Moses Chan Thanks Aimee Chan for Her Sacrifices

Calling her an ‘”awesome wife,” Moses feels he is one lucky man.

Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan‘s (陳茵媺) really great marriage is rare. Married for eight years,  they have a blissful family with two sons and a daughter. Thanking his wife for choosing to become a full-time mother at the peak of her career, Moses reveals how he maintains a wonderful marriage and family and said, “Everything happened at the best possible time.”

The 49-year-old actor shared, “I thought that I could get married at a younger age, but you can’t plan life. I only started a family at a time when my career and finances were both stable, and when I was really mentally prepared. Although it was a little late, they came at the best possible time when I knew how to care for, appreciate, and treasure them. They are my all. Nothing is happier than the warmth and joy of a loving family.”

A Home Filled With Love

He loves going home to his family. “However tough my work is, it would all disappear when I return home. Aimee would come over at the first instant, and I would very naturally hug her close and kiss her,” he said.

Ever the loving husband, Moses acknowledges Aimee as “the most important person in managing the family,” as her efforts in handling all the household affairs give him the peace of mind to head out for work.

Moses is generous with his affection towards her. “Especially when her career was at its brightest, I got her to marry me and have children. At that time she was still intent on filming, which is why I remain very supportive of her returning to acting. She is a good actress and I don’t want her talent to go to waste,” he said.

Secrets of Marital Bliss

The father of three added that while the occasional gift and couple time are indispensable to keeping marriage sparks alive, showing affection and understanding towards his wife is much more important. “Besides being her listener, you have to understand her, this is far more important than any gift.”

Adding that love is a two-way street, Moses said that children would only like their parents if they feel loved. However busy he is, Moses would always try and spend time with his wife and children. “Whatever it is you are focusing on, you have to spend time and effort to create something of quality,” he shared.

Moses would also try not to show favoritism among his children. “If you love your family a lot, and love your wife and children a lot like me, you would treat everyone equally.”

With such a fulfilling family life that allows him to indulge his love for acting and as well as entrepreneurship, it is no wonder that Moses feels “the most blessed” about his current state. Despite the pandemic ravaging many businesses in Hong Kong, Moses’ coffee shop has seen a slight uptick in business as it has consistent business throughout the day instead of depending on evening hours. He hopes to open up two more branch outlets this year.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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Moses Chan Gives Aimee Chan Back Her Freedom

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  1. I guess he has to say she’s a good actress because they’re married. However, I do admire their relationship, it looks like they are supportive and respectful of one another.

    Aimee is not a great actress, I’ve been watching older dramas (trying to decide if Ruco Chan is a good actor lol) and she’s either TOO over the top or nothing at all. No depth and always seems to play a really annoying character. I’m not sure if she even enjoys acting? It’s hard to watch.

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