?

  2. I’ve probably never seen her perform but she always looked so pretty until now – I guess she is discombobulated by the loss of her husband.

  3. I have been watching her since I was little and love to see her acting each time. Hope she gets the recognition that she deserves soon.

    1. I thought she won TV Queen in 2008 for her performance in Moonlight Resonance as the conniving Yan Hung or am I mistaken?

  4. I’m sorry Michelle. Not only CCM is a pointless comedy series but her performance in CCM has taken a step back and is very bland and empty. Her hair is also atrocious.

    1. It is pointless to you but Coffee Cat Mama to me is TVB’s turning point. It is a very mature sort of comedy, the jokes are funny and full of innuendos. I don’t understand why you find it bland and empty unless you want some death, some tears, some screaming and some dramatic drama every 10 minutes.

    2. that’s how her hair is now.

      It’s just me but I don’t find it funny and vincent’s character is very stereotypical passive nerd IMO.

      Too bad, thought this show had potential but if it’s got Eliza Sam and the other hard stiff acting of other young starlets it is.

      I like the guy who plays So Gay but that’s only because he’s a veteran actor with some chops.

    3. … To me, it isn’t a ‘bland and empty’ performance… I know everyone has their own opinions, but I think the role Michelle plays is really… Deep… Like her expressions ‘speaks’ her feelings… Unlike Eliza! I think Eliza takes it too far.. Too dramatic.. But apart from that she’s ok 🙂

      Oh and just so you know, Michelle’s hairstyle is actually um… Curly, long hair.. For most of the series that Michelle acts in, she has short and rather messy hair… I think this is to make her look older. If she had her normal hairstyle on, she could pass as sisters with Eliza… You know that scene when Michelle, her husband, and her 2 daughters were trapped in a lift? Yeah for that scene she had her normal hairstyle on, so she could look younger and the audience would know that it was probably a few years ago

  5. I found that Michelle has no chemistry with Eliza and Regen but Mimi Chu, Nancy and So Gay have great chemistry. Eliza also has no chemistry with anyone and is in her own world flipping her head all the time and try to act cute when she’s already 29.

  6. She looks like she aged a lot in Coffee Cat Mama until I realise she is not as young as I thought she was. Anyway 40 years of acting and I still feel she is really not that great.

    1. “happy comical woman”

      Am I watching a different series from what Michelle acted in? Her character is cold, vindictive and calculating.

  7. Shes a great actress from wat Ive watched so far though her hair a hvy mess for CCM ugh!

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