Moses Chan Doesn’t Want a Vasectomy

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Moses Chan Doesn’t Want a Vasectomy

For the past six months, Moses Chan (陳豪) lived and breathed in the gym so he could look fit and in shape for the TVB drama My Ages Apart <誇世代>. The 50-episode series, produced by Joe Chan (陳維冠), also stars Bobby Au-yeung (歐陽震華), Louis Cheung (張繼聰), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), Maggie Shiu (邵美琪), Ali Lee (李佳芯), and Sammy Leung (森美), and is one of TVB’s six anniversary dramas for the broadcaster’s 50th anniversary.

Apparently, Moses originally didn’t need to look fit for his role. “It was all thanks to the producer,” he said. “I shot a shirtless scene with Ali Lee, and the producer made a joke about how I looked fat. That got me to reconsider a lot of things. Louis Cheung regularly goes to the gym so I tagged along. He’s been very supportive and encouraging, and I’ve learned a lot  from him. That’s why you’ll see me getting skinnier as the series progresses!”

Moses recalled his heaviest time at 230 lbs. “There are still many things I need to touch up now,” said the 46-year-old actor. “I’m not completely satisfied yet. This is just the beginning. I am very interested in strength-training. Both my wife [Aimee Chan] and I like to keep fit, and we’re very conscious about what we eat. It’s a good thing.”

The former TV King, who has three children with Aimee Chan, was asked if he would follow Bob Lam’s (林盛斌) footsteps in getting a vasectomy. Although Moses has said before that three children is enough, he immediately said ‘no’ to getting a vasectomy. “There’s no need to end my bloodline so soon! I just said I don’t want more kids for now. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want more kids in the future!”

Is the hotter body an added bonus whenever he has fun times with Aimee in bed? Turning red, Moses said, “You gotta ask Aimee that! But I definitely wouldn’t resort to a vasectomy for birth control. I do really like kids. It’s just that three is enough for now.”

Moses isn’t the only cast member working out for the series. Costar Sammy Leung is getting just as fit, and the two stars will go face to face in the boxing ring for the show. But with their close friendship off screen, their fight would end up being more of a bromantic brawl than anything.

Like Moses, Sammy will also be showing off his “43-inch” pecs, but he has only six-pack abs, compared to Moses’ eight. Sammy joked that his wife has been treating him better recently, adding with a laugh, “I can have kids again, so I also won’t be considering a vasectomy.”

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9 comments to Moses Chan Doesn’t Want a Vasectomy

  1. happybi says:

    They look good! Not skinny musclar but actually buff!

    The more kids the merrier! If one can afford it, why not?! Good for them!

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    • mike replied:

      @happybi ya, although Sammy doesn’t have 43 inch chest as he has exaggerated, they both look healthy muscular. Louis Cheung, on the other hand, has always looked so skinny. Think he is the type that never gets fat.

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  2. passingby says:

    Good lord! Those are such personal questions! Mo shld keep his clothes on……ewwww…..those facial hair and his pulled back hair aged him even more.. Yucks!

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    • mike replied:

      @passingby 46 is like a golden age for male tvb stars, they tend to look their best around 40s. Mo, on the other hand, is growing stuff around his face to hide age? It just makes him look tired and old.

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    • linvin8 replied:

      @passingby Pretty sure that’s just how his character is supposed to look.

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  3. purplexstraw says:

    Moses is so good at dodging questions. Why men are so afraid with getting a vasectomy? I mean, us women, have to go through pregnancy, delivery (natural and/or C section), menstrual, etc. so men can be called “fathers,” and yet, when it comes to birth control and surgery they chicken out? Men need to know that permanent birth control for women has more risk down the line than if men were to (for once) take responsible for their actions. ARGH. Double standards, I’m telling you. Now, before you readers say any negative things about this comment, let me start by saying, please, if you’re a woman, be kind to other woman (and not bash on other women) in hopes to set good examples for men to be considerate to us. End of rant.

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    • mike replied:

      @purplexstraw No idea what you are on about?
      Moses never said he is forcing his wife to get permanent birth control because he refuse to get one himself.

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  4. rucofan1100 says:

    kudos to moses chan on the body transformation! also tip of the hat to louis cheung for being a great trainer; 6 months to go from pudgy to lean and mean is actually really good turnaround time

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  5. jjwong says:

    Moses has look more haggard on the face recently. But he and Sammy do look fit. Good on them!

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