Moses Chan Gives Aimee Chan Back Her Freedom

Successfully passing the dreaded seven-year itch in their marriage, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) still have a very sweet relationship. As Aimee spent seven years raising their three children and taking care of the whole family, Moses acknowledges that it is not an easy job.

Every time Moses talks about Aimee, he showers her with praise and calls her Superwoman! “When I’m at work, I’m unable to help at all. She has to bear the pressure of taking care of our three children by herself. She was also the only person taking care of moving into our new home, nailing items onto the walls, assembling furniture, and buying items in preparation for Lunar New Year. I am a Superman, a super lucky man!”

Aimee Should Get Her Freedom Back

When Aimee married Moses, she was at the peak of her acting career. Having to give that up for her family is a sacrifice, which Moses acknowledges it is now time for her to regain her freedom.

“I feel that it is time for Aimee to act again. Especially now when [TVB] needs many artistes. TVB has always been offering her work, and I fully support her in chasing after her dreams. She is a great actress, and her skills shouldn’t be wasted. Obviously, it would be best if we can alternate working so that one of us can rest and take care of the children, but I know that reality is not perfect,” Moses said. Though he does not mind filming with Aimee, he does not want to act as a couple because he wants to be mindful of the audience’s feelings.

Doesn’t Want to Leave Family

In regards to his currently airing drama Armed Reaction 2021 <陀槍師姐2021>, Moses shared that his character and the storyline were very memorable, but the six-month-long filming process was even more unforgettable. “During filming, we went through several waves of COVID-19 infections. We had a big cast, but it was due to everyone’s attention to personal hygiene and precautions that we were able to successfully finish and have zero infections. This is something to celebrate!”

In March, Moses will travel to China to film Big White Duel 2 <白色強人II>. He dreads leaving his family. “I will be missing Aimee, my daughter and my birthdays. Luckily, I won’t leave before my second son’s birthday, so we will be able to celebrate together.” Buying presents before he leaves, he will gift them to when he returns. The most important thing is for his family to be happy.


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Aimee and Moses Chan Move Into New Home

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  1. Amy is a good mom and wife and should just stay home or do something else as her acting is not good at all. It is not like she was a famous actress that gave it all up so she honesty did not sacrifice much. Working and making money is hard too.

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